Rock Eyez

Rock Eyez' 2005 Year in Reviews
Reviewer: Brian Rademacher (CEO, writer, photographer)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. Iommi - “Fused”, Sanctuary Records
  2. Primal Fear - “Seven Seals”, Nuclear Blast Records
  3. CrashdiËt - “Rest in Sleaze”, Stockholm Records
  4. Shylock - “Welcome to Illusion”, MTM / SPV Records
  5. Karelia - “Raise”, Drakkar Records / BMG
  6. Three Inches of Blood - “Advance & Vanquish”, Roadrunner Records
  7. Mercenary - “11 Dreams”, Century Media
  8. Shadow Gallery - “Room V”, Insideout Records / SPV
  9. Brunorock - “Interaction”, MTM Records
  10. Reviver - “Reviver”, Remedy Records
Worst CD:
  • Thank God for the Buck
Top Three Bands or Artists:
  1. CrashdiËt
  2. Nevermore
  3. The Redwalls
Top Three New Bands:
  1. Outworld
  2. Carnival of Souls
  3. New Project
Comeback Band:
  • Europe
Special Thanks:
  • Oh man this is going to be hard. First and foremost I will have to thank my soul mate, my love Stephanie, my wife; without her this site would have never got off the ground. My three kids who are my life. Mom & Dad, my sisters and nephews. My staff, I will have to start with David Felix, a guy I have known and have always been good friends with for so many years. His new bride Judy Felix who I haven't known long but became we friends right off the bat. Pedro Lopes, my partner in crime - a great guy. Joe Merante, a guy who is in my heart. We both went through a lot together (love ya bro). Mark Balogh - just an all around great guy. Rob Benaquista, a friend of Dave’s who is a prodigy. Patty Brady, who is new to the staff and will keep working hard. Jeff Mastin, just one word - knowledge. Brian Monteiro, a young guy who is learning the ropes. Bill DeMild, a long time friend with or without Rockeyez.  Did I forget anybody on my staff... oh YEAH? The brainchild and mastermind of our site, "THE WEBMASTER", Carlos Rodrigues. A guy who is like the Wizard of OZ. He is in the background and you would envy this guy. He is like the millionaire that donates big bucks and would just rather be heard and not seen. Thanks Carlos.

  • Others: I will have to thank all the PR firms and record companies that have worked with our site with interviews and sending us promos and press packages for review. Andrew Demarest (Chipster Entertainment), Heather Smith (Century Media),Eric Corbin (InsideOut Records), Lance King (Nightmare Records),Mike Greenblatt (Progrock Records), Tim Yasui (Cleopatra Records), Michelle Ferraro ( Metalblade Records), Mario Lehmann (MTM Records), Claus Jensen (Intromental Records), Mike McPherson (Neh Records), Andy (Lion Music), Kostas Organopoulos (Sonicage Records), Bill (Chavis Records), Firebox Records, Terry (FYCO Records), Tom Mathers (Perris Records), Jamie Roberts (Roadrunner Records), Loana (Nuclear Blast Records), Roger Anderson (ARM), Johan (Blacklodge Records), Borivoj Krgin (Blabbermouth), Dave (Earsplit Records), Limb Records, Arise Music, Jon Paris (SPV), Eva (Napalm Records), Hannah Raymond (Nuclear Blast), Paula Hoga (Regain Records), Tim (Brave Words), Danny Taylor (WBB), Rob Grohl. Vince (Sleaze-Metal), Philip (Repossession Records), Tom (Myspace), King Hesh.

  • Bands: I would like to thank all the bands that have supported Rockeyez to bring new and established bands to the fans. All the bands that have appeared on Rockeyez - I applaud you and thank you for the support. The band that did the most has to be Carnival of Souls; my brothers Gene, Lee, The Machine, Damian, and Bobby. Can’t wait to see you on that big stage, MK (Killenstein), Rusty Cooley, American Angel, Fastback (Michael Thomas), Firehouse (CJ), TNT (Tony Harnell), Danger Danger (Ted Poley), Zebra (Randy Jackson), Teenage Casket Co. (Rob Lane), Shylock (Johannes Löhr), Vanishing Point (Silvio Massaro), Doogie White (Malmsteen), Ziny Zan (Zan Clan), Sugar, Dregen (Backyard Babies), and the many, many others! © 2005-2010 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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