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Rock Eyez' 2005 Year in Reviews
Reviewer: Mark Balogh (Staff Writer)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. Allen/Lande - “The Battle”, Frontiers Records
  2. Edguy - “Superheroes” (EP), Nuclear Blast Records
  3. Masterplan - “Aeronautics”, AFM Records
  4. Gotthard - “Lipservice”, Nuclear Blast Records
  5. Journey - “Generations”, Sanctuary Records
  6. Joe Lynn Turner - “The Usual Suspects”, Frontiers Records
  7. Bon Jovi - “Have A Nice Day”, Island Records
  8. Blanc Faces - “Blanc Faces”, Frontiers Records
  9. Shy - “Sunset & Vine”, MTM Music
  10. Brazen Abbot - “My Resurrection”, Frontiers Records
Worst CD:
  • Enuff Z’Nuff - “?”
Top Three Bands or Artists:
  1. Gotthard
  2. Edguy
  3. Butch Walker
Top Three New Bands:
  1. Blanc Faces
  2. The Mob
  3. The Way
Comeback Band:
  • Europe
Special Thanks:
  • Thanks to Rocco Fury and the rest of the guys in American Angel for my first ever interview. I realized I could have done a much better job but I learned a lot from it!
  • Thanks to David Polemeni of Boystown for the interview and email correspondence.
  • Thanks to everyone on the Rockeyez staff for the encouragement and support this 1st year! © 2005-2010 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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