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Rock Eyez' 2005 Year in Reviews
Reviewer: Pedro Lopes (Staff Writer)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. Helloween - “Keepers of the Seven Keys – The Legacy”, SPV Records
  2. Kamelot - “The Black Halo”, SPV Records
  3. Primal Fear - “Seven Seals, Nuclear Blast
  4. Mercenary - “11 Dreams”, Century Media
  5. Bruce Dickinson - “Tyranny of Souls”, Noise Records
  6. Napalm Death - “The Code Is Red…Long Live the Code”, Century Media
  7. CrashdiËt - “Rest In Sleaze”, Stockholm Records
  8. Green Carnation - “The Quiet Offspring”
  9. Tad Morose - “Modus Vivendi”, Century Media
  10. THOR - “Thor Against the World”, Smogveil Records
Worst CD:
Top Three Bands or Artists:
  1. Helloween
  2. Kamelot
  3. Primal Fear
Top Three New Bands:
  1. Carnival of Souls
  2. CrashdiËt
  3. Wrath of Killenstein
Comeback Band:
  • <none listed>
Special Thanks:
  • First off I’d like to thank Brian and Stephanie Rademacher for being such great friends and involving me in RockEyez – it paid off!!  Our first year up was a lot of fun and we experienced so much, hope next year’s reviews will crush this year!!  I also want to thank David and Judy Felix, Mark Balogh, Joe Merante and Carlos Rodrigues, you guys ROCK and thanks for staying together and working as a team to keep RockEyez alive!  Carlos, you’re doing an amazing job on the site!  Also a big hello to our new staff members, Hi Rob, Hi Patty!  I want to thank Jeff Mastin and Bill DeMild for contributing to the site and let’s not forget little Brian Monteiro – yes, you’re loved! 

  • I can’t forget CARNIVAL OF SOULS for inviting us to their video shoot/shows and for being such great friends - we’ll be waiting for that new album in 2006!!!  Thank you to all the bands for sending in their CD’s and taking time for our interviews, especially to Jon Schaffer - best interview yet!   A BIG thanks to all the record companies for submitting promos to us, we’re still reviewing them!!!   A big hello to SPV Records for helping with interviews/CD’s, thank you!   And last but not least, OUR READERS, without you readers around the world, we wouldn’t be here, so sit tight the best is yet to come!  Thanks to everyone else I couldn’t remember, you know who you are!  Rock On! © 2005-2010 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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