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  • "Hi all rockers on Rock Eyez! Thanks for naming Reviver in one of the top 10 CD's of 2005! We've got some good news for you, we are working on the second album, and it’s almost written, more on Reviver soon!”
    - Reviver

  • "I would like to thank everyone for making 'THE USUAL SUSPECTS' one of the top 10 CD's for 2005! I am honored and humbled by your choice!! I wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2006! Keep rocking!!!.... CHEERS!
    - JLT (Joe Lynn Turner)

  • Awesome. It's a great honor and we really appreciate all you guys at Rockeyez have done to promote the band. Looking forward to unleashing in 2006. Thanks for the support!
    - MK Wrath of Killenstein

  • This is a great honor to be in the Rockeyez top ten with "Thor Against The World". We are getting ready for the next leg of our North American tour through December, 2005. Who would think that since I first met you Brian in 1980 when I played New York promoting "Keep The Dogs Away" that we'd still be Rockin decades later. I appreciate all your support! We Live To Rock!
    - Thor

  • Fukkin awsome! We feel really honoured to be part of thiz! Thanx to ya all!
    - CrashDiËt

  • "We came to do two things: chew gum, and kick ass...and we're all outta gum! Thanks very much to for your support, both to us and to the world of heavy music - you can count on the fact that we're just getting started! ROCK ON!"
    - New Project

  • A huge Outworld thanks goes out to Brian for all of the support. We feel very honored to have been selected out of the many other deserving bands. You Rock!
    - Rusty Cooley

  • "I'm very proud that my album "INTERACTION" is named one of the top 10 cd's of the year 2005... this is a great success for me.. that lets me hope to do well with my next releases. Many thanx to everyone at ROCKEYEZ, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the readers out there."
    - Bruno (Brunorock)

  • "Hi to all the guys at Rockeyez! And to everyone who follows this awesome rockzine. SHY are knocked out by the response of everyone who has  supported us throughout 2005! SHY have since been on tour to great reception across the UK and Europe. We're looking to broaden our horizons once again in 2006 with as many live concerts as we can and more product to be released. You guys have a great holiday and let's rock into the New Year. All the best."
    - Tony Mills (SHY)

  • "Dear Brian and Rockeyez, it´s a big honor for us to be on your Top 10 of the year 2005 with "Welcome To Illusion". We feel happy about your ranking and we would like to thank you and your team for the awesome support.Rockeyez became one of the most important contacts to the music business in the US for us. Keep up the great work because you´re on the right way. We wish you all a Merry X-mas, a great rocking time and we hope to be back in 2006 with Rockeyez and SHYLOCK News ;-) Best regards."
    - Hannes (SHYLOCK)

  • "Everybody at Rockeyez - that our album The Quiet Offspring is regarded as one of the best releases in the world this year is definitely a great honour. Thanx a lot for that.It's a great motivation to keep on doing what we love the most - making music.. From everybody in Green Carnation - cheers!!!!"
    - Kjetil (Green Carnation)

  • A great big shout-out to Brian and the entire Rockeyez community for making the new Diving for Pearls record 'Texas' one of your Top Ten Records of 2005. It's people like you, and your readers, that keep Rock alive and well. Cheers!
    - Danny Malone (Diving for Pearls)

  • COS just wanted to say thanks to Rockeyez and all our Fans out there for all their support and dedication to Carnival of Souls. The response and posts on the message boards were awesome. We are honored to be voted BEST Band of 2005 and appreciate all the News, Music Videos and Clips Rockeyez has provided on us for all the fans. The Staff at Rockeyez is one of the coolest we've ever had the pleasure to work with, especially Brian, Stephanie and Pedro. Their dedication to music has proven itself by the having one of the BEST METAL sites out there! Looking forward to working with the Rockeyez Staff in 2006. Carnival of Souls will be busy in 2006 and will be releasing all first hand information, videos and music clips exclusively to Rockeyez first. So be sure to check back here for all your first hand Metal News... and Keep Rockin! Thanks Again to Rockeyez.
    - Carnival of Souls



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