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Rock Eyez' 2006 Year in Reviews
Reviewer: David Felix (Staff Writer / Photgrapher)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. Meat Loaf - “Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose”, Virgin Records
  2. Toto - “Falling In Between”, Frontiers Frontiers
  3. Ted Poley - “Collateral Damage”, Kivel Records
  4. Europe - “Secret Society”, Sanctuary / T&T Records
  5. Knopfler/Harris - “All The Roadrunning”, Warner Brothers Records
  6. Sunstorm - “Sunstorm”, Frontiers Records
  7. Soul Asylum - “The Silver Lining”, Legacy Records
  8. Shark Island - “Gathering Of The Faithful”, Manifest Music/Frontiers Records
  9. Donald Fagen - “Morph The Cat”, Reprise Records
  10. Chicago - “XXX”, Rhino Records
Top New Bands:
  1. Kontrol
  2. Benedictum
  3. Sunstorm
Top Three Bands or Artists:
  1. Dire Straits
  2. TNT
  3. Journey
Comeback Band:
  • Spread "Fuckin'" Eagle
Disappointment Of The Year
  • Butch Walker
Special Thanks:
  • I guess I'll start this off the same way I did last year...First off, I would like to thank all the artists I had the pleasure of speaking with, interviewing, corresponding with or hanging out with over the past year. Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN / FOREIGNER), Veronica Freeman (BENEDICTUM), Roger Fisher (HEART / CLEVER BASTARDS), Scott Rockenfield (QUEENSRYCHE), Don Dokken, Joey Tempest (EUROPE), Bobby Kimball & Steve Lukather (TOTO), Bill Leverty (FIREHOUSE), Randy Jackson (ZEBRA), Jim Santos (NORWAY) and the legendary RONNIE JAMES DIO. And very, very special thanks to Tony Harnell (TNT / STARBREAKER, always a great guy and great friend to everyone here at ROCKEYEZ. Thanks for your support!), Vic Rivera (I only got to hang with you once but it was an awesome experience with a great talent and person. I look forward to meeting with you again soon!), Ted Poley (what can I say? You've been absolutely amazing to not only myself but EVERYONE here at ROCKEYEZ. You're a class act, an amazing talent and a great friend.), and finally...speaking of friends, ALL the members of the newly reunited SPREAD EAGLE! Chris Caffery (was an absolute pleasure meeting and hanging out with you.), John Macaluso (Thanks for all your kindness and I look forward to your upcoming solo release.), Rob De Luca (We've missed you. You're a credit to the industry and an even better person.), and last& but certainly not least, Ray West (Thank you so much for literally EVERYTHING. You'll never know just how much we missed you and how even MORE thrilled we are to see that you're back! You are a true professional in every sense of the word and someone I could never be prouder to consider a friend.).

    Next, I would like to thank all the record companies, executives and management companies I had the pleasure of working with. Linda Holmgren & Hanna Ilestam @ Talent Trust (Thanks again for all your help and support!), Chip Ruggieri @ Chipster P.R., Jason @ Rhino Records, John Kivel @ Kivel Records, Darren Paltrowitz @ Freefall Presentations, Ltd., Lisa Walker @ To The Max, Mark & Jill @ Mark Pucci Media, Diana DeVille @ Niji Management, Mario Lehman & Sebastian @ MTM Records, Anita Heilig @ The Fitzgerald Hartley Company, Josh @ 10th Street Entertainment, Oliver @ Artistworxx, Andy Craven @ Lion Music, and Jamie Talbot @ Immortal Entertainment...God I hope I didn't forget anyone!

    Finally, I would like to thank Brian Rademacher and his wife Stephanie for keeping this together again for another year and for all your years of friendship, Carlos Rodrigues for all your hard work and most of all...your friendship. We miss ya here in Jersey, man!, Mark Balogh for all the years of friendship and someone I can talk "music" with like no other, Rob Benaquista (not only a gifted musical talent but an incredible writer and interviewer as well.), my dear, dear friends David Dillon, his wife Terri and all their children (Steven, Megan, Kelly and Skyler) for all their love and support, my friend Al Wenzel for all his support and debating me on my musical taste every step of the way, ALL the staff here at, Rob @ STICKMAN RADIO (a new friend and welcomed partner to ROCKEYEZ), Segundo and Fabiola Fernandez for all their love, support and for welcoming me into their family and making me truly feel I belong, and MOST absolutely incredible and beautiful wife Judy who not only makes all my work sound better, but compliments me in a way that no one else ever could. You are my true soul mate and I love you more than you can possibly imagine.

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