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Rock Eyez' 2006 Year in Reviews
Band Quotes
  • "We never imagined a year ago that we would be where we are today. You always believe and hope that people will love your music but you never know. The fact that we have the greatest fans and the most loyal fans is truly amazing. Everyday that we wake up, we thank our fans for letting us do what we get to do, play rock music and enjoy life to the fullest. Thanks to everyone!!!!"
    - Hinder

  • "Was the only rocker on my year in review that actually called my home to thank us for voting ANIMAL Violent New Breed as the 4th best CD of the year."
    - Randy Piper (ANIMAL)

  • "Whoo who!!! What can I say, It was a dream come true working with Piper, it was a dream come true getting this album out, it is a dream come true being on Rockeyez top 10 of the year!!!"
    - Chris Laney (ANIMAL)

  • "ROCKEYEZ Knows its rock n' roll and we love the fact that we made it to the top 3 new bands list!! Who needs rolling stone when you got ROCKEYEZ!! Thanx a million."
    - Sal (CRASHBOX)

  • "In a world full of melancholy-emo-boy bands, bad-ass-blinged-out- gangsta-rappers and constipation-inspired-grunt-metal bands, it feels very nice to have been recognized as one of the best albums of the year. is one of the few cool websites covering the best in major and independent music, while keeping you up to date in all the gossip and ramblings of the music biz, eat your heart out blabbermouth!!"

  • "DSA is honored to have Unsaved be in Top 10 CD's of 2006! Thanks for the stellar interview and helping us spread the DSA gospel. RockEyez is definitely one of the best rock/metal music webzines on the net! Bookmark it!"
    - dB Dearborn (DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY)

  • "It is a great honor and of course very encouraging to be on the top ten list offered by a well renowned site like RockEyez. The review we got was great and this was even better. Thanks to all our fans and to RockEyez as well for this acknowledgement. Cheers!"
    - Andreas Blomqvist (SEVENTH WONDER)

  • "As a new band, good feedback is extremely encouraging and good reviews even more so. It helps to stay focused and work even harder on what you believe in as a band. But the feedback we received and the review Brian wrote about us in Rockeyez was just out of this world and it has meant so much to me and us as a band! It has put so much fuel on our fire!!!

    It obviously makes us very proud to be on both "best new band" and on "best demos" and we will make sure we live up to the responsibility that brings!

    There's no doubt for anyone that have visited Rockeyez that there is a tremendous love for music and an enormous amount of work and commitment from the team behind Rockeyez and we want to thank you all and wish you a great new year with lots of exciting musical experiences!!!"

    - Niclas Lundin (JORDAN)

  • "'Cheerz to all at Rockeyez - many thanks for supporting my debut release! It's still early dayz yet, but all is falling into place for me and the EZS label here in the UK... Keep Rock Alive...

    Happy Christmas and a blistering 2007 to you all!"

    - Mikey Jones

  • "Thanks to awesome reviews, exclusive interviews and one-of-a-kind giveaways, with it's actually possible to keep up on rock music- new and old. It's an honor to be named band of the year.

    Thanks!! :)

    Thanks Brian"

    - Kim (Miss Crazy)

  • "Hey Brian,

    'A big thanks from OUTWORLD to Rockeyez we appreciate all of your support!'

    "Rockeyez kicks ass!""

    - Rusty Cooley (Outworld)

  • "Can't believe this...AWESOME!!!"
    - Francesca (THe Lovecrave)

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