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Rock Eyez' 2010 Best of ...Brian
Reviewer: Mark Balogh (Staff Writer)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. Allen Lande "The Showdown"
  2. Terry Brock "Diamond Blue"
  3. Avantasia "Wicked Symphony"
  4. First Signal "First Signal"
  5. Asia "Omega"
  6. Brian Howe "Circus Bar"
  7. Rock Sugar "Reimaginator"
  8. Unruly Child "Worlds Collide"
  9. Treat "Coup De Grace"
  10. Accept "Blood Of The Nations"
Top New Band of 2010:
  1. Vega – Having recently released their debut album, this band featuring former vocalist Nick Workman (from British act Kick), has a bright future based on that record. It’s a classic melodic rock sound with a current attitude and feel. Looking forward to seeing what these guys can do.
  2. Black Country Communion – This “super group” of veteran rockers came up with a unique and classic sounding debut. They have a few concerts under their belt and are already looking toward album number two so it will be interesting to see what they continue to do.
Comeback Band of 2010:

  • ACCEPT – For their new CD “Blood Of The Nations”. With new American (NJ) singer Mark Tornillo, these veteran German rockers have put out one of the years best comebacks and also had a successful comeback on the concert trail too.
  • SHOTGUN SYMPHONY – Although on a smaller comeback scale, these New Jersey rockers seemingly came out of nowhere to fill the open spot left by the departure of Saraya from the Firefest lineup. Having been a big fan of the band back in the day and also having the chance to work with them most recently, I got reminded how talented they are. Will this comeback go full circle and lead to new music? I hope so and I believe they could come up with something special if given the opportunity.
Disappointment Of The Year
  • The biggest disappointment by far was the sad and shocking passing of both the legendary Ronnie James Dio and the highly talented Steve Lee (of Gotthard). Both these singers will be sorely missed in the hard rock world.

    One smaller disappointment was the departure of female-fronted melodic rock act Saraya from the Firefest show in the UK in October. It was set to be a reunion that I personally was looking forward to, as the band was a favorite back in the day. Alas, it never happened and it seems singer Sandi Saraya has no interest in music anymore.
Special Thanks:

Steve Brown, Charlie Calv, Edward Avila, Tracy White, Mike Maino, Chris Ohara, Eric Ragno, Terje Eide, Brian LaBlanc, Justin Hardman/Frontiers USA, Nancy Sayle and Luke Marquez @ VQPR, Allen Ross Thomas, Tom Mathers/RockNation, Michael “Smitty” Smith & Zenergy Entertainment, Jay Druzba and American Angel, Lizzy Borden and band & crew, Mr. Andrew McNeice of and all involved with MRF2 in Eligin, IL, Mark “Gus” Scott, Keisha Shorter @ 930 Productions and Eric Baker @ New Breed MM for their help at M3, all at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ, Phil Vincent, Roger Scales, Greg & Jennifer Schmitt, Vinny Lubrano and of course Brian Rademacher, Stephanie Rademacher, Dave Felix and all at RockEyez for keeping it going. On a personal note, I want to thank Lance & Anna Franco, Dennis Bellog and Herb Newman, who read the site and support me with it year in and year out and anyone else I may forgotten.

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