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Rock Eyez' 2010 Best of ...Mark
Reviewer: Brian Rademacher (CEO Rockeyez)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
Top New Bands of 2010:
  1. KOPEK
Top Three Bands or Artists of 2010:
  3. AC/DC
Comeback Band of 2010:
  • WHERE ANGELS SUFFER (Randy Piper, Chris Holmes, Steve Unger, Stet Howland, Rich Lewis)
Disappointment Of The Year
  • Rocklahoma Switched their format.
Special Thanks:

First I have to thank my phenomenal wife Stephanie my life heartbeat and my children. All the amazing artists that worked with us. So many PR people and to the kick ass staff at RockEyez plus Rob at Stickman Radio and Carlos Rodrigues.

    That's fucking awesome dude. This means a lot to the band. You have great taste in music dude! RESPECT.

    I am delighted that the music/lyrics impacted you in this way. We can't thank you enough for all your support and continued support from RockEyez. We owe you a beer or two or maybe even ten! Hopefully we can all hook up at one of our shows next year when were Stateside.

    Thanks again, keep up the great work and keep fueling the fire of Rock N Roll! talk soon.

    Holy Hell Brian!!!!!! Thank u sooooooooooooo much - it means a lot to us. -Being among RockEyez Top 10 CD:s 2010 is like drinking the bar empty on Jack n Coke and your buddy takes care of the bill - heaven on earth!!!!

    /Pelle - Grand Design
    Very cool! thanx! =)

    It is truly fantastic to be in the top ten, that means so much to us! Rockeyez is a great platform for new bands and this helps us a lot to reach out to new people. A big thanx and a big Christmas hug from Sister Sin!" Have a wonderful Christmas!

    I wish to give a big thanks to Brian Rademacher CEO of RockEyez for his excellent review of my 4th Solo release Michael Bormann- Different out on November 19th 2010! Also, a very special thanks to the millions of rockin' readers at RockEyez Webzine based in the United States and to all my "devoted fans worldwide," that resulted in "Michael Bormann- Different making the cut into Top # 10 Album of the Year 2010," with RockEyez! That is great news! I am honored that my new album is Top #10 Album of the Year 2010," at RockEyez with a very warm and sincere thank you to everyone for your support.I´d like to mention, that Digital download sales are "flying off the charts worldwide at Amazon and iTunes," as a result of such genuine support. I have to say... that I am personally very pleased with the final results of "Different" that comes straight from the heart loaded with many crossover singles that are U.S. radio friendly according to impressive music industry insiders out of New York City! It´s just been phenomenal!

    I am so much looking forward to the "Michael Bormann Tour (2011) to support Different", that kicks off in Spain! RockEyez and all of my amazing fans around the globe rock big time! My best wishes to all, thanks a million! ~ Michael Bormann

    "It is a great satisfaction and a honor to be part of this 10 cds of the year at Rockeyez is a big goal for us. We know how much knows about music and its founder Brian is definitely one of the best reviewers around. It took us a huge work to create this album and we are happy when it gets the right place. So THANK YOU from the heart."

    The LoveCrave
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