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The Chigger Chronicles (1)

Welcome to my first entry of The Chigger Chronicles! First, I'd like to thank Brian Rademacher and the crew for letting me do this. Now, just a little intro for those who don't know who the hell I am. My name is really Tim Louie and I've been a morning show producer for a couple of the biggest morning shows in NYC. If I told you which stations, you'd probably laugh at me! Anyway, I'm also a weekly columnist for a weekly publication called The Aquarian Weekly, where I get to write about some of my favorite unsigned Jersey and NYC bands, as well as interview some of my favorite rock stars. I've done this for 10 years now, and it seems that I've made many friends in the music industry because of it.

Oh, I almost forgot, the reason why I'm so in touch with the local music scene is because I'm a part of it, and have been a staple to the NY/NJ music scene for about 20 years now. Most notably, I've been the bass playing madman known as CHIGGER for bands like SOMETHING JUST, SMOKE STAR, RAY WEST BAND, HOSTEL INC., MEAN VENUS, and SIK TWISTED SMILE, and this is where I became friends with Brian and Rockeyez. Not only am I a writer for them now, but I'm also a subject in many of Rockeyez reviews and photos. It was only fitting for me to jump at the opportunity to write for Rockeyez. So, please click on my mug twice a week as I'll inform you of some of my favorite unsigned and signed acts in the area, and I'll give you the lowdown on what I know about the music scene that I cover.


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