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The Chigger Chronicles (3)

I just back from the MÖTLEY CRÜE/POISON/NEW YORK DOLLS show at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ, and as always, MÖTLEY CRÜE put on a hell of a show! That Tommy Lee drum solo was amazing to see live and seeing my hero, Nikki Sixx is always inspiring. We caught the end of POISON and they surprisingly still sounded great too, and they looked like they were having fun out there after 25 years.

Of course, going to a show of this caliber there was no doubt that I was going to be running into my fellow local musicians and other industry-types like WDHA's Scott Evil and Sirius/XM's Cane, but it was my fellow musicians that I was really interested in, no offense Scott and Cane. In the quad, I ran into John Mosco, the lead singer from SIXTY MILES DOWN, and he told me that the band was still working on their new CD at Crystal Studios in Park Ridge, NJ with Producer Mike Koenig of the band LOWBUZ. The process has slowed down due to financial reasons, but John is staying optimistic and hopes to have something new out for SIXTY MILES DOWN by this Fall! If you haven't heard from these guys yet, do yourself a favor and check out SIXTY MILES DOWN.

Sitting right in front of me at the show was my bro from another mo, Dave Cardenas from the band RAHWAY! I haven't seen Dave since we played together at Starland opening for UFO. Anyway, Dave says that the band has decided not to play as many shows and just start concentrating on the big shows. That sounds like a good idea, Dave! Check out RAHWAY as they open for Marq Torien and THE BULLET BOYS at The Brighton Bar this August!

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