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Interview with Dr. Freak



Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: December 2010

Brian Rademacher: Hello Dr. Freak and welcome to RockEyez.

Dr. Freak: Hellooo, I'm delighted to be interviewed by you!

Brian Rademacher: Can you give us some history on the band?

Dr. Freak: The history is pretty simple… It was the Halloween night of 2005 when four stupid rockers; members of a band called MORPHINA were driving on a small street of Desperation City… suddenly something happened, and their car crashed into a tree. When the police reached the accident scene they found only a jumble of blood and steel, and the four guys were missing … MORPHINA were supposed to play in a dirty club that night, but instead of them SUPERHORRORFUCK made their first appearance and (played their) first gruesome show. Some years later, after the case of the disappeared boys was completely dismissed, a police sergeant who was still investigating on it mysteriously disappeared, maybe because he was too near to the truth, I don't know, but that night a new member joined SUPERHORRORFUCK, Sgt. Anubis. This is only a legend, maybe some kind of dog-cheap horror story, but you know, every legend comes from something true…

Brian Rademacher: The band wears elaborate makeup on stage and that can’t be cheap. How can you afford to have such a wild appearance?

Dr. Freak: We make a lot of sacrifices to spare money for the makeup, the instruments, and everything we need for the show, but all the greasepaint, lipstick and mascara are only the smallest part of all the makeup we have to use. What you see on the stage is a disgusting and glamorous concentration of shit that keeps our rotting faces together during the shows, but in everyday "life" we need to be touched up by professional undertakers. We are formaldehyde-addicted; in order to preserve our bodies from decomposition. Do you know the movie "Death Becomes Her"? Well, it's something like that and this is much more expensive than the simple makeup!

Brian Rademacher: What can a fan that never saw your live show expect when they see SUPERHORRORFUCK onstage?

Dr. Freak: Surely if you are looking for obscene, gruesome, blaspheme black humor you won't be disappointed coming to our shows! Irony and a great energy, most of all, are the elements that always shock our audience. In addition, we always try to involve the audience in our show, in every possible way, so maybe they can find a good occasion to rock. A rotting kiss from a dead singer, or maybe death itself, but one thing is sure… you'll never easily forget us!

Brian Rademacher: What image do you portray on stage?

Dr. Freak: As I said before, we take a lot of care in our look, and every one of us tries to express his own personality thought it. Every member of the band has a few memories about his pre-death life, and he is deeply influenced by these memories when he's dressing up for a show! But even if we wear sparkly clothes and a lot of makeup our zombie nature can't be hidden and it always comes out when we're on stage!

Brian Rademacher: Are you guy’s vampires?

Dr. Freak: No we aren't vampires (maybe a vampire would feel insulted by this question XD), we're just living dead zombies … I know, it's a little bit strange seeing zombies talking and playing instruments as in the movies we usually see them crawling and moaning but SUPERHORRORFUCK are a little bit different. We are more like haunted corpses, you know, on Halloween night there are many spirits haunting the streets and maybe some of them were looking for some fresh dead bodies to possess and … here we are!

Brian Rademacher: The closest band that I can remember that had that look was a band from California called THE ZEROS. Have you heard of them?

Dr. Freak: No, I don't know them but now I'm going to look for some pictures. If they look like us they must be great!

Brian Rademacher: Tell us a little about the new release "Livingdeadstars"

Dr. Freak: We are very proud about this new release because it's the album that was haunting our nightmares for a long time and we still love listening to it! It's surely a big goal for us, but we know that our EVILution never stops so we are going to do even better! Another thing that is really amusing me is reading all the reviews of the album and seeing that every reviewer says something different, even the opposite thing that another reviewer said! They don't know how to catalogue this album and I think that is fuckin' amazing! "Livingdeadstars" is a well-rounded album, good for every occasion! You can listen to it while you're killing someone, you can enjoy it while cleaning your crypt, and most of all it’s the perfect soundtrack for a night of wild sex!

Brian Rademacher: Do you guys put more meaning on image than music?

Dr. Freak: The two things have the same importance for us … surely our look that kills helps us to intrigue people and maybe at the beginning they come to our shows only to see us but then the shock is completed by our monstersexxxygoddamned sound!

Brian Rademacher: You signed with a new record label recently. Can you tell us about that?

Dr. Freak: We are working very good with Logic(il)logic, they are doing great work with the promotion and have helped us with the tour dates and with a lot of very useful advice. Most of all they are great because they can bear, without problem, our highly toxic corpse-smells and our decomposition problems. It's not easy to deal with five rotting zombies!

Brian Rademacher: Tell us about the wildest thing that happened to you on stage.

Dr. Freak: Well, usually the wildest things happen off stage! I must confess that I really don't remember a lot about what happens when I'm on the stage because I'm in a sort of trance, but I'll never forget one night. There was a really big rumble in front of the stage, a lot of mentally-ill SUPERHORRORFUCKS fans and when we started a song two huge metalheads had been pushed up onstage…exactly ON me! We fell all together on the drums and we had to stop the song, but that was great! Other times we had various things flying on stage, like lemons and chairs, but having some fans flying over you with violence is really a great experience!

Brian Rademacher: What is some of the reaction when people see you live?

Dr. Freak: Most people just stare at us goggling their eyes! When I see such a shocked audience I usually go down from the stage and try to bring them back to life, for example kissing them, and it always works! Other people just start making a lot of noise, and these are the best, but usually they look at us just like we were some strange kind of animals, even taking pictures with their mobile phones!

Brian Rademacher: What was the first concert you attended?

Dr. Freak: I can't remember the very first concert I attended. I went to a lot of small shows of smaller bands but I think that I had already done some shows on stage before seeing a real big concert. It was some years ago; HARDCORE SUPERSTAR. I was in the first line with Mr.4 but I had only time to see the band walking on stage because when they started to play I found myself at the end of the room! I love live shows but I really prefer being ON stage!

Brian Rademacher: What are some of the things that make you happy?

Dr. Freak: There aren't very many things that make me really happy. I'm a pessimist paranoid freak, so I feel good only when I'm on stage. A hot brain tea with a hot girl in my crypt, watching a splatter movie during a freezing night, that's another very satisfying thing! That’s why I share my life between rehearsing room/stage and my crypt!

Brian Rademacher: And what are some of the things that piss you off?

Dr. Freak: I hate lies and hypocrisy. I'm not saying that we should never tell lies, because that would be impossible and even harmful sometimes but some people just found their life on falsehoods and stabbing people in the back. That's what I can't stand.. If you think that I'm an idiot just tell me it, because I won't spare you the same insult if you deserve it!

Brian Rademacher: What is your biggest fantasy?

Dr. Freak: This is a very hard question for me to answer because I live a big part of my life dreaming. I never think about what I'm doing now because I'm always dreaming about what I may be doing tomorrow! Surely my biggest dreams concern the band, I'd like to take SUPERHORRORFUCK higher and higher and see how far we can go. So I think that my biggest fantasy now is traveling the world and spreading the Superhorrorrvirus (Japan would be great, I LOVE it) worldwide!

Brian Rademacher: If you can have one night with the lady of your dreams who would that be and why?

Dr. Freak: I think that I'm lucky because I already had more than one perfect night with the lady (ladies) of my dreams and I'm not gonna tell you the details. First because I'm a gentledead and second because there is a big romantic part inside me and I don't want you to know about all the bullshit I did for love in my pre and after-death life!

Brian Rademacher: Before a show what does the band do and what do you guys usually eat?

Dr. Freak: We usually eat … almost everything! As I said before we are a little bit different than the normal zombies. We love human flesh and brains but we can "survive" also with normal food … but we need a lot!!! We also have a small ritual that helps us before the shows but it's a secret!

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel SUPERHORRORFUCK can make an impact in music?

Dr. Freak: Of course I do! I do something only if I FEEL it and I really feel great about SUPERHORRORFUCK. We made headway with "Livingdeadstars" and I'm sure that we will do even better in the future! I can't say that we are making something new, because nowadays it's impossible, but surely you won't find another album like this… only a billion very different things that SOUND A LITTLE BIT LIKE us. I think you should see the evil looks that burn in our fans' eyes when they're talking about SUPERHORRORFUCK. That would be the best answer to this question!

Brian Rademacher: Do you have conflict with the band’s name and why did you pick that name?

Dr. Freak: Like many other things concerning SUPERHORRORFUCK, even the name was picked by supernatural forces. One day, I was writing random "cool-sounding" words on a desk … suddenly I noticed three terms in the same line that were shining in my eyes just like they were burning … SUPER - HORROR - FUCK ! It sounds great and it's the perfect description of the band. I think that this name was written in Hell's register book and we brought it in our subconscious when we came back from death!

Brian Rademacher: Tell us 5 things that people might not know about you?

Dr. Freak: Hard question, but 3 things are enough: 1 - We are DEAD 2 - we SOUND like the DEAD 3 - We ROCK LIKE HELL!

Brian Rademacher: What do you do in your spare time?

Dr. Freak: I have very little spare time. I share my after-death life between SUPERHORRORFUCK and some other bands. I LOVE reading, I write poems and tales, I make graphics and artworks for me and other bands. I'm also trying to realize some comics and even a card game! But when I have a couple of minutes, as I said before, I relax watching a movie; horror, splatter or romantic comedies ( Pretty Woman!) or reading. I love the romantic novels and poems, Novalis, for example, and all the symbolist literature, "les poetés maudits" (I have Baudelaire's Albatros tattooed on the left shoulder), the decadent novels and…fuck, there are too many! I also love Manga and Playboy of course!

Brian Rademacher: Do you work another job and what do you do?

Dr. Freak: I shouldn't tell you anything about our "camouflage" jobs. We are something like dead superheroes and have secret identities. I can only say that I work in advertising…

Brian Rademacher: What do your parents think of the band?

Dr. Freak: I think that Dr.Freak's parents have been dead for a long time and I don't remember a lot about the parents of the body that I'm haunting, but I don't think that they would be happy or proud to see their kid's corpse dressed like a girl singing obscene rock n' roll on the stage and doing even worst things behind the stage. They believe (or pretend) that their son is dead and I think that this is the better solution… both for me and for them.

Brian Rademacher: What does the band do after a gig?

Dr. Freak: It depends … Most of the time we party together and talk about the show but the thing we ALWAYS have to remember is to take off the makeup and apply the undertaker's dead skin care creams. Then we can go brain-hunting and all the bullshit like that!

Brian Rademacher: What song on the CD do you like to sing live the most?

Dr. Freak: Surely "Pissing on Heaven's Door". At the beginning this song shouldn't exist but from the first time we played the main riff we knew that we had to bring it to life and what we got is the most ass-kickin' song ever written by SUPERHORRORFUCK! When we started playing it at our shows the audience immediately fell in love with it and Mr.4 even has a part of the lyrics tattooed on his chest…that's fuckin' love!!!

Brian Rademacher: What are the plans for the band in the near future?

Dr. Freak: Right now we are promoting the album with a tour in Italy. We are playing a lot of shows and this is exactly what we wanted to do… play, play, play! For the future we are going to work on the unplugged version of some songs, we're going to record a song for the Dave Lepard tribute album, we're planning things to make a great splatter video and then we'll start the new album! I know it's a little bit early to talk about a new album but I already have some little freaks running in my mind and you asked about the future so… that's all!

Brian Rademacher: Dr. Freak I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to talk to us. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Dr. Freak: Thank you, I had a great time answering your questions! Just one more thing… LISTEN to SUPERHORRORFUCK and then MAKE SOME FUCKIN' NOISE! Life's short and Hell is not a nice place to live so come to our shows and have fun until you can! Wahahaha!!! A kiss from the crypt!


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