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Interview with Dave Incognito


Incognito Theory

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: February 2011

Brian Rademacher: Hello Dave and welcome to RockEyez

Dave Incognito: Hey Man Iím only a few minutes late so thatís a good sign. A lot of things are happening for us we just got signed to Romulus X Records. Iím being very humble about our signing. Iím grateful that Kenny signed us.

Brian Rademacher: How many people coming out of Kearny, New Jersey get signed?

Dave Incognito: Exactly not many, I look at this I was at the right place at the right time. Heís a good friend of ours. He has worked with us before. When we went in there to talk it was fair thatís what mattered, it was a fair deal. It was good for everyone meaning the band and Kenny. They signed us for one release and we can work from there. Our goal for the release is spring maybe May. I believe thatís a good time line because we want more input from the CEOís and the president of the label. When I was in DYING EYES OF SLOTH he originally sign us so Kenny and myself go back a ways.

Brian Rademacher: When you did the DYING EYES OF SLOTH and release "Book Of Blood" that release took off. The musically style was a little different than what you are doing now, why the change?

Dave Incognito: DYING EYES OF SLOTH were around since 2006. The first line-up I had was just going to be a recording project. The second line-up was also a recording project. The minute Jay and I decided to take of the recording it changed. DYING EYES OF SLOTH is not done yet, itís not over. When we lost the bassist when "Book Of Blood" came out we said thatís it. People were saying why donít you continue the INCOGNITO THEORY thing. Our first demo came out which was basically a solo project and anyone who has that consider themselves lucky. Iím not selling that anymore. I love death metal but it isnít getting me into the masses. There is only a small amount of people that listen to death metal and I still love it, there will be some new DYING EYES OF SLOTH coming out. Right now itís Jay Prussack and I but we plan to release something new in the next year or so.

Brian Rademacher: So you will have to put that out yourself?

Dave Incognito: Yeah but unless we sit back and talk with Kenny and see what he says, he knows we are still doing it as a recording project. Dave who is in INCOGNITO THEORY was also in DYING EYES OF SLOTH. Thatís the "Book Of Blood" line-up. We might do a reunion show if the people want it but INCOGNITO THEORY is doing a lot for us. I would have never thought when I went solo and put a band together I donít think of this as Daveís INCOGNITO THEORY, this is INCOGNITO THEORY the band. Itís me, Jay, Rob and Erik. We are looking for a second guitarist to beef up the sound more. We are going all over the spectrum; we are going to have some extreme shit, some aggressive stuff, stomping, hardcore. There are no boundaries on the "Silent Pain" EP thatís going to come out on Romulus X Records.

Brian Rademacher: Is the EP done?

Dave Incognito: We have a couple done, some of the titled are "This Presents", "Vengeance", people are going crazy over that track and Iím surprised because itís a different approach from the demos. A new one called "Life Deceiver", and one is "Through Redemption" and the title track "Silent Pain". "Silent Pain" is going to be the second half of "This Presents".

Brian Rademacher: How about the track "Hell In High Heels". I like that track. We will be doing a rewrite on the song "Forsaken". It will have a new sound and twist.

Dave Incognito: There was no band behind that and I donít feel itís fair to the guys Iím working with now. Jay didnít write that song itís a different saga.

But with INCOGNITO THEORY Erik started write too so we have many avenues to work with. Erikís first song is called "Forever Cold". So we are not sure the release will be a full length, a mini CD or an EP. Why put out a full length and waste all this money if all the songs are perfection there is only an amount of songs people are going to like. So far people like what we recorded so far and "Life Deceiver" is the most obscure song on this record. The versus are aggressive like I use to do with DYING EYES OF SLOTH but the chorus is going to be epic, clean and melodic, in two words think of the band SCAR SYMMETRY.

Brian Rademacher: I love that band

Dave Incognito: I just hope it ainít going to freak people out. Why am I going to put a boundary on INCOGNITO THEORY. I was always concerned what people thought about my music. People know Iíve been in the death metal scene for seventeen years but we are not hitting the death metal zone. The music is not going to be death metal, my vocals are just influences extreme vocals and the mixture of soulful melodic clean a lot of people were surprised.

Brian Rademacher: You worked with Uncle Frank in the past. What are your feelings towards him now?

Dave Incognito: Uncle Frank and I are still best of buddies. Heís very good friends with the band and we agreed to disagree thatís the best way to put it. Maybe in the future we will one day work together again, not as management but we will work together again. The reason why it went as it did because the band wanted more control over our project we are still a small band yet. We only have been together eight months ago. Having a manger at this point we didnít feel was necessary. We are still close and he did a lot for us and we are grateful for what heís done for us.

Brian Rademacher: What does a band have to do to get signed?

Dave Incognito: Honestly you have to be at the right place at the right time network thatís pretty much what we did and believe in yours and hope someone out there wants to help you out.

Brian Rademacher: Do you have a guess what the cover looks like.

Dave Incognito: The cover will coincide with the title "Silent Pain". We have a couple ideas but nothing solid yet. Kenny has to have some input too we are a team now. We want Kennyís input because he is an outsider and he is our CEO and President of the company.

Brian Rademacher: So do you have anything else going on right now?

Dave Incognito: At the end of February we go in the studio to start tracking for "Silent Pain". We have two shows coming up. After those two shows we are going to concentrate on "Silent Pain".

Brian Rademacher: So what are your hopes for the release?

Dave Incognito: Well we are working on an East Coast tour with our brother band VOODOO TERROR TRIBE. We are going day by day. We all have the dream but we are going to roll with the punches. We donít want to be under anyoneís thumb and we are happy where we are with Romulus X Records.. Our goal is to one day be a household name if we can pull it off and it happens with some sort of act of faith. If not we are still going to be here for a long time. Weíre just going to play and have a good time. We do what we love to do.

Brian Rademacher: So how long have you and Jay been a force?

Dave Incognito: It been twelve years now. Weíve been in several bands together. Jayís our producer, engineer, and we are best friends. We are a teamÖ

Brian Rademacher: Would you like to say anything in ending?

Dave Incognito: Thanks to the fans and thank you. The fans are what keeps us going. We would also like Kenny at Romulus X record, Uncle Frank at Metal Noize Inc. Tattoo Tony, The Aquarian Weekly. I want to thank anybody who has helped us. Thanks Brian.


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