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Interview with George Rage Becker


Jaded Past

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: February 2011

George Becker: Hey Brian this is George from JADED PAST, how ya doing?

Brian Rademacher: Good. So tell me about JADED PAST and is your other band WICKED SIN finished?

George Becker: I donít know if itís finished, everybody is doing different things. I got together with Dave from RAHWAY who Iíve known for twenty five years. We went in the studio and recorded four tracks and decided to see where things would go. We sound good, the image is good we sound like a cross between WICKED SIN and the music of today. Iíve been getting into bands like ALTER BRIDGE and hopefully the songs will become more story line-based. The record is self-released and thereís four songs on there; "One Step Closer" which is a ballad, a remake of Nick Gilderís "Roxy Roller", which Iím pushing for as a single, and some (older) songs from a band I was in back in the eighties called PRETTY PLEASE.

Brian Rademacher: Now is this project a serious project or just a side project for fun?

George Becker: Very serious. Iím looking to take this project as far as I can go with it. We had our first show February 5th with our friends in PHAROAH and it was a blast. This band is two notches above WICKED SIN or any other band Iíve been in.

Brian Rademacher: So what does it take to release your own disc these days?

George Becker: Other than money, I get together with friends of mine go over arrangements, record the songs and master them. They go to press and hopefully we get distribution. It will be available at CD Baby and iTunes. The cover is very simple, itís only an EP. When we do the full-length, the cover will be much different.

Brian Rademacher: When is the possible release of the full length going to happen?

George Becker: We will start in March and put it out next fall. I am hopefully going to be doing shows outside of New Jersey in the spring of next year. Right now Iím concentrating on local clubs. We will play The Saint, Brighton Bar, Dingbatz and wherever else we can play (here in NJ).

Brian Rademacher: If you went on a larger tour, which band would you like to go out with?

George Becker: There are friends I would like to go out with like TRIXTER. If it was a national tour I would like to play Rocklahoma. I would like to go out with M÷TLEY CR‹E too. Iím not into the nostalgia type bands like WARRANT or RATT.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me a little about the other members of JADED PAST.

George Becker: Dave our guitarist is in the band RAHWAY; they are kind of an industrial type metal band. Mark came from the BLASAS, a neo-punk band from the eighties and has done bass work on the last WICKED SIN release. The drummer came to us from Dave the guitar player. His name is David Rucci he adds a funk style to the band.

Brian Rademacher: I would describe the music as upbeat alternative in style. Is that a fair comment?

George Becker: I would say itís like the "Dr. Feelgood" type thing. I would say itís like M÷TLEY CR‹E meets AEROSMITH.

Brian Rademacher: So what are you looking for now with the band to take it to the next level?

George Becker: Iím looking for distribution for this EP and looking for someone to finance the full-length (release). The name of the EP is "Bad Influence". We are looking for a publicist also.

Brian Rademacher: I wish you the best of luck with JADED PAST and thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at RockEyez. Would you like to say anything before we close?

George Becker: Yeah, check us out. Our EP is available on CD Baby and iTunes and come check us out at a show. Thanks.


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