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Interview with Lenny Wolf


Kingdom Come

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: February 2011

Brian Rademacher: Congratulations on the new release"Rendered Waters", which comes out in April.

Lenny Wolf: Thank you.

Brian Rademacher: I really enjoyed the new CD, it sounds fresh and if I wasnít a fan of KINGDOM COME back in the day I would be now with "Rendered Waters". .

Lenny Wolf: WOW! That little speech you made (about) everything going down like raspberry sauce; Iím really happy to hear that. Thatís wonderful, Iím not just jiving you, Iím very happy to hear that. Iím not just an artists Iím a producer too so when we recorded I always wonder if it will be received well. I was really trying to give those songs a new approach, more of the sound of todayís music. I like some of those old riffs and the songs but I couldnít deal with the old guitar sound and for me to sit (with) my guitar and get a stiffy I had to do something about it. Iíve been thinking about this for a few years now and now was a good time to do it and I just did it and you come around the corner and made my evening!

Brian Rademacher: The worse thing about it is that all my friends canít hear it until April because we are a trustworthy site.

Lenny Wolf: I appreciate that (laughing) and a couple years back we sent out some promotional copies of our release and it ended up on fucking eBay weeks before the release. That was a major turn off for me.

Brian Rademacher: That kills the artists and that kills the media because itís like who can you turn to and who do you trust.

Lenny Wolf: SPV who we are signed to now they know who they can send it to and who to trust so obviously they trusted you.

Brian Rademacher: First letís get to the CD cover; do you have your hands in every part of the new release from cover art to production?

Lenny Wolf: In all honesty I have to say yes. I donít know if thatís good or bad but sometimes this is one of my down sides. Itís hard for me to give away control but since Iím a control freak I like perfection. A few years back when I was working with the band STONE FURY, my first Los Angeles band experience, I worked with a couple of producers that really didnít work out well. Especially the second guy who made us sound like a pop dance-influenced group or whatever the fuck that was and it was a nightmare and ever since I was kind of paranoid about giving out control. I feel now that I got to the level where I can call myself an OK producer because I recorded everything myself. That was one of the biggest battles being the writer and putting it on tape can be tricky sometimes because Iím jerking off over some great kick drum sound, itís great but not enough and sometimes Iím ecstatic over something and I might pass over other aspects but thatís life in rock n roll.

Brian Rademacher: You have eleven tracks on the disc (8 past tracks that were re-recorded and 3 new tracks). With the past tracks were there others songs that you originally wanted and changed your mind?

Lenny Wolf: No not really, I knew right away the songs I wanted to pick. I wasnít keen to use our so called hits like "Get it On" and "Love Can Be". Some songs shouldnít be touched but songs like "Canít Deny" or "Should I" can be presented in a more up-to-date sound. I tried to update the songs without ruining them that was another thing I had to battle. I didnít want to make them a totally different song they had there own red thread if you know what I mean and I didnít want to take it away. The guitar sounds a little different the drums were a little more open and my vocals have matured a lot, which by itself makes a big difference.

Brian Rademacher: So I guess the three new songs were easier to record?

Lenny Wolf: Iím glad you mention that because some people might think that was an easy way out recording old songs, wrong. It was the exact opposite going in the studio and having a song as a guide and trying to make it better is much harder than recording a new song. You have to take it layer by layer and work at it to make it better until youíre totally happy.

Brian Rademacher: With your vocals did you have any training?

Lenny Wolf: No in the old days I was a really big asshole yelling at everybody until I trained my chords (laughing), actually I used my diaphragm without knowing, I taught the right technique without knowing I did. I did have vocal chord surgery five/six years ago and ever since I think my vocals are even better than before. I lost that childish squeaky tone and I think Iím more solid now. Thatís why I think the recordings sound better.

Brian Rademacher: One of my favorite songs is "Donít Remember ". Can you tell me anything about that song?

Lenny Wolf: Basically the lyrics do the talking for themselves. Itís a sad statement of people with an unfortunate streak in their life and pointing their finger at others. I donít want to be one of those smart-asses saying get a life and fix it yourself. There are circumstances where you do need help and fate can sometimes be very brutal. I just wanted to address that there are some whiners around that cannot get there ass in gear and I donít like it.

Brian Rademacher: After this release, will KINGDOM COME be working on more new music?

Lenny Wolf: Itís a funny thing the original singer for AC/DC Bon Scott use to say doing nothing means a lot to me (laughing) and that kind of goes for me. I love sitting in my studio in my creative bubble. I can sit in there seven days a week sixteen hours a day and than sometimes I donít even want to look at my studio for two weeks, I rather sit outside with friends having coffee and talk about life and the new socks I bought or whatever. We are so busy trying to achieve things I like to have time to drift, when Iím seventy years old what do I need a rocking chair and a TV. Right now when I can stand up straight and walk on my own two feet letís just live life. Thereís more to life than making money, money, money. I mean itís great to be independent financially but there are a lot of beautiful things you can do. I am grateful that I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Iím very happy Iím not on the level of BON JOVI or METALLICA itís just little KINGDOM COME and Iím grateful and Iím happy Iíve reached that level where Iím comfortable doing what I want to do.

Brian Rademacher: KINGDOM COME has opened for many high profile bands, what band treated you the best and why?

Lenny Wolf: There really werenít any bands that treated us bad because Iím such an egomaniac I wouldíve knocked them out. Even in the old days when we opening for the SCORPIONS when we got in trouble for me using Klaus Meineís particular ramp all the time which I wasnít allow to, he was right we were the opening band they were the headliners and I truly kept forgetting so they got on my case and kicked us off the tour. There are bands I admire more than others and there are bands that I would not want to open for because it would be a death sentence. For example opening for AC/DC is totally senseless. Opening for RAMMSTEINÖ what the hell for, the people are coming to see the FŁhrer, like the man in charge they donít want to see anything else.
Thatís why Iím very concerned about playing with bands I know and they are coming to see us as well, it only makes sense. I donít want to be picky and I donít want to bullshit you either business right now isnít fantastic but we are getting by, hopefully the new record will make some noise. My biggest wish is coming back to the states. I lived in L.A. for ten years and I feel very connected to the Americans in general. I really want to tour the states but since the band is based in Germany again and with all the bullshit with immigration and pay five thousand just for a work permit and you got to feed the boys, itís not so easy.

Brian Rademacher: Since you mention you have a studio have you produced any bands of note?

Lenny Wolf: No not really. Iíve been asked a few times I donít want to spend 365 days a year in a little studio, I would go crazy. If I should come across a young band that blows my mind and knocks me off my chair and would love to work with me for whatever reason I may give it a shot.

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel KINGDOM COME can bring back that same feeling as it did in the beginning to fans.

Lenny Wolf: I donít know because you have more bands then citizens on this planet and itís very hard to get recognize to begin with. Itís not like the past days where you had tons a rock n roll magazines and so many releases per month, nowadays so much new shit coming out everyday you donít know whatís coming. The only way to find things now is word of mouth maybe radio or sites like yours. Radio in Europe sucks thatís another problem but luckily we have internet radio. Without sites like yours, itís hard now. You might turn around and tell friends check out this fucking crowd (laughing).

Brian Rademacher: Before this interview I did my research and I was kind of nervous going into this interview. Most of the questions in other interviews they kept talking about your past and you would say I donít want to talk about that anymore.

Lenny Wolf: No Iím an easy going guy but twenty years later you still hear ďSo how was it that you sounded like LED ZEPPELIN?Ē. I would start snoring.

Brian Rademacher: I mean I would never even bring that up. How many times can you answer that same question?

Lenny Wolf: And that is why I like talking to you, that is exactly what I mean if we sounded like one of the greatest bands on this planet itís not a secret anymore (HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU THIS) (laughing).

Brian Rademacher: Man itís been great talking to you and once again I love the new release "Rendered Waters", hopefully everyone goes out and supports the release. Would you like to say anything in ending?

Lenny Wolf: Halleluiah! Stay healthy and letís rock this planet. Thanks Brian

Brian Rademacher: You know we recently posted the review of "Rendered Waters" on our site and it got a very positive review.

Lenny Wolf: I hope so if not Iím sending a German tank after you (laughing), take care my man.


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