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Interview with Liv Jagrell


Sister Sin

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2011

Brian Rademacher: Hello Liv and welcome back to RockEyez. Weíve been fans of the band since 2005 when you sent us your 2005 promo with 6 tracks and the band has taken off since that. Are you happy?

Liv Jagrell: Yes I am, that is so great to hear! We love you for supporting us so much!

Brian Rademacher: RockEyez has covered your demos, CDís and live show and weíve seen the band grow and getting signed to Victory records must have been a big step. Howís that going?

Liv Jagrell: Quite good right now. We are heading back to U.S in late April to do the " Hell Hath No Fury" tour with IN THIS MOMENT and two more bands, its gonna be a blast.. And Victory is supporting us well*

Brian Rademacher: SISTER SIN last release "True Sound Of The Underground" made our 2010 Best of the year releases being # 6. What more can the band do to reach the masses?

Liv Jagrell: We have just starting to work with a new management and I think that could help us a lot cuz we are a hardworking band and we love to entertain people but as you say, we need more people to know that we exist. Hopefully now, with new manager we have the right tools for that!*

Brian Rademacher: Are you working on a new release for 2011?

Liv Jagrell: We started working on new songs and our plan will be to record late this year, but it all depends on how much we will be on the road of course.

Brian Rademacher: If so can you give us any hints?

Liv Jagrell: He-he-he nope ;) youíll see youíll see.

Brian Rademacher: I know you also do modeling . Have you been approached to pose nude yet?

Liv Jagrell: No never, donít know if thatís bad or good ha-ha-ha-ha.

Brian Rademacher: I see that you are also a personal trainer and your website you are holding a whip, whatís that for?

Liv Jagrell: Hmm thatís not a whip, thatís a workout tool, like a big rubber band you use to activate your muscles, I donít know the English word for it, sorry.

Brian Rademacher: Getting back to music you just released a new video for "24/7" do you enjoy making videos?

Liv Jagrell: I do, I think itís a lot of fun, but of course it depends on the video too. The "24/7" was great fun you might see itís a big party! But if you take the video for "Outrage" where we have to hang upside down for many many hours, that was not fun, Interesting, but not fun.

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel by touring the United Sates has helped the band?

Liv Jagrell: Absolutely and we love touring the U.S.! I could move if it wasnít so hard with immigrations, I would really love to live in the U.S. a couple of years. And we do have most of our fans their, and that is because we have toured so much. But of course we would like to tour more in Europe too!

Brian Rademacher: I see youíre coming back to the U.S.A for some dates but no East Coast dates were listed, why?

Liv Jagrell: East Coast dates are coming, keep your eyes on our website and facebook! But the "Hell Hath No Fury" tour is only West Coast, I have no clue why actually.

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel youíre living the life that you always dreamed of?

Liv Jagrell: No not yet but maybe getting there soon I hope. My only wish is that I could pay my rent with money from the music business, its hard trying to have a normal job at home in between being a musician. I would love to only be a musician! I donít care to much about fame, only that I could do what I love the most and still be able to pay my bills with that, thatís my dream!

Brian Rademacher: What song is your favorite to sing live and why?

Liv Jagrell: Its "Better Then Them" cuz it has so much energy and rawness in that song, it fits me very well. Iím a bit energetic if you have missed that ha-ha.

Brian Rademacher: If you had one goal to reach what would that be?

Liv Jagrell: To do this full-time, to be able to put all my effort and all my energy and time in the music.

Brian Rademacher: If you had one fantasy come true what would that be?

Liv Jagrell: Itís still the same answer as last question, thatís what Iím dreaming about every day but of course I would love to live somewhere sunny, Scandinavia is not for me, to cold, I love the sun!

Brian Rademacher: Do you have thoughts of having children?

Liv Jagrell: No, never, I would love to have lots of animals instead. I love animals, mostly cats, and maybe one day a horse. Actually thatís one dream for me, if I ever get " Rich" I really wanna work as a volunteer, helping animals in need of help.

Brian Rademacher: Do you collect anything?

Liv Jagrell: No nothing.

Brian Rademacher: What does your family think of your success?

Liv Jagrell: They support me to the max, but of course they donít like it much when Iím touring to long and to far away from them. They are always worried that something may happen to me. But they understand that this is what Iím meant for, and for that Iím very happy, could have been the other way around.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me about the SISTER SIN Fans?

Liv Jagrell: We love them all! It feels like we have good and supportive fans all over the world, so its always hard when we have to disappoint them, like some weeks ago when we had to cancel the European tour cuz of things that were out of our hands.. They understand but it still doesnít feel so good,. But we will always try to make up for anything like that!

Brian Rademacher: In ending I can only wish you even more success and hopefully be able to see you live again rockiní on stage. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Liv Jagrell: Hope to see you too! As I said, weíre gonna play East Coast too, in late May. So everybody out their, keep your eyes open for SISTER SIN coming to your town!


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