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Interview with Johnnie Athanasiadi


Emerald Sun

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 2011

Brian Rademacher: Hello Johnnie and Welcome to RockEyez.

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Thank you for your good words.

Brian Rademacher: The new EMERALD SUN "Regeneration" CD is amazing and I simply love it. How long did it take to complete?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: "Regeneration" is really a power metal work of art! The composition of the album took us one and a half years and the recordings (at Maranis Studio) took one month.

Brian Rademacher: Going back to the early days, do you remember the first guitar you ever owned?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: I still have my first guitar; itís an Area Pro II, which I have made a lot of alterations to. It's my antique!!!

Brian Rademacher: What was the first song you tried to learn on guitar?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: The first song I played was a Greek one which was very easy (ha-ha-ha-ha) but the first metal song as far as I can remember, was "The Number of the Beast" by IRON MAIDEN.

Brian Rademacher: What band as a kid did you always want to see in concert?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: I was dreaming to see IRON MAIDEN live! The greatest live band! So I saw them for the first time in my life in 1997 in Thessaloniki and I admired the whole show. My band and I want to put on shows of the same caliber.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me what kind of kid where you were growing up?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: As a kid I was very naughty! Just think that when I was 11-12 a friend and I set a building on fire (ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) now I prefer to set women on fire!

Brian Rademacher: Did you have posters on your bedroom walls?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: PostersÖ of course I did and I still do. Metal bands, bitches and posters of my favorite football team PAOK!

Brian Rademacher: Getting back to the new CD, some have considered the new CD too generic, what would you say about that? (example:

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Everyone has his own opinion, we just play music that comes from our hearts and also we're trying to leave our mark on the Heavy Metal map.

Brian Rademacher: For myself I think the new release is powerful and has some great tunes and I like it. Looking back on "Regeneration" would you have done anything different?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Abso-fucking-lutelly NOT!!! We wouldn't change a simple thing. We enjoyed it!!

Brian Rademacher: When you see our review on RockEyez whatís your feelings?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Firstly I felt proud and also very happy you liked our songs but mostly because your site is trustworthy.

Brian Rademacher: Have you started work on the next release?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: We are writing music every minute with everything we see and experience. And we have already written several songs.

Brian Rademacher: Coming to an EMERALD SUN live show what can fans expect?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Rebellion on stage, an excellent performance and unforgettable shows!

Brian Rademacher: Is EMERALD SUN a full time job for you?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Unfortunately it's not yet. I suppose you know how the situation in Greece but "We Won't Fall" !

Brian Rademacher: If not what do you do to support yourself while pursuing your dream with the band?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Most of EMERALD SUN members, like me, are playing in cover bands; rock or other styles.

Brian Rademacher: You pick "Holding Out For a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler as a tune to cover on the record. Were there other songs that were considered also?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Well, we wanted to make a cover of an old song and this one was a song that we all loved. When we started playing it, it sounded so metal that we knew we had to put it in the album. Plus, you know, we need a hero to begin the Regeneration.

Brian Rademacher: You signed with Pitch Black Records. How did that come about?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Vaggelis Maranis got us in contact with Pitch Black Records, and we saw that it was a very respectable label that we could trust!

Brian Rademacher: Is power metal popular in Greece?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: There are a lot of Metalheads in Greece and the truth is that they like mostly other kinds of Metal than Power Metal.

Brian Rademacher: What are your goals for the band?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: I dedicated my youth to this band and I'm still fighting for it and I will never stop! Nothing on earth stays forever but the name someone works for himself. I would like people to remember me when they listen to our music!

Brian Rademacher: On a typical day tell me your daily routine from waking up until bedtime.

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: Well, on a typical day usually I have a Greek coffee in the morning, later a couple of hours online and after that, playing guitar/composing music or having rehearsals with my band or with musician friends. The night is beer time!

Brian Rademacher: Johnnie itís been great talking with you. Before we go would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Johnnie Athanasiadi:: I would like to thank you Brian and RockEyez for your interest in us. Also I would like to thank our fans for their support! Keep the Emerald flame burning!

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