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Interview with Jaime St. James "THE SAINT"



Interviewed by Brooke Horsley
Date: July 2011

Brooke Horsley: Hey Jaime! Are you ready to answer some questions about yourself and your band BLACK N BLUE?

Jaime St. James: I was born ready!!!

Brooke Horsley: Congratulations on your new CD "Hell Yeah!" What inspired to you come out with a new CD after 17 years?

Jaime St. James: I wanted to get BNB back out there...were not done yet. Too much talent here to bury it!

Brooke Horsley: Many people think the grunge scene in the 90ís killed the 80ís glam scene. What is your opinion of that statement?

Jaime St. James: The 80's glam scene killed itself...that and idiotic record executives who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground who signed all kinds of crap bands just to blindly jump on the had to die!

Brooke Horsley: When you were a young boy, what did you aspire to be when you grew up?

Jaime St. James: I always wanted to play music! I knew that when I was 5 years old.

Brooke Horsley: At what age were you when you first discovered you had talent?

Jaime St. James: I got a guitar when I was 13...learned 3 chords and was off and running. I got a drum set when I was 14 and I played the hell out of them. I was playing paying gigs by the time I was 16

Brooke Horsley: You have several musical talents. Which one did you discover first? And which one is your favorite?

Jaime St. James: I love to sing. When I was a 14 year old drummer I wanted to sing so bad that I made a microphone out of an old telephone mouth piece (the part you used to talk into on an old school rotary phone) and taped it to a music stand. I stuck that thing between my legs while drumming and for the first time sang Alice Cooper's "I'm 18" while drumming away!

Brooke Horsley: If you could go back in time, is there any part of your career you would liked to have changed?

Jaime St. James: Not really...we made a lot of great music. Some business decisions maybe but I know that we always had integrity.

Brooke Horsley: Who came up with the name BLACK N BLUE? And is there any specific meaning behind it?

Jaime St. James: Tommy came to us with a list of names...Black N Blue was on the list...I'm not sure why it was on there but that's the one we liked ...

Brooke Horsley: Looking back on your life, tell us about something that stands out as life changing or momentous.

Jaime St. James: Seeing THE BEATLES on Ed Sullivan...that's when I knew what I wanted to do with my life...I was 4 years old and that feeling is still with me to this day!

Brooke Horsley: Is there anything you have not accomplished yet that may be on your "bucket list"?

Jaime St. James: Yeah I want a huge record...I want to have a huge success...I'm tired of being the best band that never went big time

Brooke Horsley: I had the chance to watch your set at the M3 this year in Maryland. There was a HUGE crowd response. How did it feel to be back on stage with your boys in BLACK N BLUE?

Jaime St. James: I love BNB ...that's my family, it was awesome to be on the M3 stage and your right we had a great crowd that loved us...soooooo much fun!

Brooke Horsley: There was a lot of talk about the M3 for several weeks afterwards. The word on the street was that BLACK N BLUE stole the show. I agree. Tell us a little more about your personal experience of that performance.

Jaime St. James: I think the fact that we have not played that area of the country in so long had a bit to do with it, but we were damn good and they just f'n loved us!

Brooke Horsley: What is in store for BLACK N BLUE in the next year?

Jaime St. James: We will try to do shows and promote the new CD...we don't play shitty clubs so don't look for that.

Brooke Horsley: Now for my most serious question, what is the difference between the chicks backstage today from the chicks backstage in the 80ís?

Jaime St. James: Still awesome...I love girls who love metal! Album Cover

Brooke Horsley: I had the pleasure of meeting you at the M3 / 2011 and I must add, you are a class act and quite the comedian. You had us all laughing hysterically. BLACK N BLUE has my vote for bringing you back to the M3 in 2012.
I have met a lot of musicianís and a lot of them are nice, some are funny, some are too drunk to have a conversation with and some are out of hand obnoxious and rude. I can truly say you are the only one I have met that is genuine, humble, funny and all around nice. So I want to thank you for being an example of a great human being.

Jaime St. James: Wow that is so nice...Brooke is awesome...just so you all know that...

Brooke Horsley: This interview was a blast, do you have anything you would like to add in closing?



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