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Interview with Brandan Narrell


Dirty In Texas

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: May 2010

Brandan Narrell: Hey dude, this is Brandan from ANCHORED.

Brian Rademacher: Hey man, howís everything?

Brandan Narrell: Good.

Brian Rademacher: Howís the new CD "Listen To This" doing?

Brandan Narrell: Good, (itís) getting a good reception.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me a little bit about the youth of Brandan ?

Brandan Narrell: I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and lived all over the US like New Orleans, Houston, Illinois but I grew up in London, England. I used to run cross country and I played every sport; basketball, football, rugby, basically if it was a ball I played it! Posters on my walls; I always had rock posters on the wall. I didnít have a very exciting childhood I guess. I lived all over the place and was always at school or work.

Brian Rademacher: What was the hardest sport? Rugby?

Brandan Narrell: No, I played hockey and since Iím from Alaska I played hockey for thirteen years and itís my favorite sport.

Brian Rademacher: When you moved onto the band ADVENT how did that band go? You had two releases an EP and a full-length.

Brandan Narrell: The first one was an EP the second one we considered it a full length but it only had nine songs. Itís like a big EP. That band did extremely well. We toured regionally but as far as album sales we did a lot better than we thought we would.

Brian Rademacher: What is "Scream For Me" Dallas Rock Album Awards.

Brandan Narrell: ADVENT won rock album of the year and I won the stage award which is the best front man award. That was from the radio station 97.1 The Eagle and Scream For Me Dallas is from a guy named Robert Miguel he was the huge DJ on 97.1. They changed format so he started this thing called Scream For Me Dallas because that was his call sign. Both albums we did won rock album of the year which was kinda of crazy. The biggest thing for me was winning the stage award because it was the year Dave Williams of DROWNING POOL passed away. When I won that it was the year he passed and they named the award after him because he was known as Dave "The Stage" Williams. Since the radio station changed their format The Stage Award was only given once and that was to me, so Iím the only one!

Brian Rademacher: With Vinnie Paul did you know him previously or how did that go down with him suggesting you for the front man position for DROWNING POOL?

Brandan Narrell: Vinnie and I go back a long time. Basically I was in a band called CARB and Vinnie came out to a show with his bass tech. I didnít know he was there but I noticed him during our set. After the show we went to the Clubhouse which is the strip club he owns and the security guy came out, I was standing out in front of the club and he said Vinnie would like to talk with you. I was like WHAT?. So I sat down and Vinnie said I really like your voice and Iím starting this band called NEW FOUND POWER they ended up being DAMAGEPLAN. We hung out and he took me to his house that night and we did a Texas throw down with drinking and strippers. Then he gave me three or four of the DAMAGEPLAN songs which it was like the movie Rockstar. I went home and wrote a good vocal part went to my friendís house and recorded it and then the next day gave it to Vinnie. He liked it, so I went to DimebagĎs house where their studio is and laid down the song "Save Me" which was their first single. But obviously I wasnít on it because they went with Patrick Lachman as their vocalist. I wanted to go a little more southern rock, catchy type songs and then Vinnie called and said I got you an audition with DROWNING POOL. So instead of doing the ANCHORED stuff and have a chance to be part of DROWLING POOL, thatís an honor itself. The reason why I didnít get that gig is because they said I look too much like Dave Williams and sounded too much like him and he just passed away. If it was like three, four or maybe five months later it might have been different. They have a great singer now with Ryan McCombs, who was in SOIL. So than I decided to start ADVENT and the band started off softer than it ended up.

Brian Rademacher: "Dirty In Texas" is your first video off the new ANCHORED album. When you first started rehearsing the new album did you know right off the bat that was going to be the first single?

Brandan Narrell: I always wanted to write a song about Texas because Texas has its own heart. Like New York, New York has its own fold. Geoff Byrd and I wrote it together. He came up with the music. We wrote it in about two or three days. Basically I wrote down all the words that describe Texas in my song book. Once I heard the riffs I knew it was going to be good.

Brian Rademacher: How was the making of the video?

Brandan Narrell: Hot, we did it in July 2009. Any bands out there that want to do a video in July outside in Texas donít do it! We did it in three days, twenty one hour days and the football scene on the field was 122 degrees. Itís basically like being in an oven. We did it to make it look like little things you would do in Texas, obviously not the kidnapping of homeowners, not that part. We have a tailgate party at the end and you have to have tits and ass. Texas has the prettiest chicks in the world. It was a big hot long party.

Brian Rademacher: Whatís that about at the end when you and the cowgirl get knocked to the ground by a security cop?

Brandan Narrell: Actually that was our head of security, so we let him play the cop. Basically we kidnap a couple, we stole the tickets from a little kid that was a scalper. We ran a stop sign and the Dallas cops were chasing us throughout the whole video so they finally catch us and at the end it says to be continued because the next video is going to play off the first video. Itís going to be in three parts.

Brian Rademacher: "Dirty In Texas" is a great anthem song and it should go over well with Cowboy fans.

Brandan Narrell: Itís pretty crazy, the Dallas Stars goalie and me meet out at the Ritz one night and he came to our room and he took (a copy of) it. The next day he called us and said you have five VIP passes to the game tonight and we are going to skate out to "Dirty In Texas" at American Airlines Center and now they play it every game, thatís (twenty) thousand people hearing our song. Before that he had to play it for the whole team and coaches because it had to be one of those things all for one and they loved it.

Brian Rademacher: My favorite track is "We Had Everything". Can you tell me anything about that song?

Brandan Narrell: Yeah basically it is a song about a relationship. Say if youíre in a relationship and they are on drugs or always drunk. Itís all about addiction and they throw everything away just for that.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me your impression about each member of the band?

Brandan Narrell: I hate them allÖ no no, only kidding (laughing). We have a great relationship as a whole. Weíve never even had one fight, which is insane for a band. We are a little older, Iím 32. I would say BG and I are like high school girls on the phone for the past year, Joel and Josh, theyíre from the Dallas area. Josh was in a band called FAKTION and they were on Roadrunner (Records). Joel was in a band called VENTURE. Heís like the little Irish/Scottish tough guy but heís the nicest little shit in the world. Matty is the California boy, the ladies man. All the ladies love Matty. All the girls love to look at his drumstick!

Brian Rademacher: Do you have a favorite song on the album?

Brandan Narrell: Yeah, "Last Night" that will be the second single off the album. Every song on this album is true. "Last Night" is totally something everyone can relate to. Iím sure they go to a bar and see a hot chick. You talk to her all night long, you get drunk and pass out and you wake up and sheís gone or you get so fucked up youíre actually talking to a girl thatís not even there!

Brian Rademacher: So what are your hopes for the new CD?

Brandan Narrell: I just hope people will give us a shot. I hope the CD does well because I have two little girls and I have a family I have to support. Iíve been playing music since I was four and itís not always about money. I want people to love the album for what it is and let me keep doing it. My dream is to chart on Billboard.

Brian Rademacher: I think "Dirty In Texas" could make that happen.

Brandan Narrell: I hope youíre right!

Brian Rademacher: I heard you went camping before this interview.

Brandan Narrell: I was truly dirty in Oklahoma; four days no shower out in the wilderness. I promised my daughters when I was on tour. When I got home I would buy a four wheeler and would take them camping. I didnít know what the hell I just done when I did it!

Brian Rademacher: How did the girls like it?

Brandan Narrell: Basically they just like spending time with their dad. When youíre gone all the time girls just want to be with their dad.

Brian Rademacher: Yeah they come up with some stuff. I have a little girl thatís eleven and I helped her clean her room. I wasnít too happy with having to help her because that was her chore, not mine. But I decided to help her out and I told her this is not my job and Iím not happy with doing this. She turns to me and says Dad Iím happyÖ So I bit and said why are you happy with me having to clean your room with you. She turns and said, Dad because I get to spend quality time with youÖ.

Brandan Narrell: Thatís cute as hell but boy is she smart! Thatís girls for ya. I donít have a son but I do have a Black Lab and he doesnít talk back. The girls can look at you with those Betty Boop eyes. Yeah my daughter wrote something for school when I was on the road. It was who do you admire and itís breaking your heart. I have it here this is what she wrote. Itís funny because her teacher is an ANCHORED fan. This is what she wroteÖ ĎI admire my dad because he is sweet to everyone and is great at his concerts. Heís is a great singer and he gets crazy at the shows, he is so hilarious. It is great to know I have a dad like that. I would like to sing like my dad on stage, he never let me down and thatís why I admire himí.

Brian Rademacher: That can make tears come to your eyes.

Brandan Narrell: They sent that to me two weeks into the tour, why would they do that to me (laughing)! All the guys are looking at me on the bus saying is that a tear in your eye. I said shut up. Iím not sure if I want my girls doing this as a career, itís a hard business and if anyone tells you theyíre an overnight success theyíre full of shit.

Brian Rademacher: How was it giving youíre first autograph?

Brandan Narrell: Every autograph is like giving your first autograph. We believe we have friends and we give everyone an autograph and we donít leave unless everyone is happy.

Brian Rademacher: Brandan I just want to thank you for talking with us today and wish you much success.

Brandan Narrell: I enjoyed it and when we are in your area just contact us for some tickets. Check the new video out and pick up our new CD "Listen To Thisí. Thanks.


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