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Interview with Liv
Sister Sin


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 2010

Brian: First off let me bow down to the new queen of metal Liv of SISTER SINÖ.My god what a great new release, "True Sound Of The Underground" is amazing.

Liv Thank you! Lovely to hear!

Brian: How did you do it? Tons of labels put out new lame-ass releases every week but the new SISTER SIN CD is full on metal. Not one ballad on the CD yet when fans listen to the CD they will be pumped from beginning to the end.

Liv That was very much the thought of the whole album! (Itís) just great head banging music all the way through and no crappy power ballads. Thatís not SISTER SIN. We want the album to hit you in the face and leave a mark! A good mark of course!

Brian: Were you thinking of putting a ballad on the new CD? Oh by the way I was so excited I forgot to congratulate you on "True Sound Of The Underground

Liv Thatís ok and thank you. We are very happy with the album and hope that people will like it as much as we do. Itís a lot of hard work behind it. And no, we didnít have any idea for a ballad and we donít feel like it was necessary. Thatís just not us; we play the music we like and thatís heavy, aggressive rock ní roll. No bullshit!

Brian: To tell you the truth since I got the new CD it hasnít left my CD player yet. I never thought SISTER SIN would ever match one of my favorite songs "On Parole" from the last release but I must have listened to the new track "Outrage" at least a hundred times now. What a phenomenal song. Can you tell me anything about that track since itís my favorite on the disc?

Liv Glad to hear that! Itís my favorite too. It has that catchy thing going in the chorus that just makes that song a single track I think. And it complements the rougher more aggressive part in the verse. It was actually one of the last songs we wrote, but we are very happy we finished it on time!

Brian: So many tracks I love on the new CD "Times Aren't A-Changing", "Nailbiter", and "The Devil I Know". I can keep going on and on. How many tracks were written for this release and tell us the atmosphere in the studio?

Liv Well we didnít have much time to write the songs since we had been touring during the fall so we just took every song we had come up with and brought them to the studio and it turned out pretty well. Working with producer Henrik Edenhed and in studios like Cosmos in Stockholm was amazing. It was very easy and a very friendly atmosphere through the whole ten weeksÖ or was it even more? The time passes fast when you have a blast!

Brian: Were there any restrictions from Victory Records when working on "True Sound Of The Underground"?

Liv No, none at all! They seem to trust us so that feels great!

Brian: Jimmy really stands out on the new release. When working on the tracks was it all intentions to give Jimmy more free range this time around?

Liv Oh no I donít think so, but he and Dave wrote all the new songs so I guess he made himself more noticeable, what do you think ;-)? Well he deserves it, he is truly great!

Brian: When you play out live does it bother you the guys in the audience have sexual thoughts about you?

Liv No, why should it? Sex is so natural. Donít we all have sexual thoughts like every day?

Brian: Youíre coming back to the United States again starting on July 15 in California and working your way across the country to the East Coast. I think this is your second time touring the US. What can fans expect different from your first tour of the US, plus you are in support of MSG this time around?

Liv Well actually itís the third time! We did a tour last fall with FASTER PUSSYCAT and BULLETBOYS. The fans can expect much more energy, new songs of course, and a band that has been locked in a studio for too long and is just yearning to hit the stage again!

Brian: I know you have to be playing "Outrage" but can you tell me any other tracks you might be playing on this tour?

Liv We are gonna do "Sound Of The Underground" and "Better Than Them". Its gonna be a kick-ass set Iíll promise you that!

Brian: What do you do on days youíre not with the band?

Liv I try to work out as much as possible, Iím a true train-o-holic and work as a personal trainer when not on tour.

Brian: Give us a little background on your last tour of the U.S., how hard it is being on the road, what about meals, sleep arrangements, driving from town to town. Did you have a bus or a van? I just want fans to know what it takes to be on the road as an opening act in the U.S.

Liv I can tell itís no glory and glamour (laughing). Itís hard work, not much sleep and long hours in a van (and when it comes to us, we always have had bad luck so every time weīre on tour there is something going wrong, like the van breaks down, air-condition stops working etc., etc.) so yes you really have to love your band and the music to be doing this. I understand why people quit, cuz itís exhausting but I love this so much, the live performance and everything, that I would never want to quit!

Brian: Does SISTER SIN have a rider and if so what is on it?

Liv Not much, some beer and maybe whisky, some light sodas for me. Water and food for everyone and some towels and we are happy ;-)

Brian: When the band is touring the U.S. do they ever have a chance to actually visit a fan or friend at their home?

Liv No, we havenít had time for that, but that would be fun to do sometimes!

Brian: Liv I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out to talk with us and congratulations on the killer new CD "True Sound Of The Underground". Would you like to say anything in closing?

Liv Just bang your head and have a great time!

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