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Interview with Marco Vitali


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: October 2020

BRIAN RADEMACHER: The band started in 2001 can you give us a little background about yourself before that first release in Ibridoma Lady of Darkness in 2005?

MARCO VITALI I began to play guitar when I was 14. At 18 I joined the death metal band Cancrena and at 20 I started to teach guitar and bass in some music schools. I also did classical music studies. In 2007 or 2008 I became the Ibridoma guitarist. I released 3 EP and 5 full length with the band and played more than 350 shows.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: You had 6 releases since that first EP with the latest full length in 2018 City of Ruins. How much has the band grown since that time?

MARCO VITALI There was some problems inside the band during the years, we had to change a bassist and 3 guitar players, but we still are all good friends. The work on each album is a new experience and an incentive to grow.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: What would you say the biggest goal the band achieved?

MARCO VITALI We published a lot of album compared to other Italian metal bands, but I think our greatest goal so far has been to play with some great bands like Manowar, Blaze Bayley and Sabaton.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: City of Ruins came out 3 to 4 years ago are you working on new material at this time?

MARCO VITALI Yes we are composing new songs, five or six are ready and I think the new album will be out next year.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: If you had a chance to tour with a major act who would it be?

MARCO VITALI My favorite band is Megadeth but my dream is to play some gigs with Iron Maiden or Scorpions.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: Do you feel you need a record label anymore at this time with the internet?

MARCO VITALI Yes. A good label, with good contacts, is Always a great help for booking and press office. But I think a band should work hard to improve the label results.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: With the pandemic do you feel the music industry is taking a major step back?

MARCO VITALI Absolutely. Playing live is impossible now, the system is blocked. But anyway digital sales and YouTube views have increased a lot.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: Since there is no live shows, how do you survive during this time?

MARCO VITALI I’ve done a lot of online lessons. The majority of my students love this new (for me) teaching method. In Italy it has never been easy to live with music, Now it’s even more difficult.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: Do you have a secondary job and can you tell us about that?

MARCO VITALI Fortunately I can live with music, I play many different genres with a lot of bands.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: What is a typical day for you?

MARCO VITALI From Monday to Friday I teach in some guitar schools and during the weekend I usually play live. A couple of time for year I’m on tour with Ibridoma.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: How is the music scene where you live?

MARCO VITALI A disaster. There are very few venues to play live and almost no one is interested in original music bands. At the moment club owners and public prefer cover bands.

BRIAN RADEMACHER: If you had one dream come true what would that be?

MARCO VITALI I think it’s being able to work only with my band Ibridoma!

BRIAN RADEMACHER: Marco RockEyez would like to thank you for your time and congratulations on all you have achieved. Would you like to say anything to the fans in ending?

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