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Interview with Chris Laney
Guitar/ Vocals- (Animal/Zan Clan)

Chris Laney

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: October 2007

This is an interview with a good close friend, might be one of the closest friends I have in the music industry and a superstar in my eyes and in the eyes of many others. The guy is a multi-platinum songwriter, producer, engineer, guitar player, vocalist and all around great guy. Chris Laney!!!

Brian Rademacher: Hello Chris and welcome to

Chris Laney: Hey Buddy, Thanx for having me!

Brian Rademacher: The first album you and Piper worked on with RANDY PIPER’S ANIMAL was “Violent New Breed“” which you did with wave files. With the new album you guys actually got together. How much of a difference was it to all physically be in person compared to doing it over the internet?

Chris Laney: To be honest, I was in Cincinatti last time to record the album “Violent New Breed“” but we wrote over the net and we didn’t record all vocals or solos so I had them sent to me via cyberspace too. The cool thing this time is that we sat down Face 2 Face working on the new stuff, writing lyrics, riffs, you know, like it should be done. We also decided one night that we should record a cover song for the album and we all just went mad about it rearranging the track to an ”Animal” track. We had such a good fucking time.

Brian Rademacher: Randy and Rich came over to work on the upcoming release and to play some shows including the Sweden Rock festival. What did it take too prepared for the shows with such short time?

Chris Laney: Prepare???? hahahaha, we had 4 fucking days to nail a 70 minute set!! First two rehearsals we were close to cancelling, but we stuck in there and yeah, We did it!!! We sat at the studio day time, rehearsals night time, some photo sessions, interviews, IT WAS MAD!! I mean, a band going on tour normaly rehearse for weeks and weeks, we had four days including recording session and all the madness promoting us. What really saved us was Grizzly and Johan, the new guys in the band, who made such an amazing job. The 3 of us play in ZAN CLAN and KYSS too, we just can’t do it without each other. So basicly, that makes the rhythm section of the band pretty tight from start. Grizzly & Johan started out as “hired guns” and ended up as full blown members of the band, Piper & Rich loved them!

Chris Laney and Piper

Brian Rademacher: Did you guys have a rider for the Sweden Rock Festival, if so what was on it?

Chris Laney: Probably just: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!

Brian Rademacher: What was it like playing in front of a crowd that size with ANIMAL? You also played a set with ZAN CLAN too right?

Chris Laney: To be honest....It felt just right. Listen to this, we were supposed to open the festival at 3:30pm... 3:25 we’re still in a traffic jam on the way to the festival...We started dressing up from shorts to jeans or whatever more normal clothes we could find in the van, ran up on stage, did a quick line check and then they opened the gates... So like after 5 minutes or so there might have been about 2,000 people who had gotten in, and we were stressed out tuning our stuff, gasping for air... Then BAM, intro on and 4,000 people... When we were about halfway into the set we had the 10,000 people going CRAZY... It was magic, I looked at Pipes who nodded with a smile...You will see all that shit on the DVD. Yeah I did do another show, the day after. we headlined another stage with ZAN CLAN, GREAT show but, the power went out for 20 freakin minutes and we had to complete the set for not as many people... We had around 3,000 at the start and about half of them after the power crash. BTW, Ryan Roxie came up and did a song with us, it was a blast..Funny to see Piper and Lewis drunk as skunks by the Front Of House;)

Brian Rademacher: Getting back to the new album can you give us any information on some titles or name of the album??.

Chris Laney: I can’t give away the Album title yet, but here is the full Track List (Not In Order):
  • Can’t Stop
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Don’t Wanna Die
  • UnNatural High
  • Judgement Day
  • Crying Eagle
  • Shoot To Kill
  • Who Is Next
  • Living On The Edge
  • L.U.S.T.

  • Brian Rademacher: When is the planned release date and where can they pre-order the CD?

    Chris Laney: We just closed a deal to get the Album out (AND THE VNB ONE) in Europe, USA and Asia!!! I know the DVD and a single will be out this fall, the album is planned for November but to be honest, I don’t think I will have it done by then... I’d guess January ’08!!

    Brian Rademacher: You also have a ANIMAL DVD coming out, can you give us some info on that and where can fans buy it?

    Chris Laney Chris Laney: Oh man, this is a treat for all fans, I hope. It started off as a DVD for personal use only... I showed it for the label and they went nuts, showed it for some fans and so did they... So I went back home, got more stuff in there and tried to make an interesting DVD. It is no fuckin 5.1 or Widescreen, this is just a raw in your face rock ’n’ roll handy cam frenzy!! It has the story of ANIMAL 1988-2007 with some never before seen video captions and photos. Rich & Randy tell the story. Then you will be on the road with us, in the rehearsal room, in the studio, at the inteviews, photo shoots and much much more. We want the viewer to feel like a fly on the wall. To top thing we have 8 live videos, The whole Sweden Rock Festival show filmed for private use, but is cool and honest, pure camera bootleg sound hahaha... AND the 1,000 first copies will get A new track and a Live CD to go;) This will also be out in Europe, USA, and Asia.

    Brian Rademacher: : Now is the name of the band RANDY PIPER’S ANIMAL or just ANIMAL?

    Chris Laney: We just say ANIMAL, but the fact is, We are Satans ... no that was the wrong band... We are RANDY PIPER’S ANIMAL.

    Brian Rademacher: Is there also a new studio CD coming from ZAN CLAN, your last release was a great live CD?

    Chris Laney: Thanx man, yes there is a new record in mind, all songs are written but right now I have so much going on in my life you will have to blame me for the delay...
    All I can say is that it is Kickin’ Ass!!

    Brian Rademacher: Now I know your married and have kids, tell me what kind of wildman is Randy?

    Chris Laney: The chicks loves him and... he loves them... Swedes drink ALOT, Piper out does me in a sec hahaha, I give him cred for that!! Also on the dvd...You will see us pretty fucked up at a soundcheck playing the blues hahahaha

    Brian Rademacher: How do you separate being a daddy to being a rockstar and have to play the image?

    Chris Laney: It’s easy, I don’t have an Image, this is me, my kids loves to come to the studio with me, my daughter who’s the oldest (9) has been to a number of shows...You know what impressed her??? NOT playing for 5,000 people... But that I had FREE sodas backstage hahahaha.

    Brian Rademacher: Does Randy ever bring up his days with WASP? Like he would ever do a reunion show or tour?

    Chris Laney: Yes he does, I force him to;) I said to him, If Blackie was the bussiness man he is said to be, why wouldnt he reunite You, Chris and Tony for a world tour doing the first album... He answered... It will never happen. I’d go, so you wouldnt like to? He’d go... It will never happen. So, I guess he knows something I don’t. But as a WASP fan of that era, I’d take a step back and go to these shows;)

    Brian Rademacher: You worked with one of my favorite bands CRASHDÏET; can you tell us how it was working with them and your feelings about Dave Lepard?

    Chris Laney: It all started out by a phone call from Dave, He wanted to play me some stuff and wanted me to produce their demo. He had heard the ZAN CLAN ”Go Go Go” song and loved the sound. So we all met at McDonald’s and I was chocked how “real” these guys were. We made a demo of “Riot In Everyone” and one more, they got a deal AS I PROMISED!!! Hahaha

    Well, later on we became like brothers, we had fights, I quit the job as their producer three times during the ” Rest In Sleaze” album sessions... But hey, I fought them for their own good, and later on they all understood, I was right, they were wrong. Dave and I wrote some songs later on before his passing, and I also jumped in and “produced” their live set that later got released on a DVD, I was so emotional involved in that band, for good and bad... I still love the guys and consider them brothers, I miss Dave, and have close connection with his family and bandmates. The new CRASHDÏET still kicks ass and I think they deserve the best!

    Chris Laney and Piper

    Brian Rademacher: I heard you worked on some of the early demos for the new CRASHDÏET CD which was just released, is that true?

    Chris Laney: Right after Dave’s passing I took the guys under my wings, had ’em do the Rest In Sleaze festival, I took them down to the rehearsal room again, it was a tough time for them. After they met the audience again they kind of got a kick in the ass to move forward. Martin Sweet who now was writing all his emotions out, had tons and tons of new songs, most great stuff. I had them at the studio listening thru all that and gave comments and ideas but I think we only recorded one track... I’m not sure... CRASHDÏET’s new album is something new, I think they needed to get away from the past, including me, to move ahead...and I understand that. I also know we will work together again, we are one hell of a team!!

    Brian Rademacher: You just finished working with CRAZY LIXX can you tell us your experience working with them?

    Chris Laney: (Laughing) Great, great, great band!!I have NEVER worked with a more focused and serious band. From day one they went in there and let me do my thing, trusting me in a way that almost scared me hahaha. They had a goal and I helped them reach it, and let me tell you, this album is nothing but pure greatness, Amazing songs. I really think this is a band to be counted with, they have the whole package!! So ladies and gents, CRAZY LIXX, go get “Loud Minority” ASAP!! I know you can book it thru their webpage

    Brian Rademacher: At present who would you say is the best new band coming up in your part of the world?

    Chris Laney: There is a couple...In the sleaze Kick ass vein I’d say CRASHDÏET and CRAZY LIXX.

    Brian Rademacher: You wrote and sung on a track for ’Hollywood Hairspray 5’ called ”Instinct Animal” How come we don’t get to hear a debut Chris Laney CD?

    Chris Laney Chris Laney: Nah, If my name was bigger, You would have had a CD by now, I would love to do a solo disc but now I focus on my bands and my producing. Can’t do it all with only 24h a day.

    Brian Rademacher: Let’s get in to some stupid questions?

    Chris Laney: I Like Stoopid;)

    Brian Rademacher: What is Chris Laney’s favorite meal?

    Chris Laney: Gambas Al Ajillo.

    Brian Rademacher: What about beer?

    Chris Laney: Miller Lite and Guiness (Heaven And Hell).

    Brian Rademacher: If Chris Laney wasn’t in music what would be doing?

    Chris Laney: I would probably take back my old profession being a chef, I love food. But my wife asked me to start with music coz I was crazy without it.
    So to answer your question: I would drive my wife crazy without music!

    Brian Rademacher: What kind of kid was Chris Laney in his school days?

    Chris Laney: Pretty Shy. But the day I turned 14 I released a single with my band SCRATCH, That made a difference, the other kids started talking to me haha.

    Brian Rademacher: What was the first album you owned?

    Chris Laney: Smurf Hits.”

    Brian Rademacher: What is the thing your parents were the most pissed off at you for?

    Chris Laney: It must have been when I came home drunk at 15, sleeping on my back spitting up in the air getting all greased up in my face... Later crawling puking all over the place, Have I learned my lesson?? No... still the same shit after a night out!

    Chris Laney

    Brian Rademacher: What was the thing they were most proud of you for?

    Chris Laney: When I received my first Swedish Grammy (Grammis).

    Brian Rademacher: If you had a chance to work with a musician that you haven’t yet, who would that be?

    Chris Laney: Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Macca and Jellyfish!

    Brian Rademacher: What is a dream come true for you?

    Chris Laney: Health, Family, Freinds... And to work with all these great people I meet thru my job, I love it and consider my self a lucky son of a bitch to be doing what I am doing. GOD, if you exist, if you could throw in some cash too in this dream come true, my life would be AWESOME!

    Brian Rademacher: Hey Chris, did I miss anything that you want to talk about, if not it’s be fun with this interview and can’t wait for all the new releases comes. Would you like to say anything to the fans?

    Chris Laney: Mail me if you wanna know anything... You find my contacts at
    Love ya all!!
    Brian, Thanx for everything!


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