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Interview with Dave Lepard
(vocals - CrashDïet)



Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: February, 7th 2005

When did the band first start?
Around 2000 with a different line-up, consisting guys from the rock n roll act Sub Vision, 2002 change of guys to the line-up of today.

What was the first band you were in?
A band called Rockway, with my sister back in the good ol' days 85....

Did you record anything?
Yup, some 7 songs with me banging on pots n stuff, I had a snare too it really sounded sumthin else....

When you first started singing and playing guitar what was your dream?
To tour with Skid Row and to play the Tokyo dome...

How did you hook up with the other members of the band?
We had a secret alliance before the split with the other guys so when we broke the bounds there wasn't really any probs get the new lineup together...

Your new CD single is just fantastic "Riot in Everyone." I can't wait for the full length CD, How is the new CD coming along?
We're recording it now as we speak and its gonna be a killer album I think...we're not sure about what songs will fit on the album but it gonna be 10 tracks of total mayhem and churning sleaze...

Can you tell us any tracks on the new CD and when the planned release date is?
Hopefully it will be released mid April, all is set to be recorded 'til the end of Feb.

You also shot a video for "Riot in Everyone" can you tell fans about the shooting of the video?
We had a fuckin' great time shooting that video, the producer Michadelica was such a cool guy and it all went on smoothly with a twist of RIOT...

As growing up what musician, did you admire?
My biggest influence has always been Sebastian Bach...He's the only Marshall mouth there is...

Seems to me that Sweden is the country that is bringing back the best of 80's metal in a new style like CrashDïet. How is the music scene there?
Yes that is true...Sweden is like LA in the 80s and there are a lot of great bands from Sweden, Crucified Barbara, Loud n nasty, Paradice, Darkhaagen, Starlet suicide, and so on...almost every band formed today in Sweden goes with the ozone killer hair-do, The bigger the better...

Can you tell us about your live show?
I guess that it's a energetic shoot to catch us live when we doesn't suck, We're kinda like Hanoi rocks, one nite we're busting balls the other nite we shooting blanks...ha-ha

After the new release will there be a tour? Any plans for US dates?
Yeah i guess we'll hit the road ass soon ass the album is recorded...I dunno anything about a US tour...are you guys ready to go on a CRASHDÏET...

I am going to say some names. Tell us what comes to mind?
CrashDïet - Starvation through regression yielding pain enforcements rebelliousness...or sumthin...

Glam - Sumthin evil, not to be compared to hard rock...

War - Hangover

Church - Michael Sweet... (Stryper)

Fans - SEX SEX SEX...

Family - One big size pizza with no cheese with the boys..

Future - Death jail or rock n roll...



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