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Interview with Danny Rexon
Vocals - (Crazy Lixx)

Crazy Lixx

CRAZY LIXX Danny Rexontalks about the new CD

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher/Joe Morris
Date: November 2007

Brian Rademacher: Hey Danny and welcome to

Danny Rexon: Thanx, always a pleasure.

Brian Rademacher: Your new release “Loud Minority” is phenomenal and it got 5 stars out of 5 on our site, what’s the feeling reading a review like that?

Danny Rexon: Well, we know that we’ve managed to record a good album and both the band and our producer are very happy with the result, but the reviews we’ve got so far, including the one from RockEyez, really surpass our expectations. It’s always great to hear that other people appreciate all the hard work you put in to your music and we just hope that the fans like it as much as you do.

Brian Rademacher: Some of the songs like “Death Row” and “Love On The Run” are songs from your 2003 demo, were they re-mastered for “LM”?

Danny Rexon: >They were re-arranged, re-recorded and re-mastered. The versions on the album are NOT the ones that we recorded as demos all those years ago.


Brian Rademacher: You have many different demos’ released through the years, why did it take so long to put out a full-length CD??

Danny Rexon: Well, first of all it took us a while to get a record deal and when we signed with Swedmetal we made sure that we had the material and the right producer to make the album as good as we possibly could. We wanted our debut album to be something special. That’s one of the reasons why most of the material on the album is brand new. We felt that many of our old songs just weren’t good enough.

Brian Rademacher: Since Sweden is thriving with some of the best bands CRAZY LIXX, CRASHDÏET, BABYLON BOMBS and others… Are you guys all friends or is their a rivalry?

Danny Rexon: We’re friends with both CRASHDÏET and BABYLON BOMBS and I’ve never felt much rivalry from any other band out there. You are of course competing for the same audience but one fan can listen to many bands and we’re not that many bands in Sweden that play this kind of music so it’s not really a problem.

Brian Rademacher: You guys worked on the new CD with one of my best friends in music Chris Laney, what was it like working with Chris and what did he bring to CRAZY LIXX in the studio?

Danny Rexon: Laney is a brilliant musician and a great producer. From the start he pushed us to write new and better material and to make changes in the old songs to make them better. He’s also a great person to work with and I feel that we’re really on the same level when it comes to our view on music. Also he shares our sick sense of humor, which helps when you’re around each other 8-10 hours a day for a month. To sum up, I can easily say that we wouldn’t have that 5 out of 5 in your review if we hadn’t got the help from Laney on this album.

Brian Rademacher: Do you see CRAZY LIXX working with Laney again?

Danny Rexon: We haven’t talked about it but if it’s up to me I’d love to work with him again.

Brian Rademacher: Did you guys record any of the recording process on video and are there any plans for a DVD?

Danny Rexon: We’ve always recorded a lot of video material throughout the years; from gigs, travelling, recording etc. Some of the material is featured in our new video for ‘WANT IT’, our first single from the album. It includes clips from the studio with Chris Laney as well as live shots from Sweden Rock Festival and other cool stuff. Check it out We haven’t thought of a DVD as of yet but it’s possible we’ll release a DVD in the future.

Brian Rademacher: There is not one bad track on the entire CD were there other songs you recorded that could have also made it?

Danny Rexon: We recorded demos for nearly 30 songs and recorded roughly half of them. 11 songs made it to the album and we’ve got a couple left that we’re keeping hidden for the time being. The quality on those songs isn’t worse than the ones on the album, it was more a question of balance that made us choose the ones we did. So they’re not bad song. But don’t worry, they will be released in one way or the other in the future. I can tell you that it’s at least one old (re-recorded) song that was written in our early years and one brand new song.

Brian Rademacher: You just released your video for ‘Want It’ which can be seen on your MySpace, was it fun making the video and will there be another video for the new CD?

Danny Rexon: Since the video is mostly made up of old clips since the beginning of CRAZY LIXX I can say it was very fun to make. We had over 10 hours of video material to go through and pick out the coolest clips. Then we recorded a session with me singing the vocals in a studio as well. We’ve got many ideas for future videos and I sure there will be at least one more video recorded for “Loud Minority”. If it was up to me, I’d do videos for all the songs!

Brian Rademacher: : I went to Youtube and you can see lots of video of CRAZY LIXX, do you mind that bootleg videos and recording are out there and with the new CD and even more fame, more bootlegging will be coming?

Danny Rexon: Well, in these times it’s impossible to prevent bootlegging and illegal downloading etc. But it’s not all bad. If it hadn’t been for the Internet and the possibilities of spreading your music through it I bet RockEyez never would have heard of us in the first place. Same goes for all our fans outside of Sweden.

Brian Rademacher: Are there any new up and coming bands in Sweden you would recommend us to check out?

Danny Rexon: There are a lot of them popping up now. SHARP, BULLETRAIN, HEAT and PRETTY WILD are some of them. PRETTY WILD also includes an Ex-CRAZY LIXX member on guitar.

Brian Rademacher: What is the last CD you listened to besides your own?

Danny Danny Rexon: Hmmm, I’ve got almost all of my music on my computer / mp3-player so I don’t listen that much to CD’s except when I’m driving (car CD-player). I think VIXEN’s “Rev It Up” was on last time I was driving. That’s a good album. =) Oh, and come to think of it I got a pre-listening promo of a band called ACTION from Sweden Rock Magazine. That was the last CD I listened to.

Brian Rademacher: I asked you this question in our interview back in February of this year. I asked what does CRAZY LIXX ask for on your rider: Your answer was “Naked pictures of Bea Arthur” has anything changed since then?

Danny Rexon: Nope, we never get any naked pictures of her so we’re still tryin’ =)

Brian Rademacher: Do you think that CRAZY LIXX will play any dates in the US in 2008?

Danny Rexon: To be honest, no I don’t think so. We’d love to come over and play in the US but it’s an expensive trip for us and I’m not sure there will be time for us during next year. But, if anybody’s interested in booking us in the US, don’t hesitate to contact us. Perhaps we can work something out.

Brian Rademacher: If you supported another band on a US tour, who would you want that be?

Danny Rexon: That would have to some of the great old bands such as MÖTLEY CRÜE, ALICE COOPER or maybe DIO. That’d be nice.

Brian Rademacher: Do you guys have anything special coming up you want fans to know about?

Danny Rexon: Yeah, we have an album coming out on the 15th of November! =)

Brian Rademacher: What would be a dream come true for the band?

Danny Rexon: To make it really big. No point in setting your goals to low, right? What if you reach them, what are you going to dream of next? To play the biggest venues of the world in front of thousands of people and to write immortal songs and rock anthems, that’s a dream come true for us.

Brian Rademacher: What is your favorite pastime?

Danny Rexon: I enjoy playing around on my computer, play guitar and write songs of course. I also play football (or soccer as you say over there), but since I’ve suffered a f***ing broken toe I haven’t played for some weeks now. And I’m limping on stage at the gigs we have had. =)

Brian Rademacher: Hey Danny it was good talking to you and Congrats on the new CD “Loud Minority”, I hope everyone goes out and supports this release its great. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Danny Rexon: I’ll just end this interview like I always do (oh, that rhymes): If you book us, we will come!


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