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Interview with Bill Lindsey
Vocals - (Impaler)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2007

Brian Rademacher: Do you remember the first record you ever owned?

Bill Lindsey: I bought K-tel's “Believe in Music” which had SLADE’s song "Mama Were All Crazee Now" and my life was changed forever. At that moment I knew I had to ROCK!

Brian: How about the first Concert you attended?

Bill: Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare show. I was 13 and my younger brother was 11. It was an alien world walking through the parking lot at Shea Stadium and seeing all the older teenagers’ tailgating, smoking weed and blasting their stereos. It was SO COOL!

Brian: Tell me about the school years of Bill Lindsey ?

Bill Lindsey: Pretty average. I had a small group of friends that I was close to and on friendly terms with most of the others. I played in a band so I mingled with a lot of different people. But I clicked with the real rockers!

Brian: Let’s go back when the first EP “Rise of the Mutants” was released, Which was singled out by Tipper Gore of the PMRC and an album that should be implemented with the warning label. How much did that help the sales of the EP and fame to the band?

Bill Lindsey: I laughed all the way to the bank. It was amazing for a new band starting out. We were lumped in with MÖTLEY CRÜE and TWISTED SISTER!! How great is that!!!

Brian: Do you consider IMPALER like an ALICE COOPER show with a horror movie type theme?

Bill Lindsey: Both Alice and horror flicks are some of our biggest influences. Still are to this day as a matter of fact! Mix in a little Pro Wrestlin' and comic books and there you go! IMPALER!!

Brian: Does it cost more money to put on a show than you actually make?

Bill Lindsey: No, but it costs more to do what we do than an average rock band. To me it's worth every penny. We thrive on giving people a show they will remember. Then we feel truly valid.

Brian: Do you feel that bands like W.A.S.P. and others have taken some of the IMPALER antics for their stage show?

Bill Lindsey: No, I love W.A.S.P. and I think Blackie and I have a lot of the same types of influences like ALICE COOPER. I think we are more influenced by George Romero and zombie movies than W.A.S.P. ever was. They had more of an L.A. vibe and feel and we are more of a stitched together in a lab kind of band.

Brian: Have any big music stars ever played with IMPALER on stage?

Bill Lindsey: No, I don't think I know any!!!

Brian: What is the biggest highlight of your music career?

Bill Lindsey: Just the fact that I've been able to create my own songs, release albums and have a great live show. That was my dream as a kid and I feel like I did that. If I had looked into a crystal ball when I was 14 or 15 years old and saw what transpired I would have shit my pants with glee!

Brian: Is liver one of your favorite meals?

Bill Lindsey: I'm not crazy about it when it's cooked let alone RAW!!!

Brian: Have you ever been approached to work in a movie beside the IMPALER movies?

Bill Lindsey: Well, we had our album in the movie ‘Trick or Treat’! That was cool! I'd love to appear in a movie! Like the ‘Munsters meet the Monkees’, that would RULE!

Brian: Tell us a little about the DVD House Band at the Funeral Parlor?

Bill Lindsey: A great show from 1st Ave from 2003, plus one of our first shows that was every video taped. Back in the day it was rare for people to have video cameras and that was probably our sixth show! So that is a cool piece of our history.

Brian: I see by watching the DVD you are a big collector of music and horror memorabilia. What is your prize possession in your collection?

Bill Lindsey: I love my Universal monster model kits by Aurora plus my KISS Mega dolls are cool too.

Brian: Have you ever thought about, if you past away what you would want to look like in the coffin?

Bill Lindsey: Probably pretty damn natural!

Brian: hat is your favorite song you play live?

Bill Lindsey: That's a tough question...Probably “Shock Rock” or “Blood Bath” I really love all the tunes in our set.

Brian: What is the biggest crowd IMPALER played for?

Bill Lindsey: Well, last December we played with TWISTED SISTER in a HUGE club here in Minnesota and I guess there were between 2000-3000 people there. Plus some of the Metal Fests have tons of people there as well.

Brian: Does each member of IMPALER do their own make-up?

Bill Lindsey: Yeah, each person does their own thing. If we do a cover shot for a CD or DVD I have Mark Lopez our make up guru do the honors on those.

Brian: Does your wife think it’s time to give up on IMPALER?

Bill Lindsey: No, she is very supportive and I LOVE her for it.

Brian: Seems like the band is really fan friendly. I mean I would say I talked with you only about two years ago and since then you sent me Christmas cards, gifts and also answered e-mails. Tell me a little about the rapport with fans?

Bill Lindsey: Well you are not shit without your fans. We have a lot in common with our fans because they seem to be into the same types of things as we are...horror, comics, punk, metal, Halloween, so we have a common ground with our fans.

Brian: Bill thanks for the great interview

Bill Lindsey: No problem you’re a friend.


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