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Interview with John .S. Rieg AKA Johnny Knollwood (Vocals), Sid Rivers (Bass), John Glass (Drums)
KNOLLWOOD Kids, Prodigy or Young Stars

John .S. Rieg AKA Johnny Knollwood, Sid Rivers, John Glass

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hey guys, So when did the band start?

Johnny Knollwood: A few years ago it was on motherís day John Glass and I started just fooling around, heís been playing drums for awhile and I just started playing guitar, KNOLLWOOD actually started in Sept 2008 and Syid just recently joined the band. Our first show was a battle for the bands in Little Falls which we came in second place.

Brian Rademacher: So how was the judging in that show?

Johnny Knollwood: It was basically the local favorite won that. I really donít like audience reaction because if youíre not playing in your area you basically donít have a chance to win.

Brian Rademacher: So youíre all going to school?

Johnny Knollwood: Yeah school is extremely important to us and we try our best.

Brian Rademacher: Was there anyone from school that wanted to get in the band?

Johnny Knollwood: Yeah there were a couple but we didnít think they were right for the band at all.

Sid Rivers: Thatís where I came in, I was in another band but they werenít doing anything at the time, and I can play bass, guitar and drums. So I told them I could play bass and see how it works out, I also do vocals.

Brian Rademacher: Did you ever think about adding another guitarist?

Johnny Knollwood: We thought about adding a rhythm guitarist because I play lead and sing, but Iím not really into the idea.

Brian Rademacher: If you had to compare the band to any band out there right now who would you?

Johnny Knollwood: Weíre very IRON MIDEN, VAN HALEN-ish. But my favorite band is RUSH.

John Glass: My favorite band is KISS.

Sid Rivers: I have a totally different direction in music then them but I can play their style. I listen to ALTER BRIDGE, UNDEROATH and stuff like that. Every once in awhile I will listen to the MISFITS and get into them.

Johnny Knollwood: I like CRADLE OF FILTH, Dani rules

Brian Rademacher: Did you first learn guitar before singing?

Johnny Knollwood: I started playing guitar first, because my father plays guitar and he taught me everything I know. Heís a huge influence on me.

John Glass: I started playing a little bit a drums and my father plays the drums and bought me my first kit and taught me everything also.

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel the drummer is the hardest working member of a band?

Johnny Knollwood: You know what they call a drummer right? A guy who hangs out with musicians. (laughing)

John Glass: Yeah I work hard at getting better each day.

Brian Rademacher: Do you have any material out right now?

John Glass: All we have out right now is a CD recording from a live show.

Johnny Knollwood: We are working on a demo now.

Brian Rademacher: I guess dad will be funding it, (we all look at dad and start laughing)

JKís Dad: Yeah I will fund it.

Brian Rademacher: How many songs will the demo have?

Johnny Knollwood: Most likely four or five songs. We would like to put one cover on there. I would say "Black Diamond" by KISS. We did that at a talent show at our school. The first show we ever played though was in my backyard on Memorial Day weekend in 2005.

JKís Dad: Actually it was a moving party for my sister and brother in-law because they were moving to Florida and John was only playing like a month. He would just strum along because he didnít know how to form a chord yet. It was amazing just to have the courage to get up there in front of everybody and do it.

John Glass: We did like AC/DC covers.

Johnny Knollwood: Then we started to do more complex stuff.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me a little about your background Sid?

Sid Rivers: I have a huge taste in music; I will go from the darkest music to hard rock. I like ALTER BRIDGE and SLIPKNOT. I started playing guitar two years ago and Iím pretty proud of where I am now. I taught myself scales and it took a lot of practice. I wanted to learn everything myself then just copy a song from GUNS N ROSES.

Brian Rademacher: What was the last CD you listened to?

Johnny Knollwood: We listened to Dioís last CD coming here and PRIEST before that.

Brian Rademacher: What about your upbringing in music John Rieg .

Johnny Knollwood: I grew up around music. My dad was always playing it. I started listening to RUSH and then I started getting into more virtuoso stuff like Vai who is my favorite guitar player. I also like Satriani. Then I would go back to the vintage stuff like METALLICA, RUSH and QUEEN. QUEEN is one of my favorite bands.

John Glass: My taste is basically the same as the rest of them. I grew up around classic rock. My dad always listened to classic rock and I picked up on that.

Brian Rademacher: What was the first concert you attended?

Sid Rivers: I havenít been to many shows and my friends laugh, But my first actual concert was MAYHEM that passed last summer and I saw UNDEROATH and DRAGONFORCE who werenít that good to be honest. DISTRUBED and SLIPKNOT was amazing.

Johnny Knollwood: I went to the warped tour in 2007 and stood for fifteen straight hours and didnít eat for twelve. It was pretty rough. I went to see THE WHO which was my very first concert. On my birthday in 2004 I got RUSH tickets and THE WHO tickets, both those shows were incredible.

John Glass: My first show was Bruce Springsteen, I saw him at Giant Stadium I think I was six years old. Then I saw JUDAS PRIEST and HEAVEN & HELL.

Brian Rademacher: So what would you like to achieve in KNOLLWOOD?

Johnny Knollwood: We would like to try and innovate the classic side of hard rock and metal with a modern feel. We want to show talent in our band and not just scream and crap like that.

Brian Rademacher: Do people ever give you the attitude saying ah these are just a bunch of kids what can they do. I thought that when I saw SCHOOL OF ROCK and they kicked my ass.

Johnny Knollwood: I guess thatís peopleís first impression and once we get on stage we blow them away.

Brian Rademacher: What was your best experience in music so far?

Johnny Knollwood: I would say playing with Steve Brown of TRIXTER, but our biggest audience was at our school. The most enjoyable show we played was at Dingbatz with a bunch of our friends coming.

Brian Rademacher: You know you never know who is in the audience when you play and the impression you can get from someone. I was at a show at Dingbatz for LOWBUZ who were a great band and the other band I wasnít even there to see and they were amazing. I was told the guitarist was amazing and you know friends of the band will tell you that. But I went to the show and this other band blew me away they were called UNTIL DESTINY and the guitarist is the next guitar God named Robert Katrihk. So when youíre up there you gotta play your hearts out.

Brian Rademacher: If you had a chance to open for any band in Jersey at your next show, who would that be?

Johnny Knollwood: I guess it would be DANZIG because they are from our area. Joe Lynn Turner would be cool.

Brian Rademacher: What was the last CD you picked up?

Sid Rivers: UNDEROATH "Lost In The Sound Of Separation"

Johnny Knollwood: TWISTED SISTER "Live At The Astoria" which was great.


Brian Rademacher: Do you read books?

Sid Rivers: not really

Johnny Knollwood: I just read a book called "A Tribute To Another Dead Rockstar", it was ok.

Brian Rademacher: What are your feelings about your parents?

Sid Rivers: I love my dad and my grandmom, sheís like my mom, raise me good. They are the most important people in my life. Without them I couldnít feel the emotion in the music I play. I am very thankful for them. My dad supports me totally.

Johnny Knollwood: My parents mean everything to me; they brought me into this world.

John Glass: I love my parent and they do a lot for me. They are ok with me going into music but try to watch me in going down the wrong path.

Brian Rademacher: If you can change anything in this world, what would it be?

Sid Rivers: I would get rid of all the weapons in this world. No terrorist acts and bombs.

Johnny Knollwood: I wouldnít change anything, everything happens for a reason

Sid Rivers: Where did you take that out of a bible (laughing).

John Glass: I would change a lot of things

Brian Rademacher: If you had a dream band to play alongside of you who would that be?

Sid Rivers: It wouldnít be any other person because I love these guys (laughing). Singer I would have Chad Gray MUDVAYNE, George Lynch Guitar, Vinny Paul PANTERA and me playing bass.

Johnny Knollwood: it would be Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan or Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart.

John Glass: KISS

Brian Rademacher: How did you come up with the name KNOLLWOOD?

John Glass: Actually itís the name of the street we live on.

Brian Rademacher: Anything else youíd like to say? Johnny Knollwood : March 29th we are headlining Dingbatz, we are going on tour in the summer with a band called STAY FOR TOMRROW and we want to start recording.

Brian Rademacher: I just wanted to thank you guys for coming over?

Johnny Knollwood: Thanks for inviting us and please come check us out live at Dingbatz March 29th. Thanks


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