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Interview with Timo Kotipelto
Vocals (Stratovarius, Kotipelto)

Timo Kotipelto

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher

Date: February 19th, 2005


Timo, thanks for the reply and it is a real honor for me to do this interview with you.

Your latest release *Coldness* is just amazing. How long did it take to record?
I composed the songs at the end of 2002 - May 2003, we rehearsed with the band in Sep 2003, and I wrote the lyrics during that autumn. The actual recordings took place somewhere Sep 2003-Jan 2004. It took something like 3 or 4 months. Mike recorded his guitars in New Jersey, and we Finns did our parts here in Helsinki.

Can you tell us any stories when you were in the studio recording?
Well, it was a little bit difficult process to put it all together since we used 4 different studios. So I can't tell you any enjoyable or funny stories about the actual recordings. But when some of the guys and me were listening to the mastered version of the album at my place and drinking... then the fun started. And few hours later Janne (keys) broke his ankle...

Was there a reason for you to reform with Stratovarius?
No comments about Stratovarius at this point. The interviews concerning that will follow later. I hope you understand.

When can we expect the new Stratovarius CD?
The record label has not settled the release date yet.

Can you tell us any of the new songs titles and the name of the new Stratovarius release?
No comments.

How will the new CD be any different from past Stratovarius releases?
Same thing... :)

You mention on your site that you will still do a solo European tour. Will you also tour with Stratovarius?
I will start my own European tour March 18th from Madrid ( Spain ) and end it in Athens ( Greece ) April 9th. I can't really tell you anything else about Stratovarius touring except that we agreed to do ProgPower in Atlanta , GA and we are planning to do some touring.

Will there be US Dates included if you tour? (We would love to see you)
At the moment nope. Would be cool though!

How do you compare your solo work to Stratovarius?
My music is more straightforward. And probably more 80´s heavy metal orientated.

Do you plan on another Solo CD?
I will probably do the third one at some point. I don't have any certain plans. First, I have to compose some songs and at the moment I don't have anything ready.

How does it feel being compared with a Superstar like Bon Scott?
Who did compare me to the legend? He was Mr. Rock star!

If you had a chance to sing along side another singer who would that be?
Probably some of my idols: Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson, Joe Lynn Turner ...
Females... hmmm... I just love the voice of Sarah Brightman.

Tell me whom you admire by these words. Not including your band members:
Vocalist: Ronnie James Dio , Geoff Tate , Bruce Dickinson , Joe Lynn Turner...

Guitar player: Mike Romeo, Alexi Laiho, Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert

Bass player: Billy Sheehan

Drummer: Ian Paice, Cozy Powell

Keyboard player: Mikko Harkin

Favorite Band of the 80's: Iron Maiden

Favorite Woman in Metal: Lita Ford

What was the last CD you listen to: Wingdom – “Reality” (comes out this spring on my High and Loud label...)

Timo, I just want to thank you once again. I have to tell you. I never heard a Stratovarius CD before. The first time I heard your voice was on the Coldness CD that was given to me by Century Media. It was a true pleasure to hear a great voice as yours. I hope you tour the US. Thanks again!

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