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Interview with Lee Pistolero
Gypsy Pistoleros

Lee Pistolero

Lee Pistolero real life Rockers GYPSY PISTOLEROS

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hey Lee and welcome to Ever since we became friends back about two years ago and we met up last year in-person at Rocklahoma you guys have been non- stop. You guys are the closest thing to the real rock ní roll animal in a true sense, when do you ever have some down time?

Lee Pistolero : Hi hermano! Never, its 24/7! Our home lives (Iggie & me )are even more fukked up.

Brian Rademacher: When we first heard GYPSY PISTOLEROS when you sent us "WILD, BEAUTIFUL, DAMNED! " back in 2007 that blew me away and that got five stars on our site, everything you released since than just kept getting better. Even Tracci Guns quoted you guys are one of the best Rock n Roll groups to come out of the U.K for years!" How does that make you feel that everyone loves the PISTOLEROS?

Lee Pistolero : Unworthy!! We havenít done a thing yet! The new album ĎWelcome to the Hotel de la Muerte!í will be the first Major Worldwide label backed release! This is an exclusive song title list, only coz we love ya Bri! "Hotel de la Muerte", "Walk through the Shadows", "Son Ilusiones" ( Total Spanish) , "Living down with the Gypsies" an 8 min 20sec EPIC ( Fukkin great )ballad, "Sangre de las Rosas", -Plus new versions of "Pistolero", "Bandido, Ay Que Dolor", "Para Siempre", "Living la Vida Loca", & "Shotgun Kiss".

Brian Rademacher: ĎPara Siempreí came out in 2008 and once again 5 Stars across the board and included a cover of Ricky Martinís "Liviní La Vida Loco" was there other songs you wanted to do besides that one?

Lee Pistolero : I wanted to do "Stand & Deliver" ADAM & THE ANTS ! Plus some GYPSY KINGS songs. Big rows, I lost!

Brian Rademacher: Now you were at Rocklahoma 2007 and 2008 and once again you will be back in 2009. Tell us what is so special about that event?

Lee Pistolero : It was our U.S debut, thanks to a pissed up Tracci Guns promise. Weíre a new band, but we love the 80ís genre! We are sorta under the radar & accepted in it. I think weíre a punky GYPSY KINGS or a fukked up HANOI ROCKS on a Spanish package Holiday.

Brian Rademacher: Do you sleep at all during those 4 or 5 days because no matter where I turned last year I saw a PISTOLERO?

Lee Pistolero : Only when we pass out! We stayed at the Hilton Gardens Hotel (Airport), I slept there twice in 6 days?? I woke up in the campsite nearly every morning. We just love the people & the whole ROK vibe, every minute we can spend wrapped up in it is special.

Brian Rademacher: Do they treat the artists well there?

Lee Pistolero : Amazingly well! Itís not just the treatment of artists; itís the crowd reaction to you that is very special!

Brian Rademacher: I think I saw you more in the audience then on stage and this year you are playing the main stage. Do you feel that is because you are signed or that you guys are huge now?

Lee Pistolero : We passed on the Victory Records deal for a better deal!! Last year we had the biggest side stage crowd of any band at ROK, more than a lot of the main stage bands. We are ROKís baby, their bands in the U.S. Made by the people & of the people!

Brian Rademacher: Your new mini CD "Welcome to the Hotel de la Muerte! " comes out in June, accompanied by the live album "Live for one night only at The Titty Twister, Mexico! ' Ten live tracks will be featured. Can you tell us anything about the new mini CD and the live release?

Lee Pistolero : All changed! New deal, new everything! We have scrapped one whole album, and then we were approached by a Major!! Signing news released next week the album is out Worldwide in October! We are busting our butt to release the 5 new tracks on a mini album special for Rocklahoma! It was a stipulation of the new deal that we insisted upon! We record 8th till June 21st!! So we gotta nail it!

Brian Rademacher: Tell us about the cover art by Jo Burgon (L.A Guns, Wednesday 13, Metallica)?

Lee Pistolero : She rocks, a fukkin great artist! A friend who has been with us from the start. Candymachineart -Check her art out, a talented lady, now tattoo artist!!! So special it hurts!

Brian Rademacher: Tell us about the women on the road?

Lee Pistolero : Love em! What goes on, on the road, stays on the road! You know that bro! Ask Tracci about our gig with them in London (Underworld) Unfukkinbelievable! & if he tells you, never print it!

Brian Rademacher: When The GYPSYís play on the road what are some of the things you have on your ride?

Lee Pistolero : Drink, cigarettes, laffs & stupidity.

Brian Rademacher: When Lee goes back home to the UK what do you do?

Lee Pistolero : Abuse audiences; try to pretend to be a normal human?? & fail!

Brian Rademacher: What is the thing that pisses Lee Pistolero off?

Lee Pistolero : Agendas! RGW, bullshit! Two faced fukkers, jealousy. Corporate twats who think they are the shit, with some power over you!! Fukk off!!!! Once a punk, always a PUNK.

Brian Rademacher: What band did you have the most fun on the road with and why?

Lee Pistolero : Tracciís L.A Guns!!! A real fukked up family on U.K & European Tour, weíre back out with them in the U.K & Europe late Summer!!

Brian Rademacher: Does Lee have any children or do you plan on starting a family at some point?

Lee Pistolero : 3 cool kids, 1 boy 9 & twin girls 8. Divine fukkin retribution!!!

Brian Rademacher: Does Lee collect anything, if so what is his prize collectible?

Lee Pistolero : Nothing bro, I lose everything!! Both material & non material! Hey, what ya really got , but ya memories when you really look back on it all!

Brian Rademacher: Where do you think you go when you pass away?

Lee Pistolero : The End! But then, your little saplings carry that fire!

Brian Rademacher: What can fans expect from GYPSY PISTOLEROS at Rocklahoma?

Lee Pistolero : Everything, heart, soul, we play every gig like itís the last! But this YearÖ. I think we need to blow the fukk out of some of those iconic bands on the main stage & prove that there is a new dawn!!! A new regime!! & WE WILL!

Brian Rademacher: Hey Lee itís been great once again would you like to say anyhing in conclusion?

Lee Pistolero : Love you bro!! Youíve been there since the beginning & we appreciate that! Its gonna be interesting once the big $$$ is behind us! You know us Bri, kick me in the nuts if I ever think Iím too fukked or too tired to talk, laugh, & party with the real people that matter!


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