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Interview with Martin Sweet
Guitar - (CRASHDÏET)


CRASHDÏET lives on with Martin Sweet

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher/Joe Morris
Date: November 2007

Brian Rademacher: Hey Martin and welcome to

First congratulations on the new release, it’s amazing.

How has it been working with Ollie? He is from Finland and Peter, Eric and you are from Sweden. Has this caused any problems when you have to practice, write and record together? How do you work everything out?

Martin Sweet: We’ve found a good way to work together even though he doesn’t live in Sweden. We actually become more professional when he comes over, because then we have a full week of hard work in the studio and at the same time we can do a lot of promotion. It’s more fun when you have the whole week booked than spreading every thing out then we become bored with all the time off and we start to get wasted * laughs*

Brian Rademacher: When can we expect to finally seeing CRASHDÏET play here in the United States?

Martin Sweet: Sometime next year, I can’t really tell you more at this point. We’re touring pretty much for the next year to come.

Brian Rademacher: Have any bands approached CRASHDÏET to be a supporting act for a US tour?

Martin Sweet: Sure, there are some bands, but it really has to be the right band, for us to pull it off since the record company and CRASHDÏET have to pay for the opening slot. It’s fucked up but it’s the truth. So we can’t just jump into any open slot just like that.


Brian Rademacher: Will there be any bonus tracks released that were recorded during the “Unattractive Revolution” sessions that didn't make it onto the album??

Martin Sweet: Yes, there is one song that was recorded during the T.U.R sessions that didn’t make it on the European release and we’re planning on using it for sure!

Brian Rademacher: Does it amaze you that CRASHDÏET is really not a household name in the States, yet you can get a guy like Mick Mars to work with you on the new album?

Martin Sweet: Yes, it’s really weird, but cool as hell! I mean if MÖTLEY CRÜE announces the collaboration on their website it must be some kind of interest in us.

Brian Rademacher: Was there anyone else that wanted to work with you for the new album?

Martin Sweet: Yes, Chris Laney wanted to produce it but we kinda wanted to try someone new. Although Chris is a close and very dear friend he’s the best. This is only our second album so far, if you know what I mean.

Brian Rademacher: How did you like working with Mick Mars from MÖTLEY CRÜE and did you write and record any more songs with him other than the two that made it onto the “Unattractive Revolution”? I heard you had originally written three songs together.

Martin Sweet: It was a dream come true, and it’s still kinda unreal when I think about it. But he was really cool with me and we got along fine. He’s got his aggressive riff style that I love and is a great influence on me. And yes there was a third song that is kinda unfinished which I don’t know what to do with right now.

Brian Rademacher: How has the overall sound of the band changed with you now being the only guitar player?

Martin Sweet: It has some how become heavier and I don’t really know why *laughs* I think it has to do with the guitar tuning down a step. We did that on “Rest in Sleaze” too but not on every song. So this makes the album more solid and heavy. Since it’s a one man guitar album the riffs are stripped down as I’ve always liked it. You know like “Riot” and “Breakin”, simple, basic and raw.

Brian Rademacher: When you were working on demos for the “Unattractive Revolution” album did Chris Laney help out at all?

Martin Sweet: We actually recorded some of the early demos is his studio, before we became CRASHDÏET again. This was when we were still in shock and very confused after Dave’s death and Chris invited us to his studio to kinda cheer us up a bit and we are forever thankful for that! I love that man!

Brian Rademacher: Why did you decide to go with another producer?

Martin Sweet: We wanted to try something new with a new producer with a complete different background. We wanted to put a modern touch to the sleaze, you know and not so retro sounding. So we found this guy called Patrik Frisk who mostly did Swedish pop *laughs*. But we clicked right away and we had a blast doing the album with him. And then we had Kevin Churko (Ozzy, Britney, Celine Dion etc) who mixed the album and gave the final touch to it.

Brian Rademacher: Would you ever consider adding a second guitarist?”?

Martin Sweet: Nope, we wanna be a four-piece.

Brian Rademacher: Can you please explain why two weeks before the album was released and the fall 2007 tour already booked that there was a post on Blabbermouth that Ollie had notified the band that he no longer wanted to be the new singer and had left CRASHDÏET ? Was this just a false rumor or was there some truth and the rest of the band and Universal Records had to talk him into staying?

Martin Sweet: Well, there is some amount of truth in it. But it’s like a relationship with a girlfriend. Sometimes things move forward too fast and you panic and try to pull the brakes. Sometimes it takes a break-up to make the relationship better! But the strange part is how it leaked out. I mean we solved the issues (which were basically only partial issues) pretty much the day after, but by then, it had somehow already leaked. But it’s nice to see that people care and that is a good feeling.

Brian Rademacher: You have written over 30 new songs in the past year and a half. There were a few songs like “Screaming It Out” and “Our Moment” that didn't make it onto the new album. Do you have any plans to record and release them in the future??

CrashDiet Martin Sweet: I’ve written over 40 songs and I’m sure some of them will be useful in the future. We’re done some collaboration with a Swedish band called GEMINI FIVE with whom I shared some of the old demos.

Brian Rademacher: What is going to happen with all the demo songs that were recorded with Dave Lepard that never made it onto “RIS”? Will there be a tribute album released one day with these songs included?

Martin Sweet: Yes that is the plan, but right now we’re focusing on making CRASHDÏET a household name. And when we’re big enough we will definitely release a tribute. That way, more people will discover the genius that Mr. Lepard was.

Brian Rademacher: From the last album until now what were you doing besides writing material, you had to have some kind of income coming in?

Martin Sweet: We all had to work extra hours to be able to stay alive. But you know, the more songs you write, the less you have to work at an ordinary job.

Brian Rademacher: I’m looking at the new CD and looking at the pictures of Eric, is he really a zombie?

Martin Sweet: Yes, he died but he is still in the band *laughs*

Brian Rademacher: I do love the concept of the pictures that CRASHDÏET is pumping with life once again. Who came up with that?

Martin Sweet: It started out as a joke. We had this silly idea of what the future would look like when we rehearsed. And we came up with a kind of “Cyber-sleaze” concept of just plugging your arm into a computer with an USB wire so that we can just sit in our own corner and drool for a few weeks until we’re ready for the tour. But who knows, that might be the truth in 2020 *laughs*

Brian Rademacher: Martin, I would like to thank you for personally thanking myself and our staff at RockEyez on “Unattractive Revolution” and if you do come to the States expect our full staff up in front cheering you on. Would you like to say anything in ending?

Martin Sweet: Thanx man and thank you! We WILL hit the states this time, I guarantee that!

Cheerz //SWEET


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