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Interview with
Markus Allen Christopher
(Vocals - Miss Crazy)

Markus Allen Christopher - Miss Crazy

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: February 26th, 2006

So when did the band first start, and did you go by a different name?
No, we always had that name, we all did musical things, and we kind of got together on a demo that we did. Just for the hell of it.

Who came up with the name Miss Crazy?
Kim Racer, our bass player, actually came up with that. We called her that jokingly a couple times.

How did you all meet?
We have known each other randomly through other musicians and friends around town.

What was the first band you were in and at what age?
It was called Malicious Five. We did a demo which remains to never come out hopefully. I was about twenty-four at the time.

Have you been in any other band that recorded material?

What was the first concert you attended and first record you bought?
The first album I bought was “Back in Black” at Tower records. The first concert was “For Those About Rock” tour AC/DC.

Have you always lived in San Francisco?

What kind of kid were you growing up and in high school?
I was one of those kids that liked to stay at home playing with Star Wars figures, build little forts for them. I still create little models. I like horror films and I’m really into Kiss and collecting Kiss things. I stayed out of that jock scene I was more into the arts, hanging out with the musicians.

Who decided Miss Crazy would wear make-up?
I kind of came up with the idea. I like the mysterious side of it and it creates a mystery to the band instead of being just a typical band. It electrifies the music more and brings a point why where playing this music instead of playing music like Linkin Park or newer bands that are playing the corporate style music. It’s not a bad thing at all, you take it anyway you can. We play what we want to play and play music like bands that seem to stand the test of time.

Are all the members in the band the original band members?
Miss Crazy, yes absolutely.

What it was like at your first rehearsal together?
It was weird because we kept screwing up ha-ha. We were trying to figure out how we were going to do it. It was fun and we’re getting it now, getting our set together, and feeling good.

Who writes the music and lyrics?
I write most of the lyric. Our producer Ronnie Borchert (Trixie) collaborated on a few tracks with us and helped us create the sound we wanted.

Who plays the leads BB or Manfred?
Both actually, Manfred does the majority.

Are you ever photographed without the make-up?
No and we don’t plan on being photographed without it.

What was the first song written for the debut CD?
“Life’s Been Good” was the first song.

How long was this debut in the making?
Not very long, the album was finished up about three months ago. We had the songs written and we laid them down within a week.

Were any of the original titles for the songs changed?
I’m not sure. They are pretty much the same.

Were there any songs that you left off the CD?
Yes. Two tracks. I believe one of them will be a bonus track for a European release and the other will be a Japanese release with a different bonus tracks. One of the songs we don’t even have a name for yet because we are still working on it in the studio. The other is called “My Way.”

What do the oriental characters mean on the front cover?
It’s the letter ‘M’ and ‘C’ for Miss Crazy.

Does each member portrait a different character?
No. It just helps brings out the members own personality character on stage.

Tell us a little bit about “No Compromise” that is a killer song?
Well the intro “Oh We Oh” I came up with that, we changed it a little from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ We like the chants leading up to the song.

Did you think that “You’re Blue” was too much like “Nobody’s Fool” by Cinderella?
You like that. It wasn’t intentional but it was so funny afterwards. When you write a ballad style song, it’s hard to break away from that song because it such a great clique rock ballad. If anything, it’s a compliment because those guys were around when we were younger and we just admire them so much.

The band really has that AC/DC feel but the guitar work is a higher pitched sounds. Is that what all the band members wanted, that hard crunching sound with screaming guitar?
We came in wanting that power and chords and structure to the band. We love AC/DC and Brian Johnson is my hero and Steve Whitman and Joe Elliot. Elliot on “High N Dry” and “Pyromania” that energy… and “Back in Black” and “Highway to Hell”, “Those About to Rock” that kind of stuff we want that feeling. AC/DC and Kiss those guys are in their fifties and packing arenas, some things never die and if we want to emulate anything or anybody we want to come out with that kind of energy.

We just can’t come out, write some rock tunes, and sing bla bla, bla, that’s why when you throw in the make-up on, and you give the fans the mystique and character of it and you throw in the music, it almost doesn’t matter what the music is in a way. But we chose not to be some kind of band that comes out screaming, or trying to be weird, and doing what these new bands are doing. We wanted to go back to what we believed in as kids and knowing what was right to us. It obvious something was right with AC/DC, something was right with Kiss, and there was really no question we knew we were going to play it for real.

I complement you on that CD and our partner Stickman Radio loves the CD also.
Thank you so much we need more people like you. Wonderful, wonderful!!!

What is your favorite track on the CD?
I’m into “Billie” lately and “Hide Island” is really nice. “No Compromise” might be my favorite. They’re all really fun songs. When we chose what we wanted to do on the record. We went through it to make sure there were no songs we were really bored with when we played it. We also wanted all the songs to have that single feel to it with that big chorus and sing-a-longs. The CD is the kind of CD that if have an hour to drive somewhere you want to put that thing in twice and get there quicker.

Will you be doing a video?
We’re looking in to it. We want to see how the record does first and what kind of budget we have.

How did you go about getting signed to Metal Mayhem?
The four-song demo we did was given to Ryan Northrop the president of Metal Mayhem Records. Then he approached Ronnie about producing us. We met, discussed things and listened to some of the things Ronnie did and some of the bands he worked with plus the production he could give us, and it was like two peas in a pod after it was done.

Did you sign for one or more albums?
We did a one-album deal for now.

Have you played out live yet?
No we haven’t but we are definitely looking forward to it. We will probably do a hand full of shows before we play Crüefest.

What about some shows on the East Coast?
I would love to. It has to be something to think about. We just need to get the fans out there. Myspace really helped out; in three months we have over 19,000 people networking with us. Fans all over the world are helping us. The album has only been out three weeks. I would like nothing more than touring this whole nation.

What are your expectations for the band?
I would like to be the next Kiss with AC/DC influences in it, the next hard rock big thing when bands like AC/DC and Kiss are getting tired and older. They are not going to be around forever… nothing against them, because those guys are our heroes…if we can get a tour with them that would be great. I want all the rock fans to know we are going to around for many years and many albums to come out.

Do you have material yet for a second album?
Oh yeah, I have three albums written. When that time comes, we will see what happens.

Does or will any other members get to sing lead?
I don’t see that happening. Not that I wouldn’t be open to that. I just don’t see anyone wanting to go there (laughing).

If you decide to have a dream stage show, what would it be like?
It would be a cross between the 1980 AC/DC stage set meets Kiss Destroyer stage set.

What are your impressions of the band?
I am just grateful and happy to have them. To have someone to appreciate the style of music and want to be part of something, putting on the make-up and be part of the mystique and the whole thing that comes with it. The response from our fan base has been so great for each member. You start to find out these people are important and it just not one member. Kim our bass player who is a girl is a big part of the band and Manny with his great guitar playing.

How come you do not have an official site?
No we don’t have one yet. Myspace is so much bigger than a website so we have been going with that.

Do you have any future plans?
We like to see how the record does then hook up with a tour.

Markus it has been great talking with you. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?
Yeah, we really appreciate all the fan support. Tell everyone about us and let all your friends know. Buy our new CD causing a great underground fan support. We realize we can only become the next big thing and we can only do it with the fans. One thing we won’t do that other bands do is shy away from our fans. Once bands get any kind of success, they tend to shy away from their fans. If we get any kind of success we will still be really close to our fans, and we want to hear from them. So let everyone go to check our band out and let us hear from you. Brian it’s been great buddy, have a great day. © 2005 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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