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Interview with Kim Racer
(Bass - Miss Crazy)

Kim Racer

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 30th, 2006

Kim how is everything going today?
Lazy and a little bit hung over.

So how does it feel having a band named after you?
Good. Our name isn't ONLY me; a lot has to do with Markus' own experiences. But yes, people have called me Miss Crazy.

Can we start with what nationality you are?
I’m Canadian. My ethnicity is as follows: Welsh, French, Irish, Scottish, English and half Chinese.

You were born in Canada and moved to the States. Was that a family move?
Yeah it was a family move.

What kind of person were you growing up?Kim Racer
I did a lot of extra curricular activities. Piano, jazz band (trombone) and chamber wind ensemble. I wasn't allowed to hang out with my friends that much. I did some karate and judo, Ballet and gymnastics, and this thing called Acro-Roping where you do gymnastics while you skip rope (Ha-ha).

How about in school?
I did fairly well in school. That is until I hit junior high.

Are there any bands you recommend us to check out from the club scene in SF?
There are a lot of emo bands in SF right now, so no. I don’t know of any.

What was the first record you bought?
(Laughing) That’s really embarrassing. It was Ace of Base “I Saw the Sign”. I’m a little younger then Markus and the band so I might be showing my age. They had two or three hits but faded away.

How about the first concert you attended?
That was Green Day on the Insomniac Tour.

Why did you pick the bass?
I have always loved bass. My dad bought me this JVC boom box stereo when I was 5; it had a little button at the bottom that said "hyper bass sound". I was always amazed at the huge difference that the button made. I loved listening to the bass sound. Two years ago I got the opportunity to start learning how to play bass. I picked it up and never let go.

So was Miss Crazy the first band you were in?
No. I have been in a couple of bands but it never panned out. The first band I was in was actually a country band that didn’t have a name. It was like this fifty-year-old Harley dude and his buddy. We played at a local restaurant in town.

So Miss Crazy is the first band you were in that recorded material?
Yes it is.

Did you audition for Miss Crazy?
I already knew the guys in the band.

Did you want to sing lead vocals? Kim Racer
No, no, no. That is not my personality at all. Markus does a really job of that.

What song is your favorite on Miss Crazy at this time?
“So Long,” Definitely.

Tell us what it was like the first time the band got together to rehearse?
It was actually awesome. We all get along really well with our personalities. We work well together; no fighting or arguing at all. It was exciting!!!

What is your occupation beside Miss Crazy?
I’m a bartender / cocktail waitress.

Do you feel in time fans will want another member to sing lead vocals?
I think Markus will always be the front person for Miss Crazy. But I am not sure what’s to come. Markus is always open to new ideas so you never know. He is really cool with new things.

I noticed that you changed your make-up from just painted white face to a line going down your the eyes. Do you or the band going to experiment with the make-up?
I was really not pleased with how the pictures for the original album sleeve came out. On a random picture I have, there was a piece of hair in my eyes and I liked how that looked. So I drew it in on the last photos, I hope it adds something to the makeup.

What member takes charge in the band?
Markus shaped almost everything for Miss Crazy. He plays various instruments and he has the experiences and focus to guide us in the right direction.

Tell me your feelings about DT.
We’re close and make a good team as far as the rhythm section.

What about Markus is he your man?
Markus is awesome he is something else.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable being the only woman in the band?
Oh no. I have three younger brothers. I was kind of a tomboy.

Do those guys protect you or can you handle yourself?
Sure. I am sure if I can’t hold my own I’m sure they will step up. There have not been any situations that they had to yet.

What does you family think of all this? Kim Racer
It’s kind of funny you ask that. It was my Mom who always encouraged me to play piano when I was younger. I didn’t like it a lot. But now that I have projects to take care of she is having me entice my younger brothers to learn piano or violin a little more. But my step-dad really likes Miss Crazy and I am a little surprised with that. He can't wait until we play Cruefest. My younger brothers are into Miss Crazy. We are waiting to print a wall-sized poster of Miss Crazy to put up in my parents' house.

Do you have input in writing the lyrics or music?
Not too much with the lyrics but a little with the music, not a lot. It’s easier for me to work with what is being played.

When picking a bass out what do you look for?
Appearance,(laughing) I just drag someone I know with me and have them tell me if it good enough.

If a young person asked you for advice on being a musician, what would you tell them?
Never stop learning!! That was always taught to me.

You will be playing Cruefest this year. What are your feelings about that show?
I am excited and nervous as shit!!! We're going to give them a show.

Does Kim Racer collect anything?
No. I have a lot of clothes but I don't "collect" them; they kind of accumulate. When I was younger I collected nail polish; that is the only thing you could buy with a couple bucks that was going to last you a long time. I have about 140 bottles.

What band that you heard made your mind up to go into music?
Smashing Pumpkins because D'arcy Wretzky is a girl and she plays the bass also Sean Yseult and Kim Gordon. I listen to a lot of Radiohead also.

What is a typical day for Kim Racer?
Sleeping!!! I work a night job. I wake up, play bass a little, eat and try to clean my room and practice. I don’t go out that much because I'm working in the clubs and bars Thursday thru Saturday.

Do you have a boyfriend at this time, its Markus isn’t it?
Ah I can’t tell you. (Laughing) I don’t know if Markus wants me to say if I am involved with anyone or not.

Ok you don’t have to tell I know already.
Shewwww... Can we hold off for that question for now?

Kim we appreciate you taking time out to talk with us. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?
Yeah. Thank you to everybody for listening. Thanks to MySpace, Tom Fox, Dave Lepori and John Lilly over at Live Nation (formerly Bill Graham Presents). Pretty much keep listening and Rock On!!! And see you at Cruefest. Thank you very much Brian. © 2005 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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