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Interview with Bobby Williamson
(Keyboards - Outworld)

Bobby Williamson - Outworld


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 29th, 2005


Hello Bobby and thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Let’s start with some early year questions.

What was the first album you bought?
White Lion
“Fight to Survive”

What was the first concert you attended?
Van Halen in 1984.

What song sticks in your head, still today when you were a young kid?
Yngwie Malmsteen, “I am a Viking”

Did you collect anything as a child?
Beer cans.

What kind of kid were you in school?
Well, I never got in trouble, because I rarely got caught. LOL

What CD do you currently have in your player?
Beyond Twilight, “Section X”

Were you in any bands before OUTWORLD and did you release anything?
Yes, I’m on Rusty Cooley’s instrumental CD.

Also, I contacted OUTWORLD on an answer I received in an interview I did with Lars from the band Manticora. I asked him what new band he would recommend for me to check out. OUTWORLD was one of the two bands he gave. Tell me why do you think he said that?
Well Rusty has gained quite a bit of fame over the last couple of years. Rusty has his instrumental CD out plus all kinds of guitar instruction CD ROMS….from these you can see Rusty is incredible on guitar, so that shows a bit what OUTWORLD consists of. Also Kelly is gaining fame as well since he did the vocals on the new Beyond Twilight release. Aside from all that, I suppose Lars loves our songs on the demo we sent him!

Was OUTWORLD the original name for the band and how did you come up with it?
Yes it was the original. Basically OUTWORLD to us is a place of escape. To get out of the claustrophobia that exists in this world. If you go to you can see our CD cover art depicting what the name OUTWORLD is all about.

With so many Power Metal bands out there what makes OUTWORLD different than others?
We like to use Kelly’s vocal versatility in our music. We’ll do heavy riffs and Kelly growls, and then we’ll do not-so-heavy riffs and he’ll sing clean and clear. So we like to cover it all! Each of our songs has a distinct identity of it’s own….we try to make them all stand out. I’m having a hard time figuring out why we are different. Then again, I suppose if I did figure it out then maybe we wouldn’t be all that different!

I have listened to some of the tracks on the upcoming release. My favorite track was “City of the Dead”. Can you tell us anything about the lyrics and music behind this song?
It’s about a greedy character, a man on a journey through the desert to visit the tombs of Egypt and steal the treasures. Through the lyrics you learn about this man’s passions and his greed. When he finally reaches the tombs, he finds to his dismay that a Pharaoh is awaiting him. In the middle of the song you can hear the Pharaoh talking to this man telling him what a fool he is to even try to take away the treasures… he doesn’t listen and ultimately he becomes part of the rest of the souls that had previously also tried to steal the treasures!

Can you tell us about the recording of the new CD? How long it took, any cool studio stories and so on?
I’m in a session right now as a matter of fact, I’m just taking a break to check my email, and like magic there was this interview! Ha-ha-ha. Rusty is recording his guitars at Spyder Studio as I type this letter. As soon as I finish this interview I’m going back to record keyboards. We should be done in 2 weeks with everything.

Were there any songs that did not make the CD?
Nope, they all made it. But there will be 2 bonus tunes, one for Japan and for the USA I think. We’ll see!

When is the CD release date?
October of this year (2005).

I have not seen what the cover looks like. Can you tell us?
(Go to...)

What was you favorite track to record?
I think it’s gonna be the one we use for the video... you’ll have to wait and see... he-he-heh.

Who are some of your favorite keyboard players?
Mine are Greg Giuffria (Angel), Matt Guillory, Kevin Codfert!

You were invited to play this year’s pre show at the Prog festival in Atlanta in The USA this year. How exciting is that?
That’s gonna be great. I’ve been to every single ProgPower USA since it’s inception… it’s always amazing to be there… and now that we are playing the preshow, I’m totally stoked!

Will you be doing others shows after that?
Yes hopefully a European tour.

After the CD is released what are the future plans for the band?
Touring, writing more material. And then taking a break! LOL

What equipment are you using?
Korg, Alesis, Kurzweil!

Can you tell us what can fans expect to see going to see OUTWORLD?
Something different, something outrageous.

Who would you compare Kelly Carpenter's voice to?
Well some people say Mark Boals and Jeff Scott Soto.

If you had a chance to go out on tour with another band in support. Who would that band be?
Anyone that has a big following! Angra, Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Killswitch Engage, Nevermore!

When you go out on tour, what do you ask as your rider (i.e. - what you would want in your dressing room)?
Just the basics, we are easy! Is toilet paper too much to ask? LOL

I am going to mention a few words. Tell us what comes to mind.

Intromental – Great management and promotion

Passion – That’s us

Contract – signed!

Fans – We are looking for new ones!

God – Without God we have nothing

Women – Aren’t they fun?

Favorite – Music is ProgPower Metal

A day off – fuck I need one

Band Member – no more band members!

OUTWORLD - I wanna escape to….

Family – Comes first right?

Bobby, we would like to thank you for the time we spent with you. Would you like to say anything in conclusion to our interview?
Thank you so much for this opportunity. Maybe we’ll see you in New York on tour who knows! Please come visit OUTWORLD’s website at we hope to see you on the forum!

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