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Interview with Piggy
(Guitar - Wednesday 13 / Piggy D. & The Evacuation Plan)


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 9th, 2006

How's it going today Piggy?
Good thank you.

Do you remember the name of first guitar you got as a kid?
Of course, it was a black Peavey tracer. It was so hot! It had a reverse headstock too. I saw Al Pitrelli play with Alice Cooper and he had a Kramer that was really similar. That moment I decided what kind of guitar I should get. It wasn't a Kramer but it looked the same. I still looked cool, which is really all that matters. I couldn't play for shit.Piggy

Did you take lesson?
I had to. Right after I got it, the High School marching band season ended. I played the trumpet when I marched, but wanted to audition to play guitar in the Jazz band that was starting. I took some lessons on Jazz real quick and got the gig.

Do you feel your Texan roots have an influence on your music still today?
Absolutely!!! Texas radio alone will influence anyone. The older I get the more ZZ Top and Joe Walsh records I buy. There is also lots of country here. I grew up listening to my parents playing Johnny Cash and Buck Owens. We use to watch Hee-Haw. That was a country themed variety show on Saturday nights that had the best of the best of country music. That really shaped me as a player I think. It at least affected what I can appreciate as a musician.

What was Piggy like in his youth?
Quiet really, stayed inside a lot. I had a lot of art supplies and homemade musical instruments. Wasn't really a trouble maker until later. I always remember liking girls though. Even at a young age. I still do!

How about in high school?
Again I was kind of quiet, but slowly started raising hell before I graduated. Got into bands and started playing out even regionally touring before I graduated. Missed some school for gigs and that did not go over well. Never got arrested or anything just went against the grain a bit.

Do you remember the first record you owned?
Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison”.

How about the first record you bought?
It was a 45. "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor....ha-ha!

What was the first concert you attended?
Neil Diamond - Headed for the Future tour...’84 I think? Some drunken lady puked on our seats and me and my dad got moved to the front row. It ruled!

What band made the biggest impact on your music in your earlier years and why did they?
There were two really. The first time I saw Megadeth play in 1991. I got real serious about playing guitar. Dave Mustaine blew my mind when I saw him play, he still does. I had a guitar for a year or so, but wasn't real serious yet. But like I said before, the first time I saw Alice Cooper in 1989, I knew the music business was where I wanted to end up. Thanks Alice!!!!!! ha-ha!

I guess you would say the first real band you were in was Spunk - a hardcore punk band. Did you record anything with them and tell us a little bit about your time in that band?
They were the first band I was in that had their shit together. They could actually play out of the city and do alright. They made records and had somewhat of a name. I was only in the band for a few months then I got fired. They asked me and the drummer Davey, who was then my drummer in The She Demons to come back a few years later and make a record, so we did. The record "Texas" is one of my favorite recordings I have played on. It’s hard to find these days, but pretty cool.

You also mention Kurt Cobain on your site. Did his death have an impact on you?
Not really no. Not his music. I was a fan of Nirvana, but I was shocked when he died. It was a hard lesson that just because you’re famous doesn't mean you’re immortal or immune to pain. He died on the day I played my first show with Spunk in Dallas TX. I remember pulling into the club and seeing the news on TV. It was weird to see someone who was a contemporary artist to me die. All I had known up until that point was about rock stars and death was Lennon, Hendrix, and Eric Carr, No one that was a voice of my generation.

Now for the next band The She-Demons. They sounded like something I would go see; you must have been a spectacle with a glam shocker rock theme. Tell me about this band?Piggy
God what a cluster-fuck! Ha-ha, but a lot of fun. We were so dysfunctional it’s amazing we were together for about five years. We progressed a lot in that time. So much in fact I think I'm to blame for its demise. I wanted to do more honest music and got tired of the shock-rock elements. When you name the band The She Demons you are limited in what people will be buying from you. We were all pretty tight as people but fought a lot. We fought the good fight in Houston for longer than most. Wearing dresses and playing monster punk in the south is a good way to get run out of town. We did though.

You went on to play with Prong for a short stint. How was that?
I wasn't in Prong. I was Tommy Victors bitch! I was his roadie for a bit. It helped get me back in the business when I had kind of retired from it. It opened a lot of doors for me and is how I met the Amen guys, who at the time were my favorite band.

Amen was fairly successful. Tell us a little bit about you time in them?
It was a great experience; it helped get me where I am. That’s it.

So how did you finally meet and end up playing with Wednesday 13 from the Murderdolls?
Amen went on before the Muderdolls at the Donnington Festival one year. We ran late and then made them late. I went to find W13 after the gig and apologized. We hit it off and got to be friends.

Tell us some of the wild experiences in Wednesday 13?! Ha-ha. Not for young ears and eyes. No really, it’s been really cool for the most part, a great experience and a really good time.

You will still continue with Wednesday 13 right?
If time permits, yes.

I see in your spare time you paint and draw. Are your works available for purchase?
No, not yet. I'm not so confident with it. I've done it my whole life but never for sale… maybe someday. I don’t believe on keeping stuff forever anymore. I'd rather share it or pass it on.

What are you favorite things to paint?
I painted flowers and landscapes for a while, good practice. Mostly weird creatures and abstract stuff these days.

Tell us about your new solo band Piggy D & The Evacuation Plan? Is it in the same vein as Wednesday 13?
No, it’s nothing like it. It’s just stripped down dirty American rock. It’s real honest music for me. Every song is about someone or something that has happened to me in the last few years. It's unlike anything I've ever done.

What kind of stage show do you have?Piggy
Very simple, a band, some lights and a lot of rock! What else do you need?

I have listened to the track “Mr. Anxiety” and it is fantastic. Great chorus and catchy lyrics is the rest of the CD in that same style?
Kinda, yeah. Its upbeat, its moody, its heavy, its slow, its country, its punk. It's a lot like me, brutally honest and confused.

How long did it take to record?
The demos were done in 2 months. As for the record, I’ll let ya know when its done.

Tell us a little bit about the upcoming CD Piggy D & The Evacuation Plan?
Again it’s a real honest account of the last few years of my life. Some songs are literally pages form a diary. Some of it will be a bit of a shock to people who think they know me. It’s a lot more diverse musically as well. All different styles of music, there is actually enough songs for 2 records right now. I'll have to get it down to at least 12 or so. I don’t want to put anyone asleep!

You also own a merchandise company called BATATUDE. Tell us about that. How you started it and where it's located and some history on how to go about owning a store?
There is no store, maybe down the road. Batatude was created to be a label name for some clothing ideas I had. Some of it was made last year, unfortunately there was little money to market it and it was not run right. I'll try the whole thing again when i have more time, after this record is done. There are lots of ideas just not enough time to try em all.

With all the projects you have, what time do you have to concentrate on one project?
I'm all over the place. It’s amazing I get anything done. You have to budget your time, kinda like money.

On tour can you tell us one of the wildest times you had?
Oh no, not that question again. You can wait and read my biography with the other five people who give a crap! really, I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you. I can’t go to jail; I've got a sweet ass.

When you are going to get a new guitar, what do you look for?
Originality, it's gotta look like it’s wanted by the FBI for some unmentionable crimes. It’s also usually black.

If a young guitarist asked your advice on how to make himself known in music, what would you tell him?
That’s a tough one; it's a different biz these days. I would say to be yourself. Let people know who you really are. Don’t follow the trends, just do what you do, the best you can. There is only one you.

Describe a day for Piggy?Piggy
Coffee. Email. Phones..... Nap. Coffee, email phones....... write music. Coffee. sleep. email. sleep.

Is Piggy a family man?
Ya right? Anyone who marries me needs their head checked! Ha-ha! No, but I do enjoy being home.

Do you have any views about the current states of The United States?
It looks like a nice place to visit on T.V.

What is your view of President Bush?
I voted for Kerry.

What do you see for the future of Piggy?
I love and hate what I do. I wish it was easier to just go out and rock, but no, there is so much red tape involved in everything. If the bullshit and dishonesty of this business doesn't drive me out, I’ll be around and rockin' till I'm 90. It’s hard to say at this point.

Piggy it has been a great pleasure in speaking with you and I wish success for the new release and your future plans. Would you like to say anything to our readers and your fans in closing?
Thanks for still giving a crap. I'll be around as long you want me, and then I'll bug ya a little more. Keep the lights on for me, I'm coming home! © 2005 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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