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Interview with Rob Love

Rob Love

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hey Rob and welcome to Man if I could only live in Sweden… all that great music and your part of it! If you weren’t playing music what would you be doing instead?

Rob Love: Hi there! Well to be honest, I have no other interests other than playing guitar, so I guess I wouldn’t do anything!

Brian Rademacher: You played in ZAN CLAN, also took part in the new ANIMAL CD, your friends with Chris Laney and you have a new CD on the way with DYNAZTY… is there anything you can’t do?

Rob Love: Ha-ha! Yeah, There’s been a lot going on lately. Recently I also started playing with "Chris Laney's" solo project. But hey! If you love what you are doing, there’s no limit for what you can do!

Brian Rademacher: With all the recording you did who was the most fun playing with and why?

Rob Love: I must say the guys from DYNAZTY, and off course Chris Laney. We really had a lot of fun, laughs and beers during the recording and writing of the album!

Brian Rademacher: Were you friends with the boys in CRASHDÏET? And if so what was your feelings when Dave past away?

Rob Love: We didn't know them personally, but we all think it's very sad that Dave passed away.

Brian Rademacher: Now in DYNAZTY, Nils Molin wasn’t the original singer. Who was and why was he replaced?

Rob Love: Actually, Nils is the original singer. When we first started DYNAZTY, we didn't have a lead singer so we had some auditions with different vocalists. The first two gigs we did were with two different singers: Riley Wikked and Swan from the band BLACKRAIN but they were just temporary singers for different reasons. We found Nils through MySpace, and asked him to try out for us. And it was a perfect match! So he moved down to Stockholm to start writing songs and rehearse with us.

Brian Rademacher: How many songs were written for the upcoming DYNAZTY CD and can you tell us about some of the tracks?

Rob Love: Well It's hard to tell exactly how many songs we wrote for this album, but it is somewhere around twenty. The CD contains everything from pure heavy metal songs to sensitive ballads and blasting party hits! It' just like the CD we've always wanted to hear, but never found. So we recorded it ourselves instead!

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel eventually the music coming out of Sweden will reach the American shores?

Rob Love: Yeah, I really hope so. And I think the rock scene all over the world is starting to grow bigger and bigger, and especially in Sweden there's new rock/metal bands popping up all the time. . So I think it's just a matter of time before a few of these bands will hit the shores of America!

Brian Rademacher: We recently had SISTER SIN and we have CRAZY LIXX coming in for "Rock Gone Wild." Why aren’t others making their way to US Shores?

Rob Love: I think it's all about management and promotion. We in DYNAZTY would absolutely love to tour America!

Brian Rademacher: Were there any special guests on the DYNAZTY CD?

Rob Love: No. We had a few options on special guests, but we decided to make this one all on our own! Just to make it sound exactly as we wanted it to.

Brian Rademacher: Tell us a little about the youth of Rob Love?

Rob Love: When I was very young, from what I heard from my mother, I could never sit still. I always ran away as fast as I could, or jumped out of the child carrier as soon as I got the opportunity. So I guess I wasn't the easiest kid to raise. When I was four, I decided that I wanted to be a rock star after hearing the Swedish band "SHABOOM" on the radio with their hit "R.O.C.K" and at the age of eight, I started to take lessons for classical guitar and did that for a few years before I got an electric guitar. That’s when I really started to love playing. As soon as the school was out for the day, I ran home as fast as I could and just sat there for hours just playing to bands like and DEEP PURPLE and AC/DC. And that carried on for several years...

Brian Rademacher: I read you eat all kinds of meat, what was the most exotic meat you ever eaten?

Rob Love: I don’t know actually. But the most disgusting food I've ever eaten was when I was in Greece and got an invitation to try their local specialty that was some kind of sea creature living on the cliffs under water. What they did was that they took these little blobs and cracked them in two, threw their intestines in a bowl and ate it raw like a soup. I took one tiny spoon and then puked.

Brian Rademacher: Is there any word on a new ZAN CLAN release?

Rob Love: Well, we have three songs for a new album already recorded, so maybe someday we'll make a new album. But I can't promise you anything since the band is pretty much on hold right now.

Brian Rademacher: What is the wildest thing that ever happened to you on stage?

Rob Love: Hard to say… I always get so much adrenaline while entering the stage that it's hard to remember a specific happening on stage. Or could it have something to do with alcohol? =) But the biggest blooper I've done was when I forgot to plug in the guitar while entering the stage at the Sweden Rock festival with ZAN CLAN.. Hopefully no one noticed...

Brian Rademacher: Since you took part in all these projects what was it like working in each of the following bands in the studio recording, ZAN CLAN, ANIMAL, and DYNAZTY?

Rob Love: With ZAN CLAN everything went smooth during the recordings. The one thing I thought was a bit unusual was that me and Chris started by recording guitars, Then Zinny added his Vocals, after that Grizzly added his bass and lastly Koleberg recorded his drums. Normally you would do the opposite, but it worked out great anyway! With ANIMAL I wasn't there during the whole recording process, I just came by the studio one day and had a few beers with them and recorded a solo. With DYNAZTY I think we all felt a bit worried about the fact that we had just ten days to record the whole album since none of us ever recorded a full length album before. But everyone in DYNAZTY did a terrific job and we were ahead of schedule most of the time. We really had a lot of fun recording this album and we are really looking forward to release the CD and go out and tour!

Brian Rademacher: What new bands that are coming up in Sweden besides the ones you’re in should we check out?

Rob Love: There is one metal band called "DE VAN " from Stockholm that I can recommend, they have an absolutely stunning lead guitarist called Mike and a really good singer.

Brian Rademacher: Who is the person in music that gave you the best advice and what was it?

Rob Love: Hard to tell, there’s been so much good advice through the years. But here are two very important advices: 1: Always practice slow 2: use your ears instead of your eyes while playing.

Brian Rademacher: What is a typical day for Rob Love?

Rob Love:

  • 8:00am wakening up tired as hell and start to consider calling in sick from work.
  • 8:15am brush my teeth and decide to go to work anyway.
  • 8.30am-3pm cursing the fact that I went to work.
  • 4:00 pm working out
  • 5 pm-11-pm playing guitar, or rehearsing with my band.
  • (And off course, a few beers here and there! =)

Brian Rademacher: If you had one dream come true, what would that be?

Rob Love: I have so many dreams that I want to come true, but one of them is to make it BIG with DYNAZTY and tour the world!

Brian Rademacher: Who would you compare you guitar playing too?

Rob Love: Hard to tell, but I take much of my inspiration from guitarists like Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kee Marcello, John Norum and Fredrik Akesson. So I guess somewhere in between them=)

Brian Rademacher: What will be the next project you will be working on?

Rob Love: Making DYNAZTY the emperor of the world!!

Brian Rademacher: Well Rob thanks for your time, would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Rob Love:Never let anything come between you and your dreams! Thank you!


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