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Interview with Sabina Classen
Vocals - (Holy Moses)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2007

Sabina Classen: Hello Brian, this is Sabina from HOLY MOSES in Germany. Rademacher, that sounds real German to me, do you speak German?

Brian Rademacher: A little bit. Before HOLY MOSES, can you tell us the very first garage band you were in?

Sabina: Yes, I was 14 when I started up with all this shit and the first band was called DISASTER, but I was not the singer I was the bass player.

Brian: Tell us a little about the youth of Sabina, your school years?

Sabina: When I was young I always wanted to do something special. So I started to play soccer and in Germany it wasnít popular for girls to play soccer. One year I went to school in the US and played soccer in New Jersey at a soccer camp. The soccer camp during the same time Franz Beckenbauer and Pele were icons; that was a really great time. This is about 1978/79. I also was working at the radio station called Radio Luxemburg in Germany. At the age of 14, it was good because on one hand I was interviewing top soccer stars and on the other hand I got to interview people like ROD STEWART and ABBA, but it was too boring for me and I started to get interested in the metal scene. I started to listen to BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, and JIMI HENDRIX and I found myself in a band.

Brian: Yeah ROD STEWART was just here recently in NJ to see a game at Giants Stadium.

Sabina: I would love to go to Giants Stadium again. I have old pictures from when I was there. For me it was something special to be at Giants Stadium, it was so huge. In Germany when you go to see a soccer game everything is normal. In the US during half time you get a show and I remember they had Mickey Mouse on the field, it was great (laughing)!

Brian: What was the first record you ever owned?

Sabina: Oh my god. My uncle had a record which I stole and I totally wore it out, it was a BEATLES record. The first one I bought was because this guy had long hair but really ugly.

Brian: How about the first concert you ever attended?

Sabina: It was ABBA in Sweden with my radio show. I was 14 and two days later I saw PINK FLOYDís ďThe WallĒ tour.

Brian: Tell me one of the worst things you ever did that your parents were not happy with?

Sabina: I was not a bad kid, but the worst thing I would say is joining HOLY MOSES and they were not happy because they wanted a nice girl. ( laughing)

Brian: HOLY MOSES released ďBlack Metal MastersĒ demo in 1980. How many copies did you make?

Sabina: I really donít know. All our friends wanted the tape and all we asked, if they came to us with a blank cassette and we would record it for them for no money. Officially, we never sold it but we did copy a few hundred. When we played we use to record the show on a little cassette and at the end of the show we would have fans come with blank cassettes and we would tape the show for them right at the table. We would tell fans we are going to make the tapes look more professional in a few weeks and they would meet us at the coffee shop and make a cover for it on a copy machine and we would only charge them ten cents which was the cost of the copy. That was a great deal, you canít make a living from it but it was fair (laughing).

Brian: Is it a true story that when you were first rehearsing in a basement of a church in the early days of HOLY MOSES, you were thrown out because you turned the crucifixes upside down?

Sabina: That is really true. It sounds like a promotion gimmick, but itís not. We had a fan club at the time which put out a newsletter about the band. They talked critically about religion; our home town is a really catholic part of Germany and they put them in jail for releasing the newsletter. In a short time they were freed, but it was sacred.

Brian: Tell us about X-Mas Project 1985.

Sabina: This was 1985/86 and it was just a bunch of crazy German musicians just doing something on Christmas. It was not a band.

Brian: When HOLY MOSES disbanded in 1992 and you moved onto TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD in 1993, tell us why the split?

Sabina: We were still doing things together. I got tired of other band members because they tried to change the band in a more hardcore direction. I felt we had nothing to change, we created our own style and other members wanted to look into the future and change our music. So the four of five years of silence with HOLY MOSES I worked with TEMPLE, but I always wanted to continue and now I found new members who want to do it with me and we re-issued some CDís and we have a new future as HOLY MOSES.

Brian: Tell us a little about when you were a TV presenter on the 'Mosh' programmer?

Sabina: It was the first German metal TV show on a major channel. After two years they couldnít get advertising, so they stopped the show. We have no Headbangers Ball; we havenít had a metal show on TV in Germany for twenty years now. We have a small rock special on MTV here but all they play is shit like COLDPLAY, not metal.

Brian: Do you feel metal is coming back?

Sabina: People are really coming back to the metal now, and here in Europe we are finally over that nu-metal crap. Look when you have the Wacken open air festival with 60,000 heavy metal fans coming, you know we are on our way back.

Brian: Are you still a label manager for Armageddon?

Sabina: Yes! We just signed a band called DRONE who was the battle of the band winners for Wacken. The label is doing very very well and we just signed MICHAEL SCHENKER.

Brian: In the US, Kayos Productions is promoting the re-issue of ďQueen of SiamĒ? How are they doing and have you worked with Carol Kaye in the past?

Sabina: We never worked with them before, they are promoting us through Locomotive and I only know the girls their by e-mail. Everything is going well and we are getting a lot of new fans and they are bringing in a lot of fans from MySpace. We should have a new album by the end of the year and should be coming to the US for our first tour.

Brian: Do you keep in touch with Doro?

Sabina: Yes I just heard from her just a few days ago, because we had an offer to do a festival together with her. I talk to her about every two weeks. She is great, I love her.

Brian: Tell us about Geiselwind Open Air "Battle of Metal 2007"?

Sabina: I am looking forward to playing there: we donít like to play too many festivals in one year. So, since we are not doing Wacken this year we are playing Geiselwind since they have a great bill and next year we will play Wacken again. Geiselwind is well known in the U.S because it is surrounded by a lot of army solider and stations.

Brian: Tell us about the Official HOLY MOSES BloodBound Fan Club?

Sabina: The fan club is crazy, we have clubs now in Turkey and I know it sounds funny for people in the U.S but we have a fan club in Iran, and in the U.S, Spain and other countries. They all have a leader and they are working so hard to make the fan club successful. They all work together and we all get on skype on the weekends and I get on there and give them firsthand news.

Brian: You started your own Youtube site, tell me about that

Sabina: It is great, it has helped us out with bringing in new fans and fans that never saw us live. It is great for promotion.

Brian: Are you working on anything now?

Sabina: Yes we are working on a DVD documentary with over 200 minutes and we are in the studio working on the new CD and figuring on a title. I get about 800 e-mails a day and have to check in with the fan clubs with information. Itís like a 24-hour working day.

Brian: What are your feelings about the current state of the world?

Sabina: That is a really hard question. I am really not a political person but for me there is too much war on this fucking earth. For me I understand war for gain and fucking religion is always the cause and it makes me in fear a bit. If we had all one religion like metal we would all live in peace.

Brian: Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Sabina: Yes, I would like to thank you for the interview. I would like to thank everyone in the states for supporting me for the last 25 years. I promise you we will play in the United States before the end of next year.


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