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Interview with Slowpanic Sweethearts
Love Utterstrom (singer) / Oscar Sundbaum (drums)

Slowpanic Sweethearts


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 10th, 2005


When did the band start, and did, you go by a different band name?
: The band started around the spring of 2004 and released our first Demo EP that summer as Slowpanic Sweethearts.

How did the band come up with the name Slowpanic SWEETHEARTS?
: I have no clue; I guess we wanted a name like Trashcan Darlings, New York Dolls, that kind of thing.

Who does the writing for the band?
: mostly it’s Oggy and Ukke but me and Victor gets our voices heard if it’s something we would like to change or add.

How does he come up with the lyrics?
: Oggy is very, very, very drunk and mumbles out some words that I put to paper.
Oggy : The lyrics I write are based on stuff that directly involves me or the people around me.

Your songs are basic but catchy. Do you try to write material that will reach airplay?
: We never try to write a direct radio hit, we just like it basic and catchy. Most of our songs are built the same way 60’s pop songs are, we just try to keep it simple and to the point.

Tell us why it seems that most of the bands that are coming out of Stockholm are more into the 80's hard rock scene?
: Because the 80’s are back and it’s bigger than ever. Everywhere you go you see a hair-sprayed motley crüe shirt-wearing guy with lipstick and mascara all over his face. At the concerts, the pub and so on… Its fun that it’s gone big again but our purpose with this band has nothing to do with the glam/sleaze scene.

Can you tell us any other bands on the rise beside Slowpanic Sweethearts that are coming out of the Stockholm area?
: Obviously, there’s Crashdïet and a bunch of other bands trying to follow in their footsteps. Let’s see how many bands that will succeed. Time will tell I guess.

Your new demo contains 4 tracks. When can fans expect a full length CD?
: We would like it to be today but getting a record contract isn’t easy if your shirt spells Rock & Roll. We have about 10 or 11 songs that would qualify on to an album, so hopefully someone will catch on to us.

Tell us about your live show?
: What you see is what you get. We just play, do our thing, & get out.

If you had a chance to go out on tour with a major act as support who would that be?
: Loud N Nasty.

If I asked you, right now what CD is in your player, who would it be?
: CRASHDÏET-“Riot in Everyone.”
Oggy : The Heartbreakers-“L.A.M.F

Tell us about your wildest show story?
: About a year ago, when we played in southern parts of Stockholm at an art convention, time was around noon and we were thrown in a room full of snacks and bag-in-box wine, which were meant for the guests. We drank about half of it, played two songs, and passed out in the green room with two boxes of wine under each arm. Encore?

I am going to name a few things. Tell us what comes to mind.

Dallas, Dolly Parton

Eating Pizza, Sleeping.

Terrible things. Now, fuck off.

A Cold dump with expensive liquor.

Record Contract
New jeans & home delivery pizza.


Just like god, something to believe in but none of us has ever seen it.

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