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Interview with Boban Milojevic
(Vocals - Snake Eye)

Boban Milojevic

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 21st, 2006

Hello Boban and welcome to Rockeyez. You started playing accordion at a young age. Is that the instrument you really wanted to play or was that what your parents wanted you to play?
Well, when I was 6 I first wanted to play drums, so my father bought me a little drum kit for children. I started to practice a little bit, but it was too loud for my mother and my sister, so they decided to sell it. My mother wanted to be musician at a young age, but my grandfather didn’t want her to, so it was like a dream come true for her to see her son become an accordionist!! I was very excited by the sound of the accordion, but I hated the form of the instrument. I really started to practice two years later, and now I still play accordion every week, I also have a gypsy cover band and we play gigs in bars, weddings etc… I definitely enjoy earning money as a musician. I see a lot of musicians with second jobs, like in factories, administration and they’re not really happy. I can say that I am happy and that I'm a very lucky guy.

What was it like living in Serbia in your younger years?
I was only 3 when I came to Paris, so I didn’t really remember my life in Serbia. All I can remember is that I was crying when I came to Paris and I told my mother: "I want to go back home.”

You were in many small bands before you started Snake Eye and were part of Voodoo Smile. What was the very first band you started playing with around town?
The first band was STAGEFRIGHT, that was a band where I played with the first SNAKE EYE drummer JC. We played some good gigs and some bad gigs all around Paris. It was very interesting, because sometimes we would end up playing in very bad conditions… no backline, no sound check etc…

It was very strange the first time I played with them because it was also the first time I sang on stage without an accordion, and I wondered if I could really do that. I felt like I was gonna be crucified or something. Ha! Ha! Ha! So I drank a big glass of whiskey and I said to myself: "Come on body, show them who you are!" I still get a little stage fright today but I don’t need whiskey anymore.  I can control my stage fright with water now.  Ha! Ha!

You did one album with Voodoo Smile which got some great reviews. I know you left with some conflict in the band. Is there any member in that band you keep in touch with?
Yes, of course I often talk to the guitarist Aleksandar Rankovic.

What was your favorite song on the Voodoo SmileAll Behind You” album?
Whoa, that’s a tough question! There are so many good songs on this album, but I think my favorite is the ballad “How Can I Say”. This song shows the more emotional side of Voodoo Smile.

After that you started Snake Eye and in 2003 you released “Wild Senses”. The album did not get the best of reviews. Do you feel that you made the wrong decision to leave Voodoo Smile?
First of all, as I remembered, I read maybe just about 10% of bad reviews. The other reviews were good! You can go to the SNAKE EYE website if you want to read the reviews we have .  I didn’t regret leaving Voodoo Smile, as I wanted to pursue my own project. I help VS with the vocals and Alex helps me for “WILD SENSES,” so that should shed light on things and make things clear.

Why do you think “Wild Senses” got poor reviews?
Well, we recorded, mixed and mastered “WILD SENSES” in just 3 weeks with correct equipment but not the high level. I don't know, I think if I had more time and more money at that moment, maybe "WILD SENSES" would have sounded better. I recorded the vocals just in 3 days cause we had very little time and money. It was also my first experience as a producer. That’s life!

So why did you basically leave Snake Eye and join Wicked Sensation?
I haven’t left Snake Eye!!  I like Wicked Sensation very much, so when I read on Internet that they were looking for a new singer, I decided to take my chance. I like to work with different musicians, and the Wicked guys are very nice to me and understand I also have SNAKE EYE. It’s really a pleasure to share the music with them.  

Now, Wicked Sensation had fairly good success. Are you finished with that band now?
No! It’s just the beginning, we are writing the material for the 3rd album.

It’s 2006 and you have a new Snake Eye CD called “Ritual Instinct” on Kivel Records?

How did you go about securing a record deal with John Kivel?
Well, we sent the teaser edit of the material which was later entitled, “Ritual Instinct” to several record companies all over the world. It was John Kivel who really convinced us with the record deal/offer. 

Tell us, how long was this new CD in the making?
I think something like 30 days.

Ritual Instinct” is a killer CD that really brings back memories of the good ole days of Dokken, Bon Jovi and some Sammy Hagar. Do you feel that style of music is making a come back?
Thank you, I really appreciate it. Yes! Just take a look around you with WHITESNAKE, TNT, and STRYPER etc… They’re all back!

What was the first song recorded for the CD?
I think it was “DANGER”.

If you had to list the top three songs on that release what would they be?

Tell me what it is like during the writing process of your favorite tune on the CD?
I wrote the vocals for “WALK IN THE SILENCE” in the subway. The ideas came to me very quick. I took my Dictaphone and recorded it immediately before I forgot all the stuff. After I came to our rehearsal room and we started to build the song. Some hours after “WALK IN THE SILENCE” was born. But it’s not like that for all the songs. Sometime you have to have the inspiration, sometimes not. We’re not robots, just human beings.

When you go in the studio tell me in what order is a song recorded?
Ok, first, we record drums, bass, and rhythm guitars and after we share the recording of lead vocals and guitar solos. At the end we record all the backing vocals.

Xavier Paladian’s guitar playing is just amazing. If you would have to compare his playing to that of another guitarist, who would that be?
It’s a very difficult question because he has a lot of influences. I think he’s a mix between PAUL GILBERT, EDDIE VAN HALEN, PETE LESPERANCE and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN.

Can you tell me your feelings about each member of Snake Eye starting with Xavier Paladian, Eric Charpentier, and Dom Morroni?
Xavier Paladian: a very nice and sensitive guy who likes to laugh, and a fantastic guitar player.

Eric RickeyCharpentier: the more quiet guy of the band but very strict for our music release in general, and a good friend of mine. We built SNAKE EYE together.

Dom Morroni: Mr. 1000 Ideas. Ha! Ha! He’s the more excited guy in the band. In the rehearsal room when we practice he always has 1000 ideas for everything: our music, merchandising etc… he likes to laugh very much, and sometimes it's hard ‘cause Xavier and I can't stop laughing about his jokes. He’s a very speedy person and gives us good energy.

Some of my favorite tracks on the CD are “Queen of the Night”, “Nobody”, and “Walk in the Silence,” plus there are many other great tunes. Do you feel that the three year lay-off from the last Snake Eye release has matured the band, and are you more focused with “Ritual Instinct”?
Yes, of course, we have definitely found the ideal line up for this band. We wrote “RITUAL INSTINCT” together, except for some titles that Xavier and I wrote. It sounds more emotional, more mature, and catchier. It's really a collective work.

If this CD is not successful, will Snake Eye continue?
We don’t know yet, only time can tell. Maybe I will die tomorrow, who knows? Ha! Ha! Ha! It depends also what “successful " means to you.

After the release of the CD what is the next step for Boban Milojevic?
I'll play a festival in France in June with Snake Eye, other festivals will follow in Germany in July and December with Wicked Sensation and I am still writing the vocals, melodies and lyrics for the 3rd Wicked Sensation album . I expect other gigs for Snake Eye, but I have no confirmation at this moment.

What is a typical day in the life of Boban Milojevic?
I don’t have a typical day. Life is so strange, and it changes every time, but I can say that I sing everyday , drink good French red wine , do some sports and try to write some ideas if they come to me.

Let’s go in the mind of Boban Milojevic. Tell me in your words what some of your views are on these terms:
Religion: I think people need to be close to something. It can be religion, music, games, meditation, psychoanalysis... everyone tries to find a way of life.

Success: I like to talk to the fans after the gigs. It’s very important for me to be close to them, but sometimes when you wake up and get back to reality… it can be hard. I think success can be dangerous if you’re not able to accept it. Some singers have committed suicide because success was too big for them. The most difficult thing is to stay in reality when success happens to you.

Recording: Magic! You can realize when you record how f*ckin hard it is to make a good CD. Sometimes your ears are tired and you don’t really know if you recorded a good or a bad thing. But when its finished, it’s a strange sensation, its like: “Whoa! My new child is born!"

Woman: They don’t know what they want, but they know what they don’t want and I just can't live without them. It’s crazy! Ha! Ha! Ha! 

Family:  I wonder if I’ll have a family one day. I think I'm not ready yet. It'll be better if you ask me this question in 3 or 4 years. I would like to have a child, but not now. Maybe I'll adopt a child also. There are so many unhappy kids in this world without family.

Evil: Evil is everywhere. It’s a very complex subject. Everybody has a part of heaven and hell, but the more difficult thing is to find the real link between heart and brain.

Downloading: Striptease!!! Pffff...... Ha! Ha! Ha! 

President Bush: I don’t give a f*ck about politicians and stuff like that.

War: The most cruel, horrible and stupid thing in this world.

Money: The strongest narcotic in the world... a cruel dependence.

Boban Milojevic: The baddest guy I ever met. Ha! Ha! Ha! No, I’m a good guy always worried about something and never satisfied . I like to live a full life: wine, women and song! An angel. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Future: I don’t think about the future anymore, because if you think too much about it you can't enjoy your everyday life. I don’t say it’s bad to have plans for the future, but it shouldn’t be an obsession.

If you had one dream come true what would like that to be? 
Well, I’d like to meet my favorite singer DAVID COVERDALE and if it’s possible sing a song with him…also, to play music till the end of my life.

Well, Boban, I would first like to thank you for your time. “Ritual Instinct” is truly a great CD. Your vocals are on fire with the new CD- I can’t see anyone not liking it. Would you like to say anything in conclusion to our interview?
Thank you very f*cking much! Never surrender about your dreams, just go on. Life is short. Rock on and don’t forget to pick up our new CD “Ritual Instinct” on Kivel records!!!  Thank you everyone!! © 2005 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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