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Interview with Stacey Quinealty

Stacey Quinealty
Carbon 9
Stacey Quinealty Carbon 9 "Bring back the days of the Coliseum"

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 2009

Official Site:

Stacey Quinealty: Hey Brian, howís everything going today?

Brian Rademacher: Good, how about you?

Stacey Quinealty: Everythingís good, where are you from?

Brian Rademacher: Iím originally from Brooklyn and Queens, then I moved to New Jersey but a lot of people are looking to get out of here because of the high taxes and the governor is raping us.

Stacey Quinealty: Yeah thatís like California; weíll have to move to Europe!

Brian Rademacher: To start, letís go way back; tell me how you were in grammar school.

Stacey Quinealty: Thatís tough because I lost my childhood memory, so I donít really have many memories before I was sixteen. I was always a good kid; things were a little dark in my household so I spent a lot of time outside. I know when I graduated grammar school I won many awards for academics. I was a smart kid and that really helped me a lot.

Brian Rademacher: You went to Scotlandville Magnet High school in 1986

Stacey Quinealty: Yeah I joined the Magnet program and went to high school there.

Brian Rademacher: Did you have any kind of posters or anything on your walls at home?

Stacey Quinealty: Well my memory after sixteen I was into (the) dark theatrical rock, so I had posters of WASP and IRON MAIDEN; any of those giant colorful posters of Eddie. I was a rock and roll kid for sure.

Brian Rademacher: Back in the day you were in a band called SOLDIER BLUE; tell me a little about that band?

Stacey Quinealty: Yeah we were progressive metal; we were an original band on the line of QUEENSRCHE, DREAM THEATER or FATES WARNING. I was in other little high school bands but I would consider SOLDIER BLUE my first real band.

Brian Rademacher: Did SOLDIER BLUE put out any material? SOLDIER BLUE 1991

Stacey Quinealty: No not really, we did go in the studio and make some high quality recordings, but right about then I split and moved to L.A. I wanted more than that and I needed to go get it.

Brian Rademacher: What is the biggest memory of Louisiana you have?

Stacey Quinealty: The food, but I guess thatís everybodyís thing about Louisiana. Itís just beautiful there; the swaps man. I can get lost in the swap and just be thrilled.

Brian Rademacher: When CARBON 9 started did you send out press packages to record companies and things like that?

Stacey Quinealty: We put the band together and before we did Soldier Blueanything we wrote and recorded the album before we ever played a show. I wanted to have product in my hand before we even played a show. So we recorded our "Systematic" record, which kinda was a demo for us because we didnít know the band was going to take off so well. Then we got out and played four night out of a week, we were whoring ourselves out everywhere. Then we connected with Warren Wyatt the owner of World Sound Music. We were selling out venues and it got so exciting. We were going to dinner with all the big guys like RCA, MCA Lava, Universal and Geffen and it was crazy. Everyone was scared to take a chance and sign us. So it all trickled down and by this time it was a couple years with a line-up change and it was time to record a new record which was 2004 "Cotm" produced by Duane Baron and now we are on our third album on World Sound called "The Bull" and great things have been happening.

Brian Rademacher: On "The Bull" you did a rendition of "Mother" by DANZIG. Have you heard anything from Glenn?

Stacey Quinealty: No not yet but I am curious to hear his take on our version. We really wanted a song which we could tailor into our own song. But we wanted to stay true to the original. I hope he didnít think we butchered his song.

Brian Rademacher: When we got "The Bull" itís not in a regular jewel case but itís in a DVD case instead. Was that the bands idea or the record labels?

Stacey Quinealty: The record label is a green label, they do everything "green" (and) biodegradable.

Brian Rademacher: Have you done many shows playing the new songs?

Stacey Quinealty: Yeah, weíve done some. We do this live theatrical show with synchronized video and alienís and a bunch of weird shit. We stopped playing right now because weíre building our new (stage) show. Our live show is pretty crazy; itís about technology destroying humanity and itís very unique.

Brian Rademacher: Howís your relationship with the rest of the band?

Stacey Quinealty: Itís great, the band all get along and outside the band we get along very well. We spend a lot of time together. Since we do a visual show Darwin does all the graphics, Danny does all crazy creative stuff and Matty is a master editor on final cut. So we spend a lot of time together.

Brian Rademacher: Were there any songs left off "The Bull?

Stacey Quinealty: Actually we record 28 songs. I did pre-production and we narrowed it down to thirteen.

Brian Rademacher: How is Chipster working with ya?

Stacey Quinealty: Heís awesome. I couldnít say a bad thing about him.

Brian Rademacher: Whatís a typical day for you?

Stacey Quinealty: I built a studio in the back of my property, so I get up and see what Iím going to work on that day. My lifeís pretty cool right now. I donít have to get up and go to work. I write music for cooperate stuff like Universal Studios. I own a company called Interface Entertainment which we write music for McDonalds, Mitsubishi and Warner Brothers and we have songs in movies and TV. Itís pretty fun.

Brian Rademacher: If you were president what would you like to accomplish?

Stacey Quinealty: I would get rid of all this ridiculous spending that takes place. Taxes are getting too high, everything is getting too costly. People are not going to want to live in America anymore. We have to turn this country around. A big thing also for me is crime, I think all this passive shit and being nice to criminals (isnít good). I think if you run from the police they should take a thirty cent bullet and pop Ďem in the head and be done with it. Iím tired of all this. It sounds hardcore, but we have to clean this country up. I am fed up. Like Matty says all the time we need to bring back the days of the Coliseum.

Brian Rademacher: Man thatís some ending to this interview. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Stacey Quinealty: Yeah how did you ever find out about SOLDIER BLUE and all that stuff about me

Brian Rademacher: I do hours of research before interviews

Stacey Quinealty: Man, thatís great; very impressive. Thanks a lot.


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