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Interview with Dennis Post
(Guitars - Starrats)

Dennis Post - Starrats

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: July 21st, 2005

Dennis, Rock Eyez would like to thank you for having the opportunity to talk with you.
Right on! Let’s get this sideshow on the road... he-he!

When you first started playing guitar, what kind of dreams did you have?
To be in a rock-band, make lp's, have long hair, and play like Yngwie and Eddie… The last part never happened though… ergh!?

What was the very first garage band you were in?
I was in 9th grade, and the band was called Beer-can or Ray-ham…We never really agreed on that….anyway, we played a weird mixture of Otis Redding, Bon Jovi, Wilson Pickett, Poison, and Jimi Hendrix. We sucked big-time, and broke up after our 2nd gig… It was fun while it lasted though.

Did you release any material in another band besides Starrats?
I haven’t, but Kass did 3 albums with Push, and I recorded 8 tracks for what should have been their fourth… unfortunately, things got ugly between the singer and the rest of us, so it was never released, and probably never will be. 

What was it like the first time you were on stage in front of an audience and what was the name of the venue?
I take it you mean with Starrats… it was awesome! We played a local club in Copenhagen in 2003 called, ‘Tex.’ We opened for a Danish band called Ironfire, and everything went ok for a first gig. Since then, a lot has happened, and we surely kick a hell of a lot more ass these days!

Your debut release came last year in 2004. Who came up with the cover for the CD?
I did! I was hammered, and made an ugly-ass drawing of it… It looked like shit, but one of my good friends is a very talented guy, and he made it what it is today. The message is pretty much that everybody fucks up, and it’s all right. We’re all fallen angels! 

The feel I get from the CD is almost hearing a live recording. Was that the intention of Starrats?
Ergh!? We really didn’t know a damn thing about recording, and we weren’t even there when it was mixed, but yeah! That was totally the intention!!

Your guitar playing is on fire, who would you compare your guitar playing to?
Thanks dude! You’re making me blush!!  Well, I love players like John Norum, Zakk Wylde, Gary Moore, know. Those no-bullshit-plug-in-and-burn kind of guys! I’m also a huge fan of Daron Malakian from s. o. a. d., and Matthew Bellamy from Muse. I know I didn’t invent the wheel when it comes to playing axe, but hopefully I have a little of all of the above in me, but still sound like Dennis Post…oh, I almost forgot Steve Vai and the very talented Mattias IA Eklundh from Freak Kitchen.

Tell us some history of the band. How did you all get together?
When Push fell apart, Kass and I went looking for some new blood to fulfill our lust for slightly heavier shit than the stuff we had done in the past… there’s really not much to it… Braun and Nico just kind of popped up after 6-7 months, and that’s how starrats got started… everything just kind of clicked!

The pictures on the inner sleeve look like you are just a bunch of young kids having a good time. But the music is top quality like you’re a veteran group. Would that be a good comparison?
Correction! The pictures on the inner sleeve look like hippo-shit! The whole inner cover does… we might look young, but I’m 28, and I’m by far the youngest dude in the band… we are having a grand ol´ time though, and I’m glad you think the music rocks! I guess your comparison isn’t that far off!!!

Nico’s vocals sound like a mixture of Klaus Meine and Sebastian Bach and even Mark Slaughter. Do you feel Nico can reach that status?
Don´t ever tell Nico to his face that you think he’s got some Klaus in him… it would destroy him! I definitely hear the Seb, and with some good will a little Mark… in my opinion, Nico can and WILL go further than any of the above! On the new album, you’ll hear quite a lot of Rob Halford and John Corabi in him as well…at least I think so… but what the hell do I know about anything anyway?

What is your favorite track to play live?
There are so many, but people really seem to dig "Warrior"…I still enjoy playing “Broken Halo” more though... it’s not as hard, and the girls go nuts when I whip out a dildo and start making noise!

What was the first guitar you owned?
A Vision Stratocaster turned upside down Hendrix style! I’m a lefty, so it’s kind of hard getting the cool low budget guitars… it was pretty good though!

What is your favorite guitar you own now?
My Schecter c-1! It rock’s, and it’s the first guitar I’ve ever had where the Floyd rose actually works! They should get their act together and give me an endorsement... YOU HEAR ME!!!!!

Tell me what it is like backstage at a Starrats show?
It’s a fuckin´ ball! When the rats are in town, the booze is going down!!!  Or so I’m told… I’m usually too wasted to remember!! Let’s just say that after we opened for Alice Cooper, there where certain road managers that didn’t find neither Eric Dover nor me very charming… Eric almost hit one of those cunts in the head with a coconut…very cool stuff!

Are there any special effects that Starrats use live?
Oh yeah!!! Every time we launch into “Broken Halo,” I spit a mouthful of beer at the audience… and we sometimes yell “Cheers” in between tunes… totally breathtaking shit right!? Marilyn Manson eat your heart out!!

How did you get signed to Adrenaline Records and what song do you feel made their decision?
We sent out a demo with 3 tunes to a few labels, and Adrenaline reacted quicker than anyone else… I’m pretty sure they liked “Days of New Thunder” the best… but who knows? They could just have signed us for our devilish good looks!!

You recently opened for Dokken, tell us how that show went and did Don have any comments about Starrats?
The show was pretty good I guess… we had been waiting 6 hours before we went on with nothing else to do but drink, so I don’t remember a whole lot of it. We usually put on a bitchin´ show even if we’re drunk, so I assume it went good…ergh!?! All I remember ´bout Don is that I was surprised how friendly and down to earth he was… I’ve heard and read the worst things about his ego and shit like that, but to me he seemed like a stand-up guy…can’t remember what we talked ´bout though!!

You are working a new CD right now which should be out anytime. Can you tell us the title or anything about the new CD? (Release date etc.)
The working title is “Rebelution, and it’s gonna be a little heavier than the first one. I brought home a demo of it, and one of my hommies thought it was Anthrax... not to worry though, it still sounds like Starrats. On my part, the guitars are a lot better, in sound, heaviness, and tightness, and the leads burn like a motherfucker! Not that I think the guitars on the old record sucks or anything, but this time around, my arms are in mint condition (...I haven’t been doing any vert skating lately). All in all a better album, that’s what they all say, and apparently so do I! So much for not being a cliché´.

What will the cover look like?
Don’t know yet... probably something with flames ´n shit...

Who are some of your favorite band right now?
Unlike many of the people that play the kind of old school shit we play, I love the state of rock music these days. System of the Down is definitely a clear favorite along with Muse... Nico and I also dig Swedish melo-death metallers Arch Enemy. There’s also the old school stuff I’ve been listening to forever like Priest, CRUË, Alice Cooper, all the classic rock bands... but I guess my all time favorite band is Starrats he-he!

Do you remember the first record you bought and concert you attended?
Sure, it was the vinyl single of “Bad medicine” by Bon Jovi. I remember the B-side had “Lay your hands on me,” and “99 in the shade” on it...very cool stuff!
The first concert was Bon Jovi as well... the “New Jersey” tour in 89´... I was blown away, and Richie Sambora had a lot to do with me picking up the guitar... no man looks cooler with a hat than Richie... sorry Slash!!!

Tell us the wildest thing that happened to you at one of your live performances?
Our greatest Spinal Tap moment must have been when a smoke-machine broke down, and it couldn’t be turned off. It was on my side of the stage, and I couldn’t see my bloody hands for smoke... when the stage crew finally managed to unplug the fucker, the floor was soaked, which meant that every time I stepped up to the mic, a fierce bolt of lightning roasted my mouth... Oh yeah, when the show was over, I got thrown out of the venue for tripping over 12 cases of beer in the backstage kitchen... now that’s what I call a memorable evening!

Tell us how many women a night is too many?
If you ask Kass and Braun, the number will be around 65, but I’m usually too hammered to get a descent boner... I think my girlfriend is very pleased with that answer...

What is the perfect woman in the mind of Dennis Post?
Cut off Kylie´s head, and slap it on top of the triple-boob mutant chick from “Total Recall”, and replace her nipples with beer taps...  now that’s what I call a bitch!!!!

If you were visiting New York City, what would be one of the first things you would do?
I would kick Spider-man’s ass, and go directly to the nearest drugstore... lame answer, I know!!?!

What band would you like to tour with on a major tour?
Priest, or maybe CRUË, or perhaps Ozzy, or what about Maiden, or ... (the list goes on forever).

Tell us what a typical day for you is like?
I wake up in the morning and I raise a weary head, I got an old coat for a pillow, and the earth was last night’s bed... sorry ´bout that, I couldn’t help it! I usually hit our studio around 6 pm, and we either record shit, or rehearse for live shit... The weekends are a whole different story. It’s pretty much like the video for Prodigy’s “Smack my bitch up”!

Dennis, Rockeyez would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Would you like to say anything in conclusion to our interview?
Yeah...thanks for reading this, and thanks for having me... I hope it didn’t suck too much!
The album is called “Broken Halo” and it’s out now so buy it!
...oh yeah, If you’re a hot chick, feel free to send us naked pics of you and your hot friends (...preferably engaging in some sort of sexual activity)... the same goes for blokes with hot girlfriends... ergh!&"&%


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