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Interview with Steevi Jaimz

Steevi Jaimz

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hey Steevi and welcome to Congratulations on the new CD "My Private Hell".

Steevi Jaimz : Thanks very much Brian. And thanks for your support.

Brian Rademacher: Why did you name the album "My Private Hell"?

Steevi Jaimz : Well, I went through a few different titles for this record, but after we wrote the track "My Private Hell". I just knew this would have to be the title of it. It absolutely sums up the whole rollercoaster ride I've been through with all the trials and tribulations in making this album and my own personal battles.

Brian Rademacher: "My Private Hell" took a long time making. Is that because of other commitments?

Steevi Jaimz : Yes and no is the answer to that I guess. I'm based in London and Chris and Anders are in Sweden. Plus they were working on different projects throughout the time we were working on this. So, it was a case of fitting the recording in with everyone's availability really. And, as it was all self-financed, obviously money played a part in when I could get over to Sweden etc...

Brian Rademacher: Everyone knows about all the TIGERTAILZ stuff so I am not going to go into that, I want to delve on Steevi Jaimz the child and work our way up. Tell me what Steevi Jaimz bedroom was like as a kid?

Steevi Jaimz : Hmmmmm. I was a pretty hyperactive kid. My attention span has always been and still is very short. And I was apparently a bit of a handful (live wire) as well. As far as my bedroom; well, we moved around a lot when I was young so my memory is a bit hazy. But it was nothing out of the ordinary I wouldn't have thought. No demons or beer cans in it there for sure, he-he.

Brian Rademacher: What kind of kid were you in high school?

Steevi Jaimz : I liked the usual stuff an English kid likes at school I guess. I was into football very, very much. I enjoyed art and drawing a lot too. And to be honest not a lot else at school interested me.

Brian Rademacher: What was the first record you ever bought and what song still sticks in your head today after all these years?

Steevi Jaimz : My dad gave me a copy of LED ZEPPELINís self-titled release when I was around 12 years old. To this day "Communication Breakdown" always takes me back to those days. Great tune and great memories!

Brian Rademacher: Your first band TREASON was a metal band then you moved onto the glam era with CRASH KO. Did you experiment with the image and what was the feeling like putting make-up on?

Steevi Jaimz : CRASH KO was way ahead of it's time. We all had peroxide white hair, but we were a heavy band, not like the lightweight glam bands that came later. Putting make-up on in Ď82 was no big deal for us to be honest. I mean we all had huge white heads of hair, so the make-up was secondary actually. The hair was the biggest deal. And it definitely made us stand out from the crowd, hahahahaha.

Brian Rademacher: What did your parents think of the image?

Steevi Jaimz : My mum freaked out, but my dad was always cool with anything I did. The fact that I wore more make-up than my mum always scared her I think, funny as fukk really.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me what a party night was like back then?

Steevi Jaimz : Getting loaded on whatever we could all get our hands on, but as usual I always over did the alcohol thing. That would unfortunately be my downfall later down the line.

Brian Rademacher: Do you remember the first time you reached manhood and at what age?

Steevi Jaimz : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I can't remember at all. I thought it was for pissing through 'til I was 18 probably! hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Brian Rademacher: What is the wildest experience you had with a woman?

Steevi Jaimz : You mean the lesbians, etc... Let's not go there. No one would believe some of the shit anyhow. Hahahahaha.

Brian Rademacher: Are there many unreleased tracks of Steevi Jaimz that you wished you recorded?

Steevi Jaimz : There's a few from the early 90's that were real good tunes and never got recorded, yeah. A track called "Goodbye" was a particular fave of mine.

Brian Rademacher: Do you miss the days of big album covers?

Steevi Jaimz : Absolutely!! I was a vinyl junkie, still am. I used to love all the covers and gatefold covers especially when I was a kid. CD's never really cut it for artwork, and the excitement of holding a record in your hands for the first time can never be replaced.

Brian Rademacher: What musician who passed on do you think would have made the biggest impact in music?

Steevi Jaimz : Randy Rhodes without a doubt; we'll never really know where he would have taken music. Randy was a star in every sense of the word. It was a very sad day when I heard the news of his death, a very sad day indeed. And I still remember it vividly.

Brian Rademacher: What are your feelings of glam bands being called cock rockers?

Steevi Jaimz : I never really understood the cock rocker tag. My guitar player Mick Priestley had to explain it to me. I just didn't really understand it at the time. A lot of it seems embarrassing now, but it was a fun time back then.

Brian Rademacher: Before we go into the new CD I would like you to tell me if you have any feelings on the following bands or artists?

Brian Rademacher: SLADE

Steevi Jaimz : SLADE were fukkin wicked; great tunes and Noddy's voice was outstanding... Awesome!

Brian Rademacher: ALICE COOPER

Steevi Jaimz : ALICE COOPER was great in the 70's. I kinda lost track of him in the 80's and 90's. But what can you say? He's a legend.

Brian Rademacher: David Bowie

Steevi Jaimz : Not a big Bowie fan, although I luv his stuff when Mick Ronson was part of the set-up

Brian Rademacher: KISS

Steevi Jaimz : "Destroyer" to me is one of their finest moments. Paul Stanley is another superstar for me.

Brian Rademacher: GUNS Ní ROSES

Steevi Jaimz : I think the whole new record is a work of genius. "Better" is a fukkin terrific song. Axl is great!

Brian Rademacher: SWEET

Steevi Jaimz : Oh man. SWEET was my favorites in the 70's. I grew up listening to those guys. "Sweet Fanny Adams" is the best ever glam album in my opinion.

Brian Rademacher: CRASHDIET

Steevi Jaimz : Nice guys... Great band and the first record is an absolute a stormer!! The only time I got to speak to Dave was over the phone. He and Chris had actually started to write a tune that we were going to include on my album. Sadly we never got the chance to finish it. I'll never forget the phone call I got from Chris early on that January morning; a very sad day indeed. Dave was a star!

Brian Rademacher: Ok now letís get into the new CD "My Private Hell", is it true that you used the same piano that ABBA used on "I Donít Wanna Walk Away"?

Steevi Jaimz : It is indeed. We went to Polar Studios to put the piano parts down on it. Some of ABBA's best known hits featured that piano. Legendary studio used by some of the best bands in the world. It was an honor just to be in there.

Brian Rademacher: What was it like working with Chris Laney and Anders Ringman?

Steevi Jaimz : Chris and Anders are two incredible people. Working with 2 top professionals was just a great, great experience for me personally. They are top musicians and producers. And we became very good friends at the end of it. They taught me so much ya know, and really got the best out of me in the studio. I really can't thank the both of them enough!!

Brian Rademacher: Were there any other musicians you wanted on the record?

Steevi Jaimz : No, the three of us started the record together and finished it together. It just clicked, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Brian Rademacher: Before sending out the CD to a handful of media you wrote us and quoted "We only sent it out to people we wanted to have it before May 25th". Just wondering why you picked us to send it to? (Iím not complaining Iím happy you did, because it kicks ass).

Steevi Jaimz : Well, to be fair there were a few people I couldn't have cared less having this record, just a few journo's over here who in my mind are complete arseholes. I won't mention their names, but they know who they are. Fukk 'em.

Brian Rademacher: Our site reviewed "My Private Hell" and that CD smokes getting 4.5 out of 5. Do you read reviews?

Steevi Jaimz : I do read reviews, yeah. I've been interested in seeing how my own record has been received. I'm really pleased that you like it Brian. Much appreciated bro.

Brian Rademacher: Will there be a video for any of the tracks?

Steevi Jaimz : Yeah... we've already shot the vid for "Amazing". It's all been shot in London. It's a kinda live set up, in a dirty room with elements of Soho and sleazy London. We're very pleased with how it turned out. Should be online in 4-6 weeks I think.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me what it was like in the recording studio?

Steevi Jaimz : Well, as I mentioned before. I was flying to Stockholm every time I could afford ya know? We did a lot of the record at Platform (Chris and Anders's studio in Stockholm). It was always really chilled in there, great atmosphere and we just went in and did it, no fukkin around. Most days we'd get in pretty early and just work really hard until late afternoon. And obviously get as much done as time would allow while I was in Sweden. But all in all it was very enjoyable. And very productive!

Brian Rademacher: Do you have a particular favorite track and were there any tunes left off the CD you recorded?

Steevi Jaimz : My favorite track is "My Private Hell". It just sums up the whole record and me in one fell swoop. And personally the ballad "I Don't Wanna Walk Away" also holds a special place in my heart too. There weren't really any leftover tracks, although we did do an acoustic version of an old song of mine. "Livin' Without You". Who knows, maybe that'll see the light of day as a bonus track sometime?

Brian Rademacher: Do you think you will play any dates in the US?

Steevi Jaimz : Well, I'd definitely love to get over to the US to promote this record. Itís been a very long time since I was there. If anyone wants us out there give us a shout. I did have a few offers to play over there, but that was long before my new record was out. So, let's see what happens next I guess.

Brian Rademacher: What is the goal of Steevi Jaimz at this point in your career?

Steevi Jaimz : I just want everyone to listen to this record, and just enjoy it for what it is. I'm very, very proud of it and hope everyone likes it too. After that I just want to get out on the road with it and play live!!

Brian Rademacher: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Steevi Jaimz : No, nothing else on the side; (Iíve) been way too busy with this to even think about it to be honest.

Brian Rademacher: What is the thing you most miss about the glam era?

Steevi Jaimz : I guess the fun is what I miss the most. I never took myself seriously, just had a great time and hopefully entertained lots of people. It really was a wicked time back in the day. (Iíve) got some terrific memories.

Brian Rademacher: Hey Steevi just wanted to thank you for the interview and congrats once again on "My Private Hell". What I great CD and I hope people go out and support the release. Would you like to say anything to the fans out there?

Steevi Jaimz : First a big thank you to you Brian. Thanks for taking the time to speak to me. And to all the fans... Grab a copy of "My Private Hell", you definitely will not be disappointed. Hope to see you all real soon. Luv ya!!!!


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