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Interview with Steve Brown,
Guitars - Trixter
Givin’ it to ya good all over again!

Steve Brown

Interviewed by Mark Balogh
Date: August 2008

Mark Balogh: Steve thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Rockeyez. So TRIXTER is fresh off your first shows in more than 13 years. How does it feel to be back and playing with the band again?

Steve Brown : Feels great... the band is back better than ever and having too much fun!!!

Mark Balogh: What made you guys get back together at this point and was it at all tough getting everyone involved and on board for the reunion?

Steve Brown : It was our time to show the world that TRIXTER is still alive and kickin'. It took a little bit of work to get all the details worked out but it wasn’t like getting a root canal… LOL!

Mark Balogh: You now have RocklahomaSteve Brown and a couple other shows under your belts. How do you feel the band has played so far after such a long layoff?

Steve Brown : As I said before I think the band is better than ever... like a fine wine getting better with age.

Mark Balogh: I witnessed the Rocklahoma show and it certainly ended w/ a bang… or should I say rumble, as the thunder, rain and winds threw Pryor, OK for a loop that afternoon. What was your reaction to what was happening during your show?

Steve Brown : We knew the storm was coming but never thought it would be that powerful. It got scary for a few hours but in the end no one got killed, which was a miracle.

Mark Balogh: So since the band never got a chance to properly finish its show due to the storm at Rocklahoma, do you think we will see a return to Oklahoma in 2009? I think that would only be fair, don't you??? LOL

Steve Brown : Sure... the promotersRocklahoma Screen loved us... they told me TRIXTER was the surprise hit band of the festival!

Mark Balogh: What now? The band has played three shows on the reunion tour. Do you have any further shows or activities for TRIXTER planned for the near future?

Steve Brown : This just in... Lot’s going on… more shows plus talk of a new CD… check out

Fri. Sept. 19, 2008 - TRIXTER & WARRANT @ "Myth Nightclub" in Minneapolis, MN ( MYTH NIGHTCLUB ~ 3090 SOUTHLAWN DR, MAPLEWOOD, MN, 55109 TEL: 651.779.MYTH or 651.779.6984 Hours: FRI - SAT. 9pm - 2am Interstate 694 and White Bear Avenue. (South on White Bear Ave. 1 block to County Road D, then 3 blocks West.)

Mark Balogh: You just released a new TRIXTER live album ("Alive In Japan"), which was a recording of an older concert from 1993 but you included two new studio tracks on the release. Can you tell us a little about those new songs?

Steve Brown : The new tunes: "You Got It" is classic up-beat TRIXTER and "When You Close Your Eyes" is a ballad that shows how great of a singer Pete Loran is... awesome tune.

Mark Balogh: Where can fans pick up the new live disc?

Steve Brown : no iTunes... only direct from us…

Mark Balogh: Do you think this little reunion will bring about any other new TRIXTER recordings from you and the guys?

Steve Brown : I hope so. We are getting a bunch of offers… I'm ready… as always!

Mark Balogh: Have you had any interaction and feedback from fans at the shows you've played so far? If so, how has the reaction been?

Steve Brown : The reaction has been incredible... the fans have been there for over 18 years and are still rockin’ out with us. We are blessed for sure.

Mark Balogh: It's somewhat unique in that TRIXTER is out there doing it again with all four original members. It seems not many bands that get back together, especially after such a long time, can say that. Is that pretty much a testimony that the band never had any drama back in the day?

Steve Brown : It's the fact that we really are like brothers... family! It's great to have that unity unlike most bands out there today. It adds value and class to what we do.

Mark Balogh: On a personal level, you've always managed to stay pretty active in the music business. You've had a few bands after TRIXTER, namely THROWAN ROCKS, SOAKED, 40FT. RINGO and most recently STEREO FALLOUT. Can you tell use a little what's on the horizon for Steve Brown in the near future?

Steve Brown : Always got stuff going... THROWAN ROCKS & SOAKED CD's will finally get an official worldwide release later in the year. The first real STEVE BROWN solo CD should see the light by mid '09 and hopefully a new Steve Brownoriginal CD from TRIXTER.

Mark Balogh: I heard recently that you are involved in a VINNIE VINCENT tribute CD. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Steve Brown : I did a kick-ass version of "A Million To One" acoustic style with a very modern approach. Pre-order it at

Mark Balogh: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Rockeyez. Best of luck with all your future endeavors and is there anything you'd like to add before you go?

Steve Brown : Thanx for always supporting all that I do... you dudes rock!!! Be sure to check out and


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