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Interview with Clik
Vocals (The Vaine)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: February 2007

Brian: The band only started in 2006: how did you achieve the status youíre at already?

Clik: By playing a lot of shows and being open to every performance no matter what kind of crowd, as long as weíre getting out there.

Brian: Were you in any band before THE VAINE that recorded material?

Clik: Yes. Two bands FORJENNAH (2003/2004) and LAST MINUTE HABIT (2005).

Brian: When did you first start playing guitar and singing?

Clik: At the tender age of 7. When I first started playing guitar, I started wailing in time to my own chords. That sounded like crap at the time, but I thought they were great.

Brian: Who were some of your favorite guitarists?

Clik: Ha, ha. I donít really have one. I donít really look at guitarists; I pay attention more to vocalists. If I had to really say itíd probably be Bee and my dad.

Brian: What was the first CD you ever owned?

Clik: Madonnaís ďThe Immaculate Collection.Ē But technically I didnít own it. I just sort of took it from my mom.

Brian: How about the first concert you attended?

Clik: PLACEBO in 2004, I had an asthma attack during their first song and missed most of their set.

Brian: I saw your great rider on MySpace, but what does THE VAINE actually ask for?

Clik: Weíd get canned peaches, normal peaches, Iced tea (peach flavor), beer, milk, bananas, water, smokes, bread, and chicken.

Brian: The production on your 5-Track CD is excellent; I would guess you have some good backing to record?

Clik: Umm?? Does that mean having money to fund the next CD? All the money comes out of our managerís pocket. Plus the guys who recorded us were amazing, just two guys with a good ear.

Brian: What was the first job you had?

Clik: Big W, I didnít turn up half the time and got fired after working not even seven shifts.

Brian: Tell us about your school years.

Clik: Bluntly, I hated school. I went to two high schools, Trinity Catholic College and Arthur Phillip High School. I jigged class a lot at my second school, yet I still got my HSC (high school certificate). Ha, ha It honestly wasnít worth all the harassment I got back in the school days.

Brian: On the CD, I felt that your vocals were outstanding. At the same time I felt Shelleyís vocals would turn a lot of fans off and hold the band back from achieving star status? Does THE VAINE pay attention to reviews?

CClik: I suppose the whole band does pay attention to reviews because they probably want to know what people think. Umm. I donít believe Shelleyís vocals turn people off. The scene today lives and breathes on screaming. You canít go to a gig today that doesnít have vocals similar to Shelleyís.

Brian: I felt if Shelley tuned down her screams just a little and you were the main attraction, THE VAINE would be a success. This is just my own opinion and a comment. Do you have any reaction to my comment?

Clik: Umm, I suppose so, but in the scene in which THE VAINE fit, if we didnít have screaming, we wouldnít be anywhere right now. Kids just like screaming. Most bands here have hardly any singing, and sometimes we get paid out because we arenít as ďhardcoreĒ as other bands, because we have singing in our songs.

Brian: The review of the CD ďRegrets and Hollow ThreatsĒ received 4 out of 5 stars. The reason is that I see a bright future for the band, especially yourself. Could you see yourself with a solo project in the future?

Clik: Yeah probably, but my main priority is the band. I mean if we ever get big or something, yeah sure Iíll do my own thing but still be in the band. The only other solo time I have is when im being emo and singing to myself in my room.

Brian: Tell us what the music scene is in Australia. When you play out, what does a club hold, is there an age limit and so on?

Clik: The main music scene here would be hardcore/metal core/screamo, which brings me back to why I said kids love the screaming more than the singing. When we play in clubs, they can have all ages shows plus over 18 shows.

Brian: If you had the chance to open for a major act, who would that be?

Clik: ALEXISONFIRE or Madonna

Brian: Have you had major label interest?

Clik: Me? I had some dudes from Sony said they liked me a lot after a show at the Gaelic Club with THE VAINE. Thatís all, I think. But for THE VAINE, we are just exploring our options and waiting for the right record label to come and believe and invest in us, and take us to next step of our journey.

Brian: What is a typical day for Clik and how did you get your nickname?

Clik: I wake up at about 7:30 every morning because mom leaves for work then, then I go back to bed until after midday. Then probably cook something to eat then eat it. Then watch a shitload of movies. Maybe on a more eventful day, say Iíd just go driving (not me driving) till real late and get chased by lads in cars.

Brian: What is the ultimate goal for THE VAINE?

Clik: To get signed and to play big shows and events around the world and tour with big bands. To play in front of heaps of kiddies.

Brian: Do you have songs ready for the next release?

Clik: Yup! We have a few songs ready for the new release, a bit different from the EP but still with our touches to it.

Brian: When can we see a full-length CD?

Clik: Yeah, but I canít say anything about when it will be recorded or released. Lets just say anytime midyear or late this year.

Brian: Would there be a chance THE VAINE will come to the US this year to play on The Vans Warped Tour?

Clik: You want to get us on the tour? Ha! Other than that maybe, or maybe not, we just donít have the cash to get there yet and eat.

Brian: On your own MySpace site, it says your preference is women. Do you get any hassles from fans that donít like the band because you like women?

Clik: If a person doesnít like the band its not because Iím gay, itís because they donít like our music. But I have a lot of fans that like the band because Iím very open to my sexuality and whatnot. I like girls.

Brian: Since your twin sister Steph is in the band, is it easier for you to be on the road?

Clik: I have never been on the road long, usually the gig takes place in Sydney and I just come back home and sleep. But having Steph in the band makes practicing easier.

Brian: Can you recommend other bands from Australia that you think are worth us checking out?

Clik: PERIAH ( )

Brian: If you could donate a large amount of funds to a certain cause, what would it be?

Clik: The Asthma Foundation

Brian: How do you feel about the current state of the world at this point?

Clik: I think all this war is bullshit. Itís all about oil. There is no point for it. So many troops are dying and petrol prices are just ridiculous. I believe the world should accept gay marriages.

Brian: Clik, letís get in your mind and ask you some words and you give us your feeling towards those words:

Clik: Very Important

Brian: Friends

Clik: Do not take for granted the friends you have and the friends you make.

Brian: Touring

Clik: Costs money. I want to tour so bad!

Brian: Australia

Clik: Australia is ruled by kids who say they arenít Australian, yet they still live here and go around bashing other kids. Overall Australia is a very beautiful country-you should come and visit!!!

Brian: Recording

Clik: Should happen more often. Hard work. Takes a shitload of time.

Brian: Fans

Clik: Need more of them; this country is just so hot. HA, HA, HA. Sorry, I took a moment to laugh at myself. Fans are good: without the kids who follow your band, your band goes nowhere.

Brian: War

Clik: shit, shit, shit. Resolves nothing.

Brian: Religion

Clik: The cause of many wars. I have no problem against religion; Iím just not that religious. Religions should accept gays/lesbians.

Brian: Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Clik: Gay rightsÖ


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