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Interview with Silvio Massaro
(Lead Vocals - Vanishing Point)

Silvio Massaro - Vanishing Point

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: August 14th, 2005

Vanishing Point’s lead vocalist Silvio Massaro will take hold as one of the elite singers in progressive power metal.

Hello Silvio and welcome to Rock Eyez.
Thank you Rock Eyez, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve visited your website quite often it’s great to finally be a part of it.

What are the biggest misconceptions people get about Australia?
I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that people still think that we ride Kangaroos to work and school! Or that if we go out into the back yard to hang out the wash we might get speared or hit by a boomerang in the head by an Aborigine! Hahaha… all not true!

How popular is progressive power metal in Aussieland?
Not as popular as I’d like it to be but I’m working on that. Our music industry is very narrow-minded when it comes to this type of music. I feel if the people are exposed and given an opportunity to make up their own mind about what they really want to listen to rather than what is forced down their throats by the mainstream then prog power metal or any other kind of metal would definitely stand a very good chance of becoming more popular.

Tell us... what kind of kid was Silvio Massaro during his youth?
A cheeky little shit!! I used to go around to department stores and throw things around. I once dried my grandmas goldfish because I thought they didn’t like to be wet all the time. When I grew up a little then I discovered music and girls and the rest is history!!

Do you remember the first record you bought and the first concert you saw?
First record would have been White Lion’s “Pride” album. Totally killer album, recommend it to anyone! First concert was Metallica.

If you were touring the USA what would be the first thing you would want to do once you arrive here?
Go visit Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion see if he needs a hand picking the next issue’s cover chick. I WANT TO BE HIS SUCCESSOR!!

Are there other Australian progressive power metal bands you would recommend to others?
Yes we have a good handful of some awesome Prog power metal bands like Black Majesty, Eye Fear, Crimsonfire, Template, and Voyager. But wait there’s more!!! Hahaha..

When you first started singing what was your dream?
My dream was to be in a band, make music, have fun, be a rock star, pick up chicks and to have the crowd at my feet chanting that I am God!! Nah just kidding about the having fun part, Hahaha…

How did you hook up with Dockyard1?
Well it was very easy for us actually. We knew people at the label and we knew the potential that this label has due to the people running it. We felt very confident with making the decision to accept their offer. It’s great to know you are being looked after like you should be. It’s just so hard to trust anyone in this industry.

The new CD “Embrace the Silence” is so powerful. Take for instance “Hollow,” how does the band come up with the lyrics and music?
It is a very challenging experience for all of us. We all draw from life experiences to get inspiration to create music that we feel is emotional and powerful. Ultimately, we know ourselves and what would we like to hear from the music side of things. We would simply ask ourselves if that would be the type of sound that we would like to hear if it came from someone else other than ourselves. So we really think about the song rather than our egos. I like writing about my own life experiences and so do the other members in Vanishing Point.

How has the music for you changed from the days of Requiem (1990) to the new VP in 2005?
Wow that far back hey. Yes it has changed a lot since those days. It’s a lot harder now days, rehearsing 3 or sometimes 4 time a week. A lot more shows to do and it can be a financial burden. The music has obviously progressed with its maturity.

Do you feel that the new release will capture commercial status with songs like “My Virtue”?
We’re not sure. We would love it if it got that far. The more people get to hear out music the better I say.

You have been in the music industry for over 15 years. Do you ever get discouraged and feel it’s time to go in a different direction?
Only at times when I hear a really crap song on the radio and think to myself, that kids are really liking this. It’s a real crime to fill the youth of today with music that really has no feeling, no emotion, no guts and definitely no song writing skills. But still they win major of awards for that kind of shit and the kids keep voting for it!! Why? I don’t know, could it be that major labels are keeping metal out of the industry on purpose? Hmm who knows!!

If you had to pick one song off the new CD as you’re favorite what would it be?
Probably “Season Of Sundays”. It just has that intensity and the power behind every note.

When I listen to “Embrace the Silence” your vocals remind me of so many singers from Neil Diamond to Steve Perry. Who are some of your favorite vocalists?
HAHA NEIL DIAMOND!! (Closet Neil Diamond fan :)) Some of my favorite vocalist are in no particular order John Cavaleri, Kai Hanson, Josh Grober, Lara Fabian, Michael Kiske, Geoff Tate, Roy Kahan, Tony Martin, Dio, Jorn Lande, James Labrie, and there are probably another 50 or 60 singers who admire.

Tell us what your feelings are towards the other members of the band and who would you compare their playing to?
My band mates are the best bunch of guys you’ll ever come across. It’s so hard to have such great chemistry when you’re looking for members to start up a band sometimes that in itself can make or break the band. I’m very lucky to have come across a group of individuals that are so strong-minded and very willing to contribute to everything this band has to offer. Can you tell in the music? Yes. It’s difficult to describe their playing cause I can’t think of anyone that they resemble at the moment, but I could tell you what I think their playing reminds me of…

Guitars - Tommy Vucur ~ reminds me of a power driven monster who believes that everything should sound like a bomb going off!! His persistence to get his raw sound of feel and emotion across can sometimes be overwhelming. When he is hot, he’s hot!

Guitars - Chris Porcianko ~ reminds me of a never ending well of ideas! This guy can always come up with goods and when your stuck in ten feet of musical crap, out from nowhere comes this musical life line that pulls you out of what may certainly be the worst moment you could have while writing music! His playing envelopes every envious guitarist when he develops a solo that just makes you float on air. Truly one of worlds most underrated guitarist.

Bass - Joe Del Mastro ~ when the world stands still and that heartbeat stops, there will be only one thing that can make the world spin on its axis!! That would be the power that comes from the 15 inch pulverizing your bones putting the heartbeat back into you from the dead! Delivering the constant foundation, we all crave for when Joe isn’t there, we all know about it. Everything just feels so limp!

Drums - Jack Lukic ~ the quiet achiever! It’s not often I have an opportunity to talk about Jack. When it comes to hard working drummers, he has definitely taken the checkered flag for that! He has shown all of us what we should be doing in our spare time and that is practicing. His is amazing when it comes to delivering the power needed to complete every song.

Who played keyboards on the new release?
Leonard Kapilis who is a good mate of ours, the guy is a gun!!

Tell us what it is like coming to see a VP live show?
It’s like your eyes and ears are having the best sex of your life!!

Since the release of the new CD what is a typical day for you?
Well a typical day consists of doing my day job, coming home to maybe walk the dog, play some Xbox. I like to cook dinner, go through a tone of emails, do interviews then maybe a little TV before I go to bed. Hardly a typical day for any rock star by far isn’t it.

I know the CD just came out but do you have songs written already for a follow up album?
Yeah we have already started the writing process. There are a few ideas already for the next album and we feel very confident about it all. I won’t let on to much but you’ll have to wait till it comes out in the future.

What does VP ask for on their rider?
We don’t ask for much, just beer water for on stage that’s about it really.

What is your feeling about autograph seekers?
I don’t mind them at all. I have a lot of time for fans if they have taken the time to come see our show or buy our CD then the least I can do is sign my name for them.

Has your life changed in any way since the release of the new disc?
Not really, I’m still just a normal guy who likes to have fun and a good laugh. I’d say the only thing that has changed is that maybe life’s a little busier.

Tell us... what is the wildest thing that happened on stage to you?
I guess the wildest thing that I’ve ever done on stage would be getting on stage naked whilst shaving in the middle of one of Sonata Arctica’s set during the final show in Finland, Helsinki. It was the last show of the tour so we were doing a lot of crazy shit that night for example condoms over microphones, oil over drum sticks, etc….

If you had one music dream and it would come true what would that be?
My musical dream has already been fulfilled. I always had a dream of making music and playing live to people. Oh and maybe my album to go No 1 across the world :)

The big question will you come to the USA soon?
Soon? I really don’t know but we definitely want to get over there and rip up your turf, bust your eardrums and shake your foundations with our show!

What is the biggest fear for Silvio Massaro?
My biggest fear would have to be not being able to fuck again!! It would just kill me to know that I couldn’t leave this world without leaving a little someone like me behind :)

Silvio, it was a true pleasure to talk with you and we would like to tell you how amazing “Embrace The Silence” is. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?
Well the pleasure is all mine Brian, thank you for taking the time to even consider us. All I can say to people is that if you like what you hear then please support the band by purchasing the music rather than downloading or burning the CD. I know it’s a losing battle for bands but I can only appeal to people’s dignity and hope they do the right thing. For the fans out there…there is no other I respect more than you, thank you once more.

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