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Interview with Frank Widderson
(Lead Vocals - Virus)

Frank Widderson - Virus

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: July 2nd, 2005

Interview with Frank Widderson Lead Vocalist of VIRUS as he talks about the new release “Sick of Lies.”

Hello Frank and welcome to Rock Eyez. Would you like to make any opening statements?
Grow with the flow!

Before we get to the new CD “Sick of Lies” lets talk about your past. What was the first album you ever bought?
THE BEATLESBlue album” (Double-LP)

What was the first concert you attended?
It was the STRAY CATS.

Did you collect anything as a child?
I collected everything from the fifties! (Especially - metal cars).

What kind of kid were you in school?
During my best time I received 20 references in one year.

Did you play any sports?
Yeah, of course! Basketball and Karate.

What song sticks in your head today that you listened to in your younger years?
I cannot think of any particular song! Perhaps AC/DC’s song “TNT”

What was your favorite band growing up?

What was the first garage band you were in?

What was the first band you were in that record any material that was released?

How is the music scene in Germany where the band is located?
We have a large diversity in the music scene in our environment here in Mannheim and Heidelberg.

Can you tell us any other local bands or undiscovered bands that you would recommend?

How hard is it to get a record deal in Germany?
You need money or must be good to get a sponsor!

How long has the band been together?
5 years.

How did the band form?
It took us years, because all the time we had problems with our drummers. But now we’re a unit!

Where was the first show for VIRUS?
We played our first show on Halloween in a small club named “Climax” In 2000!

Was there any meaning for you that the Berlin wall came down?
No, not really!

Let’s get to the new CD. How long did “Sick of Lies” take to record?
Most of us have a family, so we had to split the recordings into a period of two months!

Do you have any funny stories about recording it?
In a 2 week period I sang everyday, then in the morning the question arose on different days. 'Do I drink tea or whiskey?'

What is your favorite track on the CD?
My favorite track is number two on the album “For my Sun”

Who came up with the CD cover?
Andy, the bass player saw a picture in my Art studio. I painted in 1999! The other guys liked the picture also, so we decided to use it for the cover.

What is your relationship with Rolf Munkes (EMPIRE) and how did you get him to produce the new CD?
Our relationship with Rolf is very good! We gave Rolf tunes from our demo-recording that we did in our studio! Later we talked about how to produce the album!

Does your band get compared to other bands?
I have no idea!

How did the band get a contract with Lion Music and what song do you feel made their decision?
Rolf sent an mp3 to our label and after awhile we got the deal! That’s really all!

When you are on tour, what will you ask for on your rider (What do you want in your dressing room)?
Something to drink!

Tell me your feeling about each member of the band.
Sascha W. (guitar) - melody

Steffen M. (guitar) - metal

Andy B. (bass) - trust

Udo Boppre (drums) - chi power

What are the plans for the band for the remainder of the year?
To play concerts! And to record new songs!

Tell us what’s the most memorable moment being in VIRUS?
Getting totally drunk on stage!

Does the band plan to tour and will you play the US?
Well, who will pay fort that would need to be answered.

What singer do you admirer?
Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder

I am going to mention some words. Tell us your feeling about each word.
Image - money

Recording - sound

Contract - grow

Ego - suffer

War - death

Religion - power

Germany - love

Food - health

Dislike - stupefy

Future - ?

A day off - move in nature

Frank, Rock Eyez would like to thank you for your time and we wish you the best for the coming year and success with the new release “Sick of Lies” on Lion Music. Would you like to say anything in conclusion to our interview?
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