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Interview with Zinny Zan
(Vocals - Zan Clan)

Zinny Zan - Zan Clan

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: August 29th, 2005

Zinny Zan - a legendary vocalist that has a new start after Shotgun Messiah.

Hello Zinny and welcome to
Thanx Brian, nice 2 hear from ya.

Back many years ago when you started in the business, before the band Easy Action, what was the name of your first garage band?
My mind is blank! I just can’t remember.

Do you ever see Shotgun Messiah doing a reunion show?
I have the experience to ‘never say die’ but I have a hard time seeing this one happening.

You’ve had your ups and downs in the music industry, do you feel the music of yesteryear is making a come back -- especially in Sweden with so many sleaze/glam bands?
Yeah! I can see things are happening again in some European countries which I like.

Who was your favorite musician in the past that you played with?
Musician wise Harry K Cody without a doubt, what a wizard.
Since this line up of Zan Clan can’t be included I’d say Stixx.

What was the highlight of your career?
There has been many but in different fields so it’s hard to chose but one recent is when Mr. David Coverdale said to me that we Zan Clan was the best support act he’d ever had. That counts very high in my book because this guy has been around for some time.

Has the music changed from your SM days to your new band Zan Clan?
I have always stayed true to what I believe in, “Once a Rocker always a Rocker.”

How much of a difference is it getting a record deal today than in the past?
It´s a whole different ball game today. I don’t know if it’s harder to get signed ‘cause there is a lot of independent labels today that just wasn’t there in the past but on the other hand it is harder to get a deal with a major label today.

Who was the member that you got along with the best in SM and tell us one of your favorite stories with him?
Stixx!! We share a lot of sick n twisted memories but it would be too long to go in to here, but U can read it in my upcoming book about my life.

Zan Clan recorded Citizen Of Wasteland in 1994, what was your favorite track on that CD?
The whole album was just a disaster so I don’t have any favorites on that album. I was too fucked up at that time and just couldn’t pull the thing off.

We really did not hear much about that CD. Is it that it did not have good promotion?
It didn’t have good anything. A big mistake is what I call it. There were songs that could have been something but I couldn’t deliver.

Is it true that another CD was recorded after Citizen Of Wasteland but was shelved? If so what was the title of that release.
No, after “Citizen” I went in and did my solo album “City Boy Blues”.

You really have never stopped recording in all those years. Do you ever get discouraged?
No Way! Music is my life and without it I would die.

The New Zan Clan CD We Are Zan Clan, Who The F**K Are You? was reviewed by myself on our site and it is a fantastic selection of music that brought back memories of so many bands. It also received 4 ½ / 5 rating on our site. Do you read reviews?
Oh yeah every single 1 of ‘em good or bad I read them. So Thanx Brian 4 a killer review!!!!!!

Tell us what it was like working with Chris Laney who worked with Randy Piper of WASP and Bruce Kulick of KISS?
It was hilarious and I can’t call it work, party with is more like it cause we had a great time in the studio. Let me tell ya Chris is NUTS big time and a great friend too I might add.

What is your favorite track on the CD?
Hey I wouldn’t favor any of my little babies, “I love the whole album”.

How long did it take to record?
The actual recording process took only 2-3 weeks.

Can you tell us any highlights in the studio?
The whole experience doing this album was a highlight. It was a Rock´n Roll tornado ‘cause tons of crazy ideas was flying around in the studio and we just recorded.

You signed with Perris Records. What song do you feel got the attention from Tom Mathers over at Perris?
He liked us from day 1 so it must have been the whole Zan Clan concept.

Do you have tracks written for a follow up CD?
Yes, we have a lot of songs ready.

Will Zan Clan jump on a tour and come to the USA this year?
I would love to answer yes on that one but right now we don’t really know what, where and when we will be out on the road.

With a CD like We Are Zan Clan, Who The F**K Are You? and every song being high class why do you feel this CD is not taking off or is it?
The album is taking off but slowly. The reason for that is simply that we are not on a major label with lots of money to put into advertising. Secondly MTV will not play videos from artist like us these days, it seems like they are stuck on the Rap Crap or bought up by these bling, bling freaks…who knows.
The only good thing we can rely on is people like U with magazines spreading the news about bands like us and then for the supporters out there to go and buy our CD in the stores.

Do you feel this could be your last CD or do you have more to come?
I have plenty more 2 come believe me, Zan Clan has just begun.

In all the years playing music what was your most memorable moment?
Can’t really pick 1 moment.

Living in Sweden, do you ever go to clubs and see some of the local talent?
Yes as often as I can.

Are there any bands that you would recommend?
Crash Diet, The Ink, Babylon Bombs and Crucified Barbara.

Is there any new vocalist that has that special charisma?
I’m sure there is but I just can’t come up with anyone. (laughs)

So what can we look forward to from Zinny Zan?
More Zan Clan that´s gonna hit U like a ton of bricks.

Zinny it was a true pleasure to talk with you and the readers of Rock Eyez would like to wish you and Zan Clan success with the new sparkling release. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?
BIG THANX to Rock Eyez and U Brian 4 a killer review on our album. 2 the supporters I can only say ”Hope 2 zee U Zoon at a venue near U”.

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