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Jaded Past

Video Shoot

South Plainfield, NJ

July 06, 2014

On a beautiful sunny day and at the tail end of the holiday weekend on July 6th, 2014 RockEyez was invited to partake in a video shoot for JADED PAST and their new song “Tattered”. The event started at 2pm in New Jersey at the Becker Estate. The Video was being shot by Karine Sayegh with still photography by yours truly. It really was a very eventful day with kids playing in the pool and on a trampoline… and plenty of food !!

JADED PAST’s George Becker and wife Melissa Becker went all out to make sure all invitees were well taken care of with ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and a variety of beverages plus good conversation. All that attended were there for the video shoot for JADED PAST new video “Tattered”, which will have a fun atmosphere with woman dancing and all just having a good time. After videographer Karine Sayegh shot about 45-minutes of video of the band playing acoustic with both George Becker and Mark Mayer on guitar and drummer Paul Francis Bergen playing a heavy “plastic tub” I had some great conversation with Mark Mayer about the history of the band and how much band leader George Becker has been pushing the band to a national level.


After my conversation with Mr. Mayer I pulled George Becker to the side and talked a bit about the future of the band. He told me the video shoot for “Tattered” will lead up to a new record possibly by the years end or early next year. He talked about the New Jersey music scene and how much JADED PAST music is getting major attention aboard, especially in Japan. Becker mentioned next year’s hopes are playing Rocklahoma and possibly headed to the west coast for some shows. Becker is very close with Steve Brown of TRIXTER and worked with Brown on the debut JADED PAST release plus on the new single “Tattered” and it’s always good to have friends in higher places with a solid relationship.


The total event at the Becker’s was done to perfection and RockEyez were glad to get the invite. So once you have a chance check out the new tune “Tattered” on ITUNES, AMAZON and CDBABY. Or you can go to the JADED PAST site at this location and look out for the new video coming soon.

Attendees and Participants
George Becker Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mark Mayer Guitar, Background Vocals
Paul Francis Bergen Drums
Karine Sayegh Video
Melissa Becker
Brooke Becker
Amy Marie
Amy Grzan
Anthony Grzan
Aimee Giammarella
Stacy Esteves ,
Joe Locicero
Lisa Newman
Joshua Becker

Jaded Past Band Line-up::
  1. George Becker – Guitar, Vocals
  2. Mark Mayer - Guitar, Bass
  3. Paul Francis Bergen –Drums


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