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One Night In Madrid (CD/DVD)
Jeff Scott Soto
One Night In Madrid (CD/DVD)
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock
David Felix
4.5 stars

Now THIS is really a first for me… 2 “LIVE CD” reviews in a row!!!

So let’s be real here, is there any vocalist in the business busier than Jeff Scott Soto? From singing lead for his solo projects to fronting bands such as EYES, TALISMAN and even JOURNEY! to singing background on major releases by the likes of Lita Ford, STRYPER, SLAUGHTER or DOKKEN, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone’s name listed more than Jeff Scott Soto! But there’s good reason for all of that… this man is as versatile a vocalist as you can get with a range that can handle just about any style of music you can throw at him. Carly Simon once recorded Marvin Hamlisch’s composition “Nobody Does It Better” which referred to Ian Flemming’s immortal “super-spy” James Bond… but in the realm of lead vocalists, Jeff Scott Soto would be more than deserving of that theme song himself.

I guess I’m really starting to get use to “live” releases as this is THE first 4.5 star rating I have ever given to one and also one of the first “live” releases I have ever felt so strongly about.

Frontiers records is really starting 2010 off in style with the simultaneous live CD / DVD releases of Jeff Scott Soto’s “One Night In Madrid.” This is just a tremendous release by one of the best in business with a production value that’s second to none! The mix and sound quality is just superb providing the listener with a musical score that remains consistently bright and vibrant and Soto’s vocals are as sharp and crisp as you can get! This is one you can definitely feel free to crank up to the max on your system!

Now with such a large library of songs to choose from, Soto could have reached into his extensive repertoire and gone the route of including hits he’s performed with other bands like Yngwie, Axel Rudi Pell or even JOURNEY… but he didn’t. Instead and happily, “One Night In Madrid” is all about Soto and a career that’s fast approaching almost three decades!

The set list includes solo-release favorites like “Drowning,” “Holding On,” and the crowd favorite “Soul Divine”… and there’s certainly no shortage of songs from Soto’s last studio release “Beautiful Mess” as he and the band rip through seven tracks off that CD including “Testify,” “Mountain,” “Broken Man,” a show-stopping rendition of “Gin & Tonic Sky,” “Our Song” and “21st Century” which gets the whole concert rolling with an absolute blast of adrenaline. Then, of course, Soto reaches back into the archives performing TALISMAN selections like “Frozen,” an absolutely stellar version of “I’ll Be Waiting,” “Just Between Us” and another crowd pleaser in “Colour My XTC.” I was also very excited to hear “Nobody Said It Was Easy” from the EYES self-titled release and my personal favorite of Soto’s projects.

And that’s just the music!!!

The DVD is a visual feast which includes every moment of live footage from the concert. From the heart-pounding rhythm section of Fernando Mainer and Edu Cominato to the searing riffs of Jorge Salan to the masterful acoustics and keys of BJ and straight on through Soto himself… you won’t miss a beat of a drum or a single drop of sweat. And if that isn’t enough to satisfy your appetites, the DVD also includes numerous music videos which I really enjoyed… especially since actually seeing a music video here in the States (never mind one from Jeff Scott Soto!) is a rarity in itself! Then the DVD also includes other bonus footage as well as a tribute to Marcel Jacob… a long time friend and band mate of Soto’s who passed away back in July of 2009.

Now don’t get me wrong… it’s not all “perfect,” per say. Soto’s voice can be a bit “shaky” from time to time… during his cover of SEAL’s “Crazy” for example… but that’s one of the things I actually love about these discs… it is what it is… “LIVE!” There’re no edits, no cheap voice overs… just a passionate and energetic performance by a talented artist.

Whether you pick up the DVD, the CD or BOTH!, you just can’t miss with “One Night In Madrid. Soto fans will absolutely LOVE this and fans of the genre will be challenged to find a better live CD/ DVD out there. Don’t let this one pass you by!

Band Lineup:
  • Jeff Scott Soto – Lead Vocals
  • Jorge Salan – Lead Guitar/ Vocals
  • BJ – Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars/ Keyboards/ Vocals
  • Fernando Mainer – Bass/ Vocals
  • Edu Cominato – Percussion/ Vocals


Track Listing:

  1. CD 1:
    1. Intro
    2. 21st Century
    3. Colour My XTC
    4. Soul Divine
    5. Our Song
    6. Drowning
    7. (Edu Drum Solo)
    8. Funky Jam
    9. (Jorge Guitar Solo)
    10. Mountain
    11. Eyes Of Love
    12. Testify
    13. (Band Introductions)
    14. Broken Man
  2. CD 2:
    1. Hey
    2. Frozen/ Crazy
    3. Piano Medley:
      • If This Is The End
      • Holding On
      • Nobody Said It Was Easy
      • 4U
      • -Just Between Us
    4. Gin & Tonic Sky
    5. JSS/Jorge Workshop
    6. I’ll Be Waiting
    7. -ENCORE-
    8. Stand Up
    9. Funky Medley:
      • We Will Rock You
      • I Love Rock & Roll
      • Play That Funky Music
      • Jungle Boogie
      • The Roof Is On Fire
      • Brick House
      • Shake Your Booty
      • Kung Fu Fighting
      • Yo Baby Yo
      • Macho Man
      • The Right Stuff
      • Ice Ice Baby
      • Stayin’ Alive
      • Another One Bites The Dust
      • Walk This Way
  3. DVD Features:
    • *Music Videos
      1. 21st Century Man
      2. Gin & Tonic Sky
      3. Gin & Tonic Sky (Piano Version)
      4. Hey
      5. Holding On
      6. Believe In Me
      7. If This Is The End
      8. Eyes Of Love
    • Other Features
      • “Goofballs” 1 – 6 Tour Footage (videos)
      • Marcel Jacob Tribute


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