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Rockets To Ruin - Love - Drugs - Rebellion
Rockets To Ruin
Love - Drugs - Rebellion
2.5 stars

Rockets To Ruin brings head banging to new heights with the volatile hard rock music they play. The music is in-your-face rock n’ roll fueled by guitarist Mike Grimmett -- who plays licks you love to hear. Lead vocalist Cleveland Willis' vocals are fair, but as I stated the highlight is Grimmett. “Screamin' At Me” is reminiscent of Guns ‘n’ Roses, complete with Slash-like sounds. “1 More Fix” opens with killer sounds, but Willis is just missing the mark with his vocal performance. Willis might be a good front man, but he doesn’t give the impression of success.

In the meantime, the music gives you the vibes of Aerosmith, Kiss and Guns 'n’ Roses, with some whoop-ass guitar work. The bass lines by Chris Taylor are not too shabby, either. One of the better tracks is “Gotta Go, Gotta Roll” that lifts the spirits- and the outlook for Rockets To Ruin. The CD was produced by Rachel Bolan (Skid Row) and the sound quality was excellent.

Band Lineup:
  • Rob Hammersmith - Drums
  • Chris Taylor - Bass
  • Mike Grimmett - Guitar
  • Cleveland Willis - Vocals 


Track Listing:
  1. We Are The Drugs
  2. Take A Ride With Me (Straight To Hell)
  3. Devil Girl
  4. Screamin' At Me
  5. Burnin'
  6. 1 More Fix
  7. Helpless
  8. Gotta Go, Gotta Roll
  9. Revolution
  10. Nowhere To Go (No Time To Care) 


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