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Rock Eyez' 2007 Year in Reviews
Reviewer: Mark Balogh (Staff Writer)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. SIXX: A.M. - “The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack” Eleven Seven Music
  2. MARTIE PETERS GROUP - “Road To Salvation” Sheer Class Music
  3. GOTTHARD - “The Domino Effect” Nuclear Blast GmbH
  4. EDEN’S CURSE - “Eden’s Curse” AFM Records GmbH
  5. DAVID READMAN - “David Readman” Frontiers Records
  6. JOE LYNN TURNER - “Second Hand Life” Friday Music
  7. AMERICAN ANGEL - “Vanity” Chavis Records
  8. STEREO FALLOUT - “The Other Side” Hilltop Partners, LLC
  9. TED POLEY - “Smile” Frontiers Records
  10. RUSH - “Snakes & Arrows” Atlantic Recording Corp.
Top New Bands:
  1. SIXX: A.M.
  2. H.E.A.T.
Top Three Bands or Artists:
  1. SIXX: A.M.
  2. RUSH
Comeback Band:
Disappointment Of The Year
Special Thanks:

Eric Ragno, Martie Peters, Matt Tritico, Joe Lynn Turner, Melissa Merritt, Jeff Scott Soto, Kevin Chalfant, Eric Martin, Jim Peterik, Jimi Jamison, Mark Slaughter, Kelly Keagy, Jack Blades, Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, Vic Rivera, Doug Odell and Michael Eden and obviously Andrew McNiece and everyone involved in the 10th Anniversary concert. Jamie Rowe, Eddie Campbell, Steve Brown, Eddie Trunk. Herb Newman, Lance & Anna Franco, Dennis Bellog and Roger Scales (Thanks for checking out the site) and last BUT CERTAINLY not least, Brian Rademacher, Stephanie Rademacher (great job on the site!), Dave Felix, Judy Felix (even though she wouldn’t wear the Rockeyez t-shirt!), Joe Manno, Bill DeMild and everyone else at and Rob from Stickman Radio.

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