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Rock Eyez' 2007 Year in Reviews
  • "Iím really happy to be on your website and being named Album of the year and Band of the year. Itís gratifying when you put your heart and soul in to something and people actually feel the same things you wrote."
    - DJ Ashba - SIXX A.M.

  • "Fantastic! RockEyez. Itís a great honor for us, being one of the top acts and CDís this year. Thanxxx for your support, youíre great. "
    - Marc Lynn- GOTTHARD

  • "Whoo who!!! What can I say, It was a dream come true working with Piper, it was a dream come true getting this album out, it is a dream come true being on Rockeyez top 10 of the year!!!"
    - Chris Laney (ANIMAL)

  • "Kick ass BRIAN! Thanks so much for your continued support. "
    - Baxter Teal- DEEPFIELD

  • "Thanks for naming our album in the top 10 that's absolutely GREAT, we can't thank you enough, really =) "
    - Danny - CRAZY LIXX

  • "Itís a great honor and about time, ha-ha.ďItís comforting to know that there still are people out there who knows and supports good music, whether itís major acts or basement bands!" "

  • "Being among the TOP 10 CD's of 2007 is something you don't exactly think when you're writing the songs, recording...creating. But when this kind of thing happens, it's really heartwarming, like a reward for job well done. Thinking how many CD's are released each year... BIG thank you, RockEyez! We feel humble and honored! Keep on rocking! Happy Holidays! "

  • "Hello Rockeyez, it is Neo from DOWN BELOW. Amazing that you know our music and that you like it so much. Itīs so much appreciated. Thanx a lot & hail the world wide web! Dark greetings and stay independent! "
    - Neo- DOWN BELOW

  • "Fucking chuffed! that were one of RockEyez best new bands of 2007, Means a lot to us to have that said from one of the coolest rock sites on the net. Love ya bro "
    - Lee PistoleroĖGYPSY PISTOLEROíS

  • "The Curse salutes you and the mighty staff at RockEyez! On top loud and proud with some of the very best out there in this business. Great news from a psycho bunch of mother fuckers whom I call friends.

    Stay MetalÖStay Cursed!! "

    - Michael Eden - EDENíS CURSE

  • "Thanks so much to all the fans who voted us Biggest Comeback of the Year! Also, Rockeyez, thanks so much to you for keeping the rock machine rolling in a world where we are subject to so much fake garbage. Rock fans have always been the greatest fans in the world because they understand the power of music and its ability to move mountains. We are very honored and humbled."
    - Steve Blaze - LILLIAN AXE

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