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Rock Eyez' 2009 Best of ...
Reviewer: Mark Balogh (Staff Writer)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. Bon Jovi "The Circle" (Island Records)
  2. Outloud "Outloud" (Frontiers Records)
  3. Foreigner "Can't Slow Down" (Rhino/Atlantic Records)
  4. Danger Danger "Revolve" (Frontiers Records)
  5. Gotthard "Need To Believe" (Nuclear Blast)
  6. Covered Call "Money Never Sleeps" (Blistering Records)
  7. W.E.T. "W.E.T." (Frontiers Records)
  8. Sunstorm "House Of Dream" (Frontiers Records)
  9. Blanc Faces "Falling From The Moon" (Frontiers Records)
  10. J.R. Richards "A Beautiful End" (indie release)
Top New Band of 2009:
  1. Outloud
Top Three Bands or Artists of 2009:
  1. Gotthard – This band does it again in 2009. Starting at the tail end of 2008 they toured with Deep Purple, then worked with the legendary Jon Lord, released another killer record in "Need To Believe" and are currently out on tour with the band Europe. Another busy year for them. Now only if they could make their way to the USA for some shows (hint hint)!
  2. FOREIGNER – Their touring schedule was busy as ever and they finally released the long-awaited new studio album "Can’t Slow Down". And it was a pretty good one at that!
  3. AC/DC – These veterans had quite a year on the live front culminating with their return to stadiums in the USA. Way to go!
Comeback Band of 2009:

  • Foreigner– They’ve been doing it live with the new lineup for several years now but the new record "Can’t Slow Down" brings them all the way back in 2009!
Disappointment Of The Year
  • The cancellation of a few major and mid-level music festivals around the world this past summer and fall. Guess the weak economy caught up with some and it’s not good for an already faltering music industry. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year on all fronts.
Special Thanks:

(in no particular order) 107 Productions & TYKETTO, Lisa from Dexter’s (the now regrettably defunct concert venue), Steve Augeri, Maria "Lady Ace" Ventura, Metal Noize TV, Steve Brown, Mark "Gus" Scott, Russell Allen, John Macaluso, Chandler Mogel, Manny Cabo & Michael T. of GRAND LIFE SUITE, Eddie Trunk, Robin Beck, Sean Tarr and the guys in GRIME FACTOR, Jeff Albright @ The Albright Entertainment Group, Event Marketing staff for taking care of us at Rocklahoma 2009, Allen Ross Thomas, Matt Becker @, Maria Ceccacci (thanks for the help with the Mitch Malloy DVD!), Ted Poley, Vic Rivera, Doug Odell, Eddie Campbell and the rest of the TP solo band, Dustin Hardman @ Frontiers Records (USA), Stickman Radio, Tom Mathers and RockNation, Andrew McNeice @ (bring on melodicrock Fest 2!), all the cool venues that helped RockEyez this past year – Dingbatz, Mexicali Live, and Starland Ballroom to name a few. Lance & Anna Franco, Dennis & Michelle Bellog and their families-thanks for the support and always checking out the site!, Herb Newman (stay strong my friend), Roger Scales (go Bruins except when they play the Isles!), Greg & Jennifer Schmitt (we have to stop meeting at concerts like that! LOL), and of course Brian Rademacher (my partner in crime! HAHA) and Stephanie Rademacher for keeping the RockEyez light burning and to everyone else on the site (new and old) that keeps this fun!

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